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Neighbours Episode 2757 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2757
Australian airdate: 03/12/96
UK airdate: 09/06/97
UK Gold: 02/06/03
Writer: Marieke Hardy
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Mouse Customer: Patricia McCracken
Summary/Images by: Emily
- Toadie admits to Karl that Sarah isn't his girlfriend, but Karl already figured it out.
- Jo believes that Mal was using her, but Cath warns her not to jump to conclusions.
- A fight between Darren and Mal leads to Lou firing both of them.
Number 30
Cath arrives to find the lounge is a tip. Sarah and Luke don't seem too bothered, but Cath points out the cup now containing mould, that hasn't moved in a week. She eventually finds her top and tells the rest of them they all need to pull their weight around the house. Sarah put money in the kitty and Luke bought some noodles, but Cath suggests they are going to have to start using a schedule. She heads out leaving them to fight over the dishes.
Luke takes the opportunity to head out on a run with Mal, dropping his toast on the table as he goes. Jo isn't happy that he's still being friendly with Mal, after what he did to her. Sarah tries to stand up for Luke, but Jo stands by her opinion - Mal is a creep!
Number 28 Backyard
Toadie is upset that he hasn't had a proper girlfriend yet, and he turns 17 next week. Karl points out that he still has time; he didn't have his first real girlfriend till university.
TOADIE: Yeah, but you were a nerd.
Toadie can't work it out, as the joker, he's just Toadie, everyone's mate, but no-one's boyfriend. He figures it's time to go and head inside to tell Billy.
Number 28 Inside
Billy isn't surprised by the truth, but admits it looked like something from where he saw it. Toadie isn't so sure on the party anymore, but Billy insists he has to go through with it. Mal arrives back and heads out the back to see Karl.
Number 28 Backyard
Mal appears in a strop; Lou is giving the contract to someone else. Mal explains how he and Darren ended up in an argument. It seems Mal wasn't happy being given all the small jobs to do, but Karl thinks the argument was due to the boys egos. Karl offers to talk ideas, but Mal has already stormed off.
Coffee Shop
Libby comes to the counter to discover Cath is busy making a colour co-ordinated house roster. Libby takes the coffees back over to Darren, who is in an identical mood as Mal. Libby suggests they talk to Lou about it, but Darren can't see Lou giving them back the contract now, and is quick to blame Mal.
Ramsay Street
Luke and Mal are getting ready for their run when Sarah appears. Mal mentions how Toadie is talking about Sarah as his date for his birthday. Sarah isn't so impressed, and decides to head over to talk to Toadie leaving the boys to head off on their run.
Number 28
Billy is bored, so suggests they play a computer game, but Toadie isn't in the mood. Billy gets his violin out and suggests they make a demo tape. Throwing Toadie the bongos, he tells him to start playing, but they are interrupted by Sarah at the door. Sarah isn't impressed that Toadie has been spreading rumours about her, and informs him it has to stop; she doesn't want to have to speak to him again about it. She heads off leaving Toadie rather glum. Cue, Billy finishing the scene playing a sad tune on his violin.
Number 28 Backyard
Karl and Libby are wondering what to do about Darren and Mal, given that they are both blaming each other for what has happened.
Number 28
The boys are back to being bored again. Billy wants to go out somewhere, but Toadie can't be bothered. Libby and Karl arrive, Libby decides to go and talk to Lou about it, so heads off.
Chez Chez
Lou is on the phone trying to get a replacement in for the boys, but isn't having any luck. Jo arrives to pick up her pay. As she leaves, Libby turns up. She tries to persuade Lou to rehire the boys and give them a second chance, but he stands by his decision. He can't see the two of them resolving their differences, but agrees to give them an extra 24 hours.
Number 28
Mal arrives back from his run, though Billy warns him to stay out of Toadie's business, having upset him over Sarah again. Mal heads off for a shower, as Libby arrives back. She informs her Dad that Lou has agreed to wait 24 hours till he finds a replacement, which means they've got 24 hours to get Darren and Mal talking again.
Lassiter's Park
Toadie is trying to sell his mice to a lady, but ends up scaring her. Billy meets up with him to give him his lunch, and suggests he ups the price a bit. Billy tries to mention Sarah, but Toadie doesn't want to talk about it, and continues to sell his mice to the next customer.
Number 28
Mal appears and nicks Karl's lunch as Libby arrives home with Darren. The lads are annoyed at seeing one another, but Libby explains they have an extra 24 hours to sort themselves out. Darren and Mal both try to throw insults, but Karl cuts them up, explaining how they can make it work together. Darren can take charge of the carpentry, while Mal should use his skills in money to do the books and help promote the business. Libby points out they should just accept the idea, or they will lose the job completely.
Number 30
The boredom has become infectious as Sarah, Jo and Luke sit around doing nothing in the lounge. Toadie arrives to see Sarah, and is forced to make a public apology in front of Luke and Jo.
Number 28
The stalemate continues between Darren and Mal, this time over who will be giving orders. Karl highlights that so long as they consult with one another, they shouldn't get into an argument. With a bit of persuasion, Darren eventually gives in, and the two lads shake hands. Karl warns them that they'll have to go and see Lou before he gives the work to someone else. Mal heads off but Darren stays behind to shake Karl's hand, Karl is surprised
DARREN: Like I said, I can be stubborn, and I'm allowed to be wrong. Sometimes.
Libby and Karl celebrate their success with a hug, as Toadie arrives back, pleased with his success from the mouse sales.
Coffee Shop
Cath shows Mal her housemate roster. He asks if she'd like to go out with him tonight, but she thought they were going slow. Mal doesn't seem the point seeing as though Jo is so against him anyway, and they agree to meet at 8pm outside Lassiter's.
Number 30
Luke, Jo and Sarah are sitting about debating their evening plans, when Cath appears; she tells them she's heading out to meet some friends from uni. Jo offers the others some coffee, but as there is no milk, she offers to go and buy some.
Lassiter's Complex
Mal hangs around waiting as Cath appears. He admits he has no plans for their evening, but she seems okay about this. They start to kiss, however their timing is unfortunate as Jo walks to the Coffee Shop on the other side of the complex and sees them.
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