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Neighbours Episode 2762 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2762
Australian airdate: 10/12/96
UK airdate: 16/06/97
Writer: John Upton
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Ned Goodman: Brett Tucker
Driver: Andy McPhee
Owner: Susanne Dyring
Bonnie: Trained by Jason Hura
Holly: Trained by Luke Hura
Summary/Images by: Emily
Jo moves out after Cath and Jo have yet another argument.
Toadie gets all excited on seeing Karl unloading a present.
Lance is annoyed that Billy, Toadie and Anne have come down to the garden centre
Number 30
Cath and Luke are writing a shopping list to replace everything that Jo took. Cath is annoyed at how Jo took off without listening to their apology. Sarah arrives home, disappointed to hear that things didn't work out with Jo. Luke admits things had turned a bit sour, and suggests they search for a new housemate to help cover the rent.
Number 32
Phil has come to pay Ruth for her last session with Helen, so she takes the opportunity to ask him if there is any chance of a lick of paint for the kitchen and living room. Phil points out that as an investment property he will only paint it if it actually needs it. Ruth tries to argue her case, but Phil's answer remains as a no. He sees himself out, leaving Ruth a bit miffed.
Garden Centre
Toadie reassures Lance that everything is under control, but Lance points out he doesn't even have a plan. Toadie suggests that they spring the loading in action by getting the boss to walk past as the van is loaded. Lance agrees it's an idea, only the store owner isn't in today; Ned's in charge.
Ned comes by to see Lance, so Toadie quickly asks about the azaleas. Lance reassures Ned that his mates are actually not his mates, but customers. Ned believes him, but asks him to ensure that no- one goes near the loading bay as the van will be there any minute.
Number 30
Luke and Cath are coming up with an advert for a new housemate. Cath suggests they write 'vegetarian, separates their rubbish and is environmentally conscious' on the advert, but Luke just wants someone who is easy going and pays their rent. Sarah is still not keen on the idea of anyone moving in; especially someone who is as stubborn as Cath. The girls start arguing over Jo again, so Luke takes it as his queue to go shopping. Sarah continues on her warpath, informing Cath that she doesn't like the roster system either, and that not everyone has to live by a timetable. She storms off leaving Cath alone.
Number 26
Ruth comes by to offer Phil a compromise; if he buys the paint, she'll paint the property herself; saving him on labour costs. Phil realises her offer will save her having to pay a decorator in the next couple of years, and admits he'll consider it. Ruth is pleased, and heads off, but not before giving him a copy of her chosen colour scheme.
Number 30
Luke arrives back to find Sarah still in a grump. She's annoyed that Jo won't be able to move back because of Cath's stubbornness. Luke makes her realise that it wasn't Cath's fault that Jo liked Mal, and reminds her that Mal told Jo many times that he just wanted to be friends. Sarah still isn't impressed with Cath's 'holier than thou' attitude, and Luke admits the house has become too crowded. He advises Sarah to sort things out with Cath, while he has a plan to sort out the mess with Jo.
Garden Centre
Billy tries to talk to Toadie about his birthday, but Toadie is adamant he doesn't want a party, especially as it'll remind him he doesn't have a girlfriend. As they push a trolley around the centre, complete with token plant, they see a truck pull in. Toadie demands Anne goes to fetch Lance and the owner, whilst the boys watch Ned position the truck.
The truck driver informs Ned he wants the truck loaded quickly as he has other jobs to do. Billy asks Toadie what his plan is for slowing them down.
Luke pulls up in his car, and Anne spots him. She asks if he can drive Lance to get his boss as he's in trouble. Luke agrees, but Lance has to explain everything to him on route.
Chez Chez
Marlene comes by to see Jo, who explains she's had to move out of number 30. Marlene is shocked to hear about Cath and Mal's behaviour and suggests that maybe there have been faults on both sides; and that jumping to conclusions never helps a situation
MARLENE: Malcolm and Catherine are reasonable people; try and see it their way. You don't want to be bad friends forever.
Marlene reminds her that she'll be the one to lose out if the situation doesn't change.
Garden Centre
Toadie and Billy watch on as Ned and the driver load up the truck. Toadie realises they will have to do something, but can only suggest pushing something heavy in front of the truck whilst the men are in the sheds. Billy doesn't think it's a good idea, but Anne returns and informs them they need to stop them today as Lance will be in trouble otherwise.
Coffee Shop
Jo has come by to apologise to Cath. She admits that Marlene got her to see sense, and apologises for taking her anger about Rob out on her and Mal. Cath accepts the apology and asks if Jo would like her old room back, as they were beginning to get on so well. Jo is more than keen to return, and they seal the deal with a hug.
Number 32
Phil has come over with a tub of paint, but Ruth isn't impressed with the colour. Phil reasons that he bought a popular colour as one day he'll have to re- let the property, but Ruth refuses to paint the walls a colour she doesn't like and suggests he exchanges it.
Phil leans down to pick the paint pot up, but Ruth is too late to warn him about his back, as he grabs it in pain. Ruth encourages him to release the paint before directing him towards her treatment table.
Garden Centre
Anne notices that Ned and the driver have finished loading the truck and yells at Toadie to do something to stop them leaving. Toadie runs over from behind the bush stand and grabs the keys out of the ignition, through the open window, before quickly rolling out the way under the truck.
Coffee Shop
Sarah arrives with a peace offering for Cath; a replacement roster for the one she tore up. Cath is impressed, and even more so that Sarah has put herself down for bin duty for two weeks. Cath explains that Jo came by to beg for forgiveness and that she's agreed to move back in.
Garden Centre
Ned and the driver are searching for the keys, whilst Toadie continues to lie under the truck. Ned takes a look under the truck and spots the young lad. Demanding to know who he is, Ned tackles Toadie to the ground, just as Luke and Lance arrive back with the owner. Ned realises he is done for and tries to make a run for it, but this time it's Toadie's turn to pounce, as the owner watches on.
Number 32
Ruth is giving Phil a deep massage, as Marlene comes through the door. Misreading the situation for something more romantic, she quickly hurries out before Ruth is able to explain. Phil starts to laugh but soon remembers his back is sore.
Outside Number 32
Luke drops the teens off, as Marlene scuttles out the house. She suggests they give a loud knock before they enter.
Number 30
Cath, Jo and Sarah are enjoying a celebratory glass of wine. Jo admits she is glad to be back, and promises things will be different from now on. Luke arrives home and wonders what all the celebration is about. The girls explain they are back on track, but Luke is forced to admit he's already let Jo's room out to an old mate.
Number 32
The masses have gathered into the kitchen. Ruth is glad that Lance's fiasco is over, but disappointed that he didn't tell her about it. Phil decides it's time to make a move, and Billy offers to carry the paint pot for him. Toadie informs Lance that he now owes him a favour and asks to look under the Wilkinson's house.
Under Number 32
Lance isn't sure what Toadie is looking for, but Toadie soon reveals the box that Karl hid under the house. He opens the box to discover a new mountain bike and explains that Karl has bought it for him for his birthday. Toadie is delighted and admits he'll look surprised when he's given it as a present.
<<2761 - 2763>>
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