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Neighbours Episode 2643 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2643
Australian airdate: 26/06/96
UK airdate: 31/12/96
Writer: David Allen
Director: Sally-Anne Kerr
Guests: Katie Kate: Mardi Johnson
Summary/Images by: Alan & Sayaka
- Danni tells Marlene and Debbie that Katie Kate (a famous singer) wants to use her wedding dress for a film clip she's doing.- Lou tells Cheryl that he's accepted a $40,000 offer from Real Woman magazine for her story.
Rob's house
Mal is spending a peaceful night alone at Rob and Jo's mansion and is chatting on the phone to Susan about how responsible he is. After hanging up, he starts to hear noises. He goes looking for intruders.
Lou and Cheryl discuss the magazine interview - the journalist wants to do it as soon as possible, but Cheryl says she'll give them a call when she's got time. She thinks that if she talks to her it will get the other journos off her back, but Lou doesn't want her to feel forced into doing it as she's the important one. They talk about what the magazine will want to hear - Lou suggests it will be a 'warts and all' story, her innermost thoughts, etc. Cheryl looks concerned.
Rob's house
The intruder turns out to be Stonie playing tricks on Mal. Stonie thinks they have the perfect opportunity to throw a party to celebrate his 22nd birthday there tomorrow.
Coffee Shop
Angie is chatting to Phil and asking how Casper is settling in. She tells Phil that she's changed her mind about investing money - she's going to buy Stonie a present for his birthday instead.
Rob's house
Stonie is looking forward to his party and is already messing up the house. He finally talks Mal into it as long as he promises to be careful. Danni is the next to come over and thinks the house would be an ideal location for her photoshoot with Katie Kate.
Phil's editor calls and wants him to write a book - an adult romance, different to anything he's written before and he's not sure that he wants to do it. Angie pops over looking for Stonie who has been out all night.
Angie is waiting at home with nibbles and balloons to celebrate with Stonie but he is still with Mal at the mansion. She gets a call from him late morning to say he's staying at Rob's mansion with Danni. She decides that there's "only one thing for it"!
Rob's house
Danni is setting up the photoshoot. Angie arrived, and her arrival coincides with that of Katie Kate and the pair get on like a house on fire, much to Danni's disgust! Angie wishes Stonie a happy birthday, and tells them all to get on with it - once they're done Stonie can have his big birthday surprise.
Phil tells Lou about the offer to write an adult romance novel.
LOU: Oh, I see. One of those bodice-rippers. 'Her breath came in short pants because that's all she was wearing'(!)
Phil laughs. Lou says he's planning a lunch for himself and Cheryl. Phil says he might do the novel, but only to help himself financially.
Rob's house/garden
The photoshoot goes off without a hitch and Danni gets some great shots.
Stonie goes looking for Katie and she emerges with Mal from the house. He is hoping to get closer to her but Angie scuppers his plans by announcing his birthday gift is a plane ticket to Tasmania so he can visit his girlfriend! As Katie leaves, she tells Danni she'll be in touch, and plants a massive, passionate kiss (with tongues - yuk) on Mal and adds that maybe they'll run into each other again sometime.
Lou has cooked up a special lunch for Cheryl, who doesn't seem to be in the mood for it at all. She asks what it's in aid of and he says he wants to show her how glad he is to have her back. She says she's glad to be home and apologises for being difficult to live with - she just needs time. He says she can have all the time in the world just as long as she still loves him. She thinks for a moment.
CHERYL: Of course I do. How could anyone not love you?
Helen catches Phil reading an adult novel tucked inside Real Woman magazine - he tells her the full story and doesn't know whether he should write it or how people will react. Helen says they'll probably just laugh and forget about it.
Lou asks Cheryl to close her eyes but she doesn't want to. When she does, he begins to put a necklace on her but she flinches at his touch. She opens her eyes and he presents her with it and asks if she likes it. She sighs and says unenthusiastically that it's lovely, but doesn't want him to fasten it for her. He demands to know what's wrong...
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