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Neighbours Episode 2763 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2763
Australian airdate: 11/12/96
UK airdate: 17/06/97
Writer: Xenia Michael
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Madge Bishop: Anne Charleston
Harold Bishop: Ian Smith
Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Holly: Trained by Luke Hura
Summary/Images by: Emily
Toadie still refuses to talk about his birthday.
Harold can see a future with Madge, though she isn't so sure herself.
Toadie spies the bike Karl has bought for Susan, and is convinced it's his birthday present.
Chez Chez
Darren informs Lou it'll be a couple more days before the bar is ready for opening. Lou shares his idea of a Christmas party for the whole street. Karl agrees they'll all be there, while Darren suggests having the party at Marlene's old place; which Lou likes the idea of.
Darren asks Karl if he's got a Christmas present for Susan yet, so Karl admits he's bought her a bike. Darren laughs, but quickly goes quiet when Karl points out he has yet to think of a present for Libby. On cue, Libby arrives to meet her boyfriend for coffee. Karl takes the opportunity to tease his daughter about the present Darren has for her, as they head out.
Number 24
Madge is trying to show Helen some items, but they keep getting distracted by Harold who continues to play his tuba. Madge heads to the kitchen, but is annoyed to see the oven has been switched off. Harold admits he turned it off to save energy, but Madge was waiting for it to heat up for dinner. As Harold turns back to his tuba playing, Madge isn't sure how much more she can take.
Coffee Shop
Toadie is still beaming about finding 'his present', but tells Billy and Anne he'll act surprised when all is revealed on his day. He asks them about a party, and they inform him they haven't got anything planned. Toadie is sure they've got something plotted and likes the way they are keeping it quiet. As he heads off to serve customers, Billy and Anne quietly panic about what they are going to do.
Lassiter's - Outside Coffee Shop
Toadie brings Libby and Darren their food. Libby wants to know what Darren has bought her for Christmas, but he decides to change the subject back to her, and what she plans to do now she's finished her exams. She is keen to find a part time job, to help pay her way through uni, but Darren believes she should take a break for a while. One thing they do agree on, is to see as much of each other as they can.
Number 24
As Harold and Madge come to the end of their meal, Madge asks Harold to re- fill her wine glass, though he makes it clear he doesn't approve. Lou comes by to ask his two friends if they would mind using their house for the street party. Madge reckons it would be a fantastic idea, and Harold is also interested, but again the issue of alcohol is raised. It would appear Harold is stuck in his old ways.
Number 28
Lou comes to visit Karl and Susan as they put the finishing touches to their Christmas tree decorations. He informs them that the party is on, so Karl offers to cook up a famous Kennedy roast, much to Susan's horror.
Billy and Anne return with news that Toadie is expecting a party; tomorrow. Billy asks his parents for help, but Karl reminds his son that all party planning is up to him. Billy understands, but worries if he can't deliver, they won't be very good mates.
Number 24
Madge and Harold have come to the end of their romantic film, so Madge suggests an early night. Harold on the other hand, would rather clean the kitchen floor. He explains he won't sleep thinking about all the grime, and suggests an early morning walk instead. Madge is horrified, and makes it clear that she won't be getting up early. He's got his obsessions and she has hers.
Number 28
Billy is still panicking about what to do for Toadie's party, so Karl suggests he phones around some of Toadie's friends.
Libby gets off the phone (from her friend in Noosa), and tells her parents about the hotel resort her friend is working at. Apparently there is a job going, for a housemaid. Susan is surprised her daughter would consider it, but Karl encourages her to go for it. Libby asks her dad not to tell Darren just yet as she wants time to think.
Ramsay Street
Billy and Anne have failed to get through to any of Toadie's friend and now feel even worse than before. Anne starts suggesting people from the street and Billy starts listing the pets. Toadie springs on them from behind, and Billy tries to explain to his mate that they have no plans, but Toadie just isn't listening. He's still thrilled about getting a party and has even organised for them to go and see his parents afterwards. He heads inside leaving Billy falling deeper into the hole.
Number 26
Hannah is pondering about what to get Toadie for his birthday and asks her Gran for advice. Hannah admits that with Billy not being able to organise a party for him, she doesn't want him to be disappointed. Helen reminds her granddaughter that Toadie is a big boy who will be able to look after himself, but offers to help her think of a present.
