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Neighbours Episode 2642 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2642
Australian airdate: 25/06/96
UK airdate: 30/12/96
UK Gold: 18/12/02
Writer: Margaret Wilson
Director: Sally-Anne Kerr
Guests: Ada Pentland: Amanda Levy
Female Journalist: Natalie Playford
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Marlene tells Debbie that Cheryl has been released. She and Lou are on their way home.
- Luke tells Danni that she should get a magazine article about Jo's dress.
- Debbie is horrified to hear that the lad she's been serving is only 17. The police tell her she's in trouble.
Debbie comes home and tells Helen and Phil about her disastrous evening with the underage drinker. Phil is not pleased and tells Debbie off. Debbie apparently has to go to the Magistrates Court and could be fined up to $2,000.
Lou and Cheryl have arrived home. Danni and Marlene greet her and Cheryl cuddles Lolly. Cheryl is very quiet and says she'll go and freshen up a bit.
Lou, Marlene and Danni think Cheryl is looking frail. Lou says Cheryl has been very distant - as though she doesn't want to be home.
Karl tells Susan he wants to go on a GP extension course about stress management techniques. He shows Susan an exercise for relieving neck tension but ends up hurting her. She pushes him off and says he'd better wait until he learns it properly on the course. He says he was just trying to get ahead.
SUSAN: Only you could stress yourself out about going to a stress management course!
They laugh.
No.22 is besieged by the press, so Lou, Marlene, Danni and Cheryl are holed up inside. Danni suggests that Cheryl should have a lie- down.
Just then, Lou opens the door to a reporter determined to talk to Cheryl. Marlene tells her to get lost.
Cheryl tells them that she has to be on her own to work through things in her own way. Then she goes off to her room.
Debbie is upset about the $2,000 fine and is worried Lou will sack her. Phil reassures her that Lou's mind is on other things. Just then, Lou comes in and Debbie tells him about the underage drinking incident. Lou isn't exactly pleased, but he says they'll wait to see what happens in court.
At the bar, Lou tells Phil that Cheryl seems...different. She won't talk to him and has cut himself off. Phil suggests getting her to see Karl.
Bric-a-brac Shop
Danni and Marlene are worried about Cheryl. Marlene is looking through a magazine and there's an article and a photo of Jo, Rob, Danni and the wedding dress! Danni is delighted.
Lou has come to talk to Karl about Cheryl. He explains that she's somehow shut herself down. Karl says it's probably just the trauma of her experience. Lou thinks it's more than that - the way she's acting, he's worried they won't ever get her back.
LOU: Karl, I think she's in real trouble. Psychologically.
Karl says stress can manifest in different ways, but he shouldn't force Cheryl to open up before she's ready. He just has to be patient and hope.
A lady comes in and introduces herself as the Editor of Real Woman. She asks Phil where she can find Cheryl and Lou. Phil is not impressed and tells her that Lou and Cheryl need their privacy. Just then, Lou comes out and she starts asking him questions. Phil takes Lou aside and says that he should sell the story, as it'll be printed anyway. At least he could recoup the money he spent going over to Ecuador. Lou looks thoughtful.
Helen has come over to talk to Cheryl. Cheryl changes the subject off Ecuador on to Jo's wedding. Lou comes in and says he's sold their story for $40,000 to Real Woman magazine.
Bric-a-brac Shop
Debbie comes in and asks Marlene and Danni to find her a costume for her Shakespeare play. The phone rings and Danni answers it. It's the manager of singer Katie Kate. She wants Danni to make her a dress for a film clip she's doing. Danni is very excited.
Cheryl is angry with Lou for selling their story and she doesn't want her life plastered over a magazine.
CHERYL: What happened, happened to me, and it is not for sale.
Lou says that if they don't talk to the papers, they'