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Neighbours Episode 2756 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2756
Australian airdate: 02/12/96
UK airdate: 06/06/97
UK Gold: 30/05/03
Writer: Jeff Truman
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Madge Bishop: Anne Charleston
Harold Bishop: Ian Smith
Dahl & Casserole: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: Sal & Emily
- Libby moans about how she hates the camping trip. Darren tells her to forget the bad stuff and to concentrate on having some fun.
- Sarah offers a hand of friendship to Toadie after letting him down gently, and kisses him on the cheek. Billy and Anne get the wrong end of the stick and assume Toadie is dating Sarah. Toadie decides to go along with it and say Sarah's his girlfriend.
- Madge and Harold argue over Madge's past with Lou. Harold insults Madge and she tells him never to return. He tells her he has no intention of doing so!
Number 26
Madge is furiously polishing the kitchen table. Helen is confused and wonders what's going on. She asks after Harold and Madge says she doesn't know where that pompous individual is - nor does she care!
MADGE: As far as I'm concerned, he can jolly well get lost!
Helen guesses that lunch didn't go well. Madge says she's totally lost her appetite, and blames it on "the great twit" for riding in on his high horse! Helen is baffled - she thought Madge wanted to make up with Harold. Madge says she did but she's not taking insults from anyone - including the high and mighty Harold Bishop!
Helen says she can't believe it of Harold. Madge agrees - it's very out of character for *her* Harold - but Harold has admitted that he's changed over the past 5 years. Madge thinks he's only changed for the worse, and tells Helen that he called her a floozy and a fishwife!
Number 28
Billy is telling Mal about Toadie dating Sarah. Mal is disbelieving.
MAL: The day a babe like Sarah becomes interested in someone like Toadie is the day I give up and become a monk!
Billy says he knows it's weird, but Mal tells him it's not weird - it's insane! Mal points out that Toadie's only 16 and Billy says it's Toadie's 17th birthday next week. Mal isn't swayed by this argument. Billy suggests having a birthday party for Toadie and inviting Sarah - that would be proof.
Karl walks in.
BILLY: Dad, it's Toadie's 17th next week. Can we have a party?
KARL: No, I don't think so.
Billy carries on asking as Karl realises that Mal's ripping apart one of his shirts to use as a wash cloth. Karl eventually says he'll think about the party and Billy and Mal tell Karl about Toadie dating Sarah.
KARL: Sarah? You mean Catherine's sister? TOAD, HAHAHAH, TOADIE AND SARAH?! Don't be ridiculous!
Billy insists that it's true. Karl tells Billy to stop believing every fabrication Toadie throws at him! Billy keeps insisting that he saw them together and Karl can't believe how gullible his son is!
Karl suggests to Mal that he talk to Lou on Mal's behalf over the Chez Chez renovation. Mal says that if he does, he'll throw him some bones of work. Karl tells him to forget bones - he wants commission!
Chez Chez
Harold is in his Salvation Army garb and chatting to Marlene about how he doesn't think there's any sort of future for him and Madge, even as friends. Harold is still upset about Madge's involvement with Lou and how quickly she ran to him after his "death".
Karl comes in and Harold grabs him with his charity box.
Behind the bar, Lou tells Marlene to get rid of Harold as he's not good for business!
Karl approaches Lou and asks him about Mal's quote for the renovations. Lou says things have got complicated - he's got to get the work done by Christmas. Lou says that there's lots of joinery to be done, which isn't Mal's strong point - but it is Darren's. Lou says his options are to bring in an outside mob, or for Darren and Mal to work together. Karl says he might be able to get them talking again.
Lou says that the job is there if they want it - they just have to hope that the boys want it badly enough!
Ramsay Street
Mal is cleaning his ute and Billy is playing with a footy. Darren and Libby arrive back home. Mal asks how the camping went. Darren declares it was excellent, and Libby moans about the rain and how grim it was - but eventually concedes that they had a good time.
Darren "compliments" Mal on his ute, and says it won't be difficult to keep it clean with all of the spare time Mal has on his hands! Mal says that Darren can talk, and Libby tells them to knock it off. Darren and Libby carry some stuff inside.
Toadie appears and Billy handpasses the ball to him, saying he's got some good news. Billy says that Toadie can have a party for his birthday, and Sarah can come. Toadie angrily throws the ball back at Billy, asking him what he did that for - and storms in the house! Mal and Billy are shocked, and Billy goes after him.
