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Neighbours Episode 2867 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2867
Australian airdate: 03/06/1997
UK airdate: 13/11/97
UK Gold: 4/11/03
Writer: Lyn Ogilvy
Director: Robert Meillon
Guests: Rohan Kendrick Paul Zebrowski
Summary/Images by: Chloe
Darren and Debbie arrange to meet at the pub.
Lou tells Ralf not to be a stranger and Ralf says she'll send him what he comes up with about the bus.
Libby admits to Rohan that she's falling in love with him.
Somewhere outside
Rohan doesn't know what to say. He asks for a moment to get his head around it. He says romance is the last on his mind. They begin to walk and he says that he's been thinking about so much recently. He says it's nothing personal. She asks if he'll think about it. He doesn't say one way or the other and just asks for more time to think.
Lou's Place Office
Lou is having a rant about an article that Ralf has sent him. The article slates the bus and Lou is outraged. Darren tells him that it might be time to give it up due to the mechanical problems. Lou says he hasn't got where he is at the moment by giving into the opposition, and Ralf won't hold him under. Darren tells him to calm down and the two of them head into the main part of the pub. Darren wonders what he will do to promote the bus, Lou isn't sure, but he's not beaten yet!
Outside Lou's Place
Lou bumps into Libby and wonders what she knows about Ralf. Libby has heard he's stuck up - she wonders if Lou has a problem with him. He says it's nothing he can't handle.
Libby bumps into Debbie, saying that she's sorry Debbie couldn't make it the night before. Debbie doubts she was missed, but Libby says that Darren seemed lonely without her, she tells Debbie not to be jealous of her and Darren. Just between the two of them, Libby is interested in someone else - Rohan. Debbie wonders if he knows, Libby says he does and he was surprised that anyone saw him like that now that he's blind. Debbie hopes it work out for them both.
Number 24
Lou is still ranting about the article, but this time to Marlene. She sympathises, but wonders if it was a fair report, as the day he saw the bus it was a bad day. Lou wonders what side she's on. Marlene thinks he should be grateful for the good things Ralf wrote about the pub and perhaps he should call it a day with the bus. Lou wonders if he can get any support around here - first Darren and now her! He reiterates that he has faith in it 'being a winner' and notices they have a message. He smiles smugly as it's a booking for the bus for 6.
LOU: I rest my case.
Lou's Place
Debbie and Darren are at a table. Debbie wants to lay down some ground rules for their relationship. She mentions that him and Libby spend a lot of time together. Darren doesn't think it should be a big deal, they're just friend and as for the bands the other night, it was just a group of friends going out he didn't think to invite her. Debbie says that's exactly it - he didn't think about her. Darren admits that he's thoughtless and inconsiderate and wonders what she wants him to do, because he wants to do it. He asks her for a smile. She doesn't and says that she needs to know that she can trust him.
Number 26
Darren asks for a goodnight kiss, when he gets a peck on the cheek he isn't impressed and Debbie reminds him he's on good behaviour. Darren tells her to trust 'this face'. Debbie says trust needs to be earned and she hopes he's worth the trouble! The two of them kiss properly and then say goodbye.
Debbie shuts the door and notices Helen coming from the kitchen who was just after a glass of water. Helen wasn't sure what was going to happen when Debbie left the house that morning, but it looks good now. Debbie promises she would not put up with anything that she isn't happy with. The two kiss goodnight.
Number 24
Darren comes in and Rohan is sitting on the sofa. Darren remarks that he didn't expect to see Rohan still up. Rohan thinks Darren sounds pleased and he is, because him and Debbie have just made up (were you not watching the previous two scenes, Rohan?). Darren grabs some beers and they have a man-to-man chat, Rohan tells Darren that Libby wants to start a relationship with him, but he's not sure about any relationship at the moment. Darren wonders if he's sure he doesn't want to start something? When Rohan decides not to, Darren tells him it's probably for the best, and Libby will understand.
Outside number 24
It's the next morning and Libby bumps into Darren on the way to see Rohan. Darren lets on that they were talking about things last night between her and Rohan and Libby wants to know what's going on. After pestering Darren, he gives in saying that Rohan doesn't know how to let Libby down without hurting her. Libby looks hurt. Darren tells her he's not interested and he's sorry.