Chez Chez
Lou lets the lads in before heading off to sort the Xmas party. Karl reminds Darren he's got to disappear for Toadie's birthday too, and asks after Libby's Christmas present.
DARREN: Thanks for that by the way, she hasn't stopped hassling me.
Darren admits he has decided on something; a couple of days down the coast in a caravan. Karl goes very quiet, instead claiming he is thinking about the work.
Number 26
Madge has come by to see Helen, and instantly starts moaning about Harold and the upcoming Christmas party. Helen soon learns about Harold's new found view on life, including that of little alcohol.
MADGE: I mean it's a party for Pete's sake. Next he'll be ruling out fun, laughter and dancing.
Madge continues to moan about his habit for ironing and playing the tuba. Helen asks if she still loves him; Madge thinks she does, but is beginning to realise she has changed since they were last together.
MADGE: I don't mind if the dishes sit in the sink all day. I don't always feel like picking up the bath mat.
Helen advises her to give it time, but Madge isn't sure she wants to settle into the old pattern again.
Ramsay Street
Harold sets off on a brisk walk as Lou wanders past, and is thrilled at moving into Ramsay Street and helping with the Christmas party, but Lou is not so sure.
Toadie and Karl arrive back with some shopping. Toadie thanks Karl for giving him a big celebration and heads inside.
Number 28
Billy, Anne, Hannah and Susan pull open the party poppers, yelling surprise as Toadie walks through the door. Toadie is impressed by the food Susan has produced, and can't wait for the main event that evening. Billy decides to tell his mate the truth and admits that this family lunch, is his party. Toadie shrugs it off, but is clearly disappointed.
Karl decides to spice things up by introducing presents. Angie has sent him a box of underwear, which Toadie admits is the norm from his mum. Karl returns with a slightly smaller present for Toadie. The birthday boy reckons it's a joke and runs to open the front door; only to find nothing. Karl is puzzled, so Toadie opens the present; an electronic personal organiser.
Toadie asks if there is any other presents, and admits he saw the bike, under the Wilkinson house. An annoyed Karl explains it was supposed to be a surprise; for Susan. His wife is thrilled and runs straight off to find it, leaving Toadie feeling dejected.
TOADIE (gazing at his present): Anyone want to know the exchange rate in Kathmandu?
Number 26
Lou tells Helen about seeing Harold outside. They realise Harold is enjoying his time back with Madge again, though Madge is feeling the opposite. Lou admits the previous evening was quite tense in the house and wonders if they should find an alternative venue for the Christmas party. Helen doesn't feel the need to and offers to lend a hand. Lou advises Helen to take it easy and let the rest of them sort out the provisions.
HELEN: I feel so useless.
LOU: Oy, I won't have any of that. As far as I'm concerned you are the guest of honour. I mean what kind of Christmas party would it be in Ramsay Street without Helen Daniels?
Number 28
Billy and the girls wait for Toadie to blow out the candles on his cake, when Susan comes back raving about the bike Karl has bought her. A disheartened Toadie blows out his candles, while Karl asks Susan to act surprised on Christmas Day.
While Libby is out, faxing off her job application, Karl informs Susan about Darren's idea of taking their daughter away for a few days at Christmas. Karl admits he hasn't done anything about it as he doesn't want to interfere, but it's clear he's not comfortable with the idea. Libby arrives back, and Karl advises her to talk to Darren about the job.
Ramsay Street
Hannah comes outside to find Toadie sat on the pavement. She wonders why he's escaping the cake and he admits he wanted to think. He eventually reveals that he's really missing his brother and parents; more than he thought he would. Hannah puts a reassuring hand around his shoulder and admits she misses her mum on Mother's Day each year.
Number 24
Harold arrives back from his run, and instantly starts tidying around Madge, removing her shoes from her feet whilst on the sofa and picking up the paper she's reading, around her. Madge eventually loses her temper and suggests Harold takes his tuba down to the Salvation Army (along with her paper he just picked up). Harold is shocked to hear what Madge really thinks.
MADGE: You're like some kind of annoying fussy shadow.
HAROLD: Well it's lucky someone is, really, because you're no housewife, Madge
MADGE: Right, that's it. Either things relax around here, or I'm out of her on the next plane back to Brisbane. It's up to you.
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