Number 28
Libby wants to have a shower, but Darren's mind is after something else. She persuades him to go and finish emptying the car instead. Toadie and Billy wander in, Toadie doesn't want to have a party, but Billy persuades him that they can find a way, so he can show off Sarah to everyone.
Lassiter's Complex
Madge runs into Lou in the rain. He apologises for upsetting Harold the other night, but Madge isn't so bothered. Lou prescribes her some Harold free days, to give herself a break. Harold appears out the pub, just as Lou offers her a meal and a film with a friend for the evening. Harold is shocked as he sees the two friends hug.
Number 28
Karl is trying to persuade Mal and Darren to work together to get the job done for Lou at the pub in time for Xmas. Darren figures that with so little time they'll need to work Saturdays, but Mal is up for it. As Darren leaves, Libby thanks him for their weekend.
Karl asks how the weekend went, and it appears Libby takes after her mother; not one for the outdoors. Karl asks the boys to help lay the table, giving Billy the perfect opportunity to ask about Toadie's party. However he has to wait until Susan returns before Karl will agree to anything. Billy suggests to Toadie that he could just invite Sarah over for dinner, but Toadie getting tired of Billy trying to organise his life, and tells him to butt out.
Number 22
Marlene is pleased to hear that Darren and Mal have agreed to take the pub work job, describing it as a mature decision.
Lou arrives home and asks Marlene if she could babysit Lolly for him, as he's going for a meal with Madge. Marlene asks Darren to take Lolly upstairs for a bath, leaving her to have a go at Lou. She is shocked to hear his plans for the evening, so soon after Cheryl's death, and refuses to babysit whilst he goes gallivanting around.
Number 28
Billy is still going on about Toadie and Sarah, but the rest of the family aren't convinced.
KARL: He's conned you Billy-boy. Again.
Lassiter's Complex
Billy runs into Sarah and asks if she'd like to come to Toadie's party. She backs out given that she's busy with the shop, but when Billy plays it to sound like everyone in the street will be coming; she agrees to pop by for a while.
Number 26
Madge is annoyed at Harold's reaction earlier that evening outside the pub, but Helen points out that 'two friends organising a date' isn't the best look. Madge reiterates that it's innocent, but Helen isn't the one they need to convince.
Lou pops by, but has to bail out as Marlene won't babysit for him. Madge isn't impressed at all the criticism they are receiving.
Number 28
As Karl and Toadie wait for everyone to return for dinner, Karl broaches the subject of Sarah. Toadie manages to avoid the issue, though is sprung when Billy returns home, announcing that Sarah will come to the party. Toadie plays it cool, though is clearly panicking.
Chez Chez
Lou is explaining to the lads his new vision for the pub; a billiard table, more room behind the bar and a door that leads through to the office. He leaves the boys to measure up, requesting a detailed outline drawing.
Marlene arrives and Lou asks to speak with her in the office.
LOU: You are not my mother.
MARLENE: Heaven be proud.
LOU: Therefore, I would appreciate it if you do not tell me how to run my life. I will see whoever I wish to see, and I will gallivant around with whoever I wish to gallivant around with, and if that includes an innocent night out with Madge Bishop then it's none of your darn business.
Marlene reminds him he should be acting like a responsible father, leaving Lou rather puzzled.
Number 28
Karl tries to encourage the boys to head outside, but fails. He leaves them to their mood. Billy finishes the list of guests for the party, but Toadie isn't interested. Billy persists that he should write a list, but Toadie just screws up the paper. Billy won't stop pestering him about Sarah and the party, but Toadie gets annoyed and says he doesn't want a party.
Chez Chez
Darren and Mal are measuring the bar, but Mal gets annoyed at taking orders all the time. Darren believes that as the qualified carpenter he should be calling the shots, but Mal doesn't agree. The two men soon end up in a fight, at which point Lou arrives, and admits he should've called in a group of professionals. He informs the men that they are to grab their kit and leave; they're fired.
Number 28 Backyard
Toadie has escaped from Billy by joining Karl in the garden. Karl starts talking about the plants, but it's clear Toadie's mind is elsewhere. Eventually he lets on that there is nothing happening between him and Sarah. Billy and Anne just saw them together in the Coffee Shop and it all got out of hand too quickly. He doesn't know what to do.
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