Number 30
Libby turns up at the door and wants to talk to Lisa. She has to go though, and Sarah wonders if she'll do as she has an hour spare. Libby and Sarah talk about the Rohan situation, Libby thought it was OK until this morning. Sarah wonders what happened this morning, and Libby says Darren and Rohan were talking about her all night and repeats everything Darren said. Sarah wonders what she's going to do and Libby says she's too embarrassed to even see Rohan at the moment. Sarah comes up with that lovely advice, that it'll be harder the longer she leaves it. Sarah tells her she should let Rohan off the hook and say it was a mistake to tell him.
Number 24
Libby and Rohan are talking. Libby's crying and explaining that they should forget about it. Rohan wonders if she's just saying that to let him off the hook. Libby says she isn't, she just rushed things a bit and she is fond of him, but she would like to go back to a simple friendship. Rohan says he wants to as well as a relationship is too much at the moment. Marlene comes in making a fuss and Libby gets up quickly to leave saying that she'll see him soon. Marlene wonders why Libby was crying. Rohan didn't realise, other than she was a little upset. He sighs 'oh no'.
Coffee Shop
Debbie looks pretty busy and Darren walks in and collects a couple of plates for her, he also orders a sandwich when she has a moment. They begin talking about Rohan and Libby. Darren wonders why Libby would tell Debbie about her and Rohan. Debbie guesses it's because she's happy and Debbie hopes it works out for them, Darren agrees.
Number 28
We're with the woman herself, who's talking to Dahl. Libby wonders why she had to open her big mouth. She sighs and doesn't think Dahl cares anyway and then there's a knock at the door. When Rohan calls out she mutters 'oh great' sarcastically under her breath and then answers the door. He wants to talk to her. She tells him to take a seat and the two of them sit down at the dining table. Rohan wants to know why she was crying earlier and says that Marlene told him. He goes on to say what he thinks. He reckons it's because she lied to him about just being friends. There's silence and he wonders if that's a yes. She wonders what difference it makes. He says it makes a lot of difference and he wants to start again. He tells her he was blown away when she said how she felt as he'd resigned to the fact that no one would ever love him.
ROHAN: Look, I'm not promising it's going to be a bed of roses. The again, what is?
LIBBY: What are you saying?
ROHAN: Can we give it a try?
Libby's shocked and wonders why he's changed his mind. He replies that he's got used to the idea, he wonders if she's still interested. There's silence and Rohan thinks that's a good thing, Libby says of course she's interested and then gives him a kiss.
Number 24
Darren comes home to find Marlene on the phone. He's disappointed because him and Debbie wanted the place to themselves. Marlene notes that this means that they must have made up and he says that they have. Marlene starts giving him a talk about treating her right and Darren interrupts saying he will and wonders if they can have some privacy and what's so important for her to stay at home. It turns out Marlene is trying to get people who have cancelled bookings at the bus to change their minds. Darren doesn't think Lou would approve and he suggests she should leave it all alone. Marlene is standing firm though and she know show much the business means to Lou and is sorry that she has spoilt their evening. Darren walks out reminding her that he warned her.
Outside number 24
Darren sees Libby and Rohan walking arm in arm. He says hello and comments that they both look cosy. Rohan said he just needed to get used to the idea. Darren says its none of his business anyway and gets in his van and drives off. Rohan thinks Darren still fancies Libby, but she disagrees and reminds Rohan that he's with Debbie and he's probably just in one of his moods or something.
Lou drives up and notices the two of them and wonders if they're going 'walkies' and warns Libby not to hold him too tight. She tells Lou that they're a couple now and he looks pleased, saying that they look like a nice couple.
Number 24
Lou walks in and overhears Marlene begging with an ex-customer on the phone. He wonders what the hell is going on. Marlene tries to cover up but Lou sees right through it. She then says that she was only trying to help, but Lou doesn't want to be a charity case. Marlene wonders what he's going to do as there are no bookings.
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