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Neighbours Episode 2866 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2866
Australian airdate: 02/06/97
UK airdate: 12/11/97
UK Gold 03/11/03
Writer: Kit Oldfield
Director: Robert Meillon
Guests: Rohan Kendrick: Paul Zebrowski
Ralph Taft: David Watson
Summary/Images by: Tracy C
Lisa quizzing Libby on her feelings for Rohan and suggesting she asks him out on a date.
Lou's bus breaking down on its inaugural journey.
Debbie miffed at Darren going out with Libby.
Number 26
Debbie unloads on Helen when she enters the house about Darren doing out with Libby and not her even though she did get a retrospective invite. Phil enters the livingroom and after hearing Debbie re- tell what has happened, says she should have jumped in the car with them! Helen agrees with Phil and Debbie sulks off to her room.
Lou's Place
Marlene enters the pub and Lou tells her about the bus conking out and that Ralph Taft from the paper was there to capture it all although Lou hopes that he won't remember too much after plying him with copious amounts of free alcohol!
Ben enters the pub and Lou lets rip at him but Ben defends himself and they agree to go and look at the bus first thing in the morning.
Number 22
Rohan, Libby and Darren arrive back at #22 and Darren departs to go and talk to Debbie even though Libby points out its late. Rohan thanks Libby for taking him out, he really enjoyed himself and it was a good chance to feel 'ordinary' again.
Number 26
Debbie seems to be in a better mood now but that doesn't last long when Darren arrives. She refuses to see him citing it's too late but really it's because she's still in a mood. The two of them start arguing on the doorstep (she won't let him in) although Darren is none the wiser until Debbie explains that it wasn't too long ago he had a full blown relationship with Libby and to her it feels like every time she turns round he is with Libby. "You think there's something going on between me and Libby" he asks but when she doesn't say anything, he tells her that is ridiculous.
DEBBIE: So I'm ridiculous as well as a fool? Is that what you're saying?
"I suppose it is" he replies then goes onto say that this whole thing is annoying him. Debbie takes this as her sign to call things off between them and slams the door in Darren's face!
Number 22
Libby and Rohan banter over the coffee he made for her and just as Libby is about to kiss him, Rohan backs off which is just as well because Darren has returned home. Libby takes that as her cue to leave, saying she has an early start in the morning.
Lou, Marlene and Lolly arrive home and he heads upstairs to put Lolly to bed. Marlene makes small talk with the guys about their night before she too retires for the night.
Lassiters Complex (next day)
Ben is pointing out to Lou why his bus broke down - the parts he got as replacements were cheap rubbish. Lou eventually confesses that he bought things on the cheap and when he tries to get Ben to put things right, Ben doesn't want anything more to do with the bus!
Number 22
Darren hunts for his invoice book and Marlene points him in the right direction. She senses that Darren is in a mood and with the aid of Rohan; they coerce it out of him about what happened with Debbie and her suggestions. Marlene doesn't give him any sympathy, instead telling him to take a good hard look at himself if he expects to keep any of his girlfriends!
Ramsay Street
Lib approaches Darren as he packs his Ute to see how it went with Debbie. He now gets it in the neck from Libby for not inviting Debbie out with them and can see how she'd get jealous even if they were going out as a group. Darren wants them to forget about it all which suits Libby fine.
Number 30
Ben is still in an irate mood when he gets home and unloads on Sarah.
Libby arrives looking for Lisa but she's out and so once Ben's sent to change, Sarah offers herself as a sounding board. She admits that she likes Rohan but is scared to tell him. Sarah replies that he probably feels the same way and suggests taking him on a picnic to help say the right words but Libby isn't sure where to take him, so she suggests taking him somewhere that he'd like.
Gardens outside
Libby has brought Rohan to some sort out outdoor garden with sculptures, which he feels to "see" them. As they walk between the sculptures, Libby asks if he has a way of knowing how she is thinking. He admits he doesn't, its just a case of being open and honest but Libby chokes on what she really wants to say.
Lou's Place
Ralph drops in to chat to Lou about the review and have a beer on the house. Lou admits he needs some good publicity and Ralph replies back that he's made a fair assessment of his adventure, which earns him lunch on the house too!
The Coffee Shop
Debbie is very cool with Darren when he enters the shop. He apologises to her adding that he doesn't care for Libby and asking that they give each other another go. Debbie replies that they can't talk in the shop and agrees to Darren's suggestion of meeting at the pub later on.
Lassiters Complex
Lou sees Ralph off and he promises to fax Lou over a copy of his report when he gets back to the office. He then catches Ben (and Sarah) and apologises to him. Ben accepts his apology and is then given a job by Lou - to be the official mechanic of the bus with responsibility for buying spare parts, which he quickly accepts.
Number 26
Helen offers Debbie some camomile tea but she doesn't need that, just a shower before going off to meet Darren. Debbie tells her about her conversation with him and that they are meeting up but isn't going to commit to a relationship unless she feels really good about it.
Lou's Place
The review is in from Ralph and Darren reads it first as Lou's out on an errand. He then hands it to Phil who has popped in, commenting that it isn't what Lou was hoping for!
DARREN: I think the best thing Lou can do with that is to hide it from as many people as possible!
Garden outside
Rohan wants to know what happened earlier. Libby admits to him that she feels funny around him. He is a bit puzzled with that, so she adds "maybe falling in love with you funny" which of course makes more sense to him! Libby thinks she's spoilt things.
LIBBY: Unless you feel the same way then it would be a big deal.
ROHAN: Yes I suppose it would be.
LIBBY: So, how do you feel about me?
ROHAN: ...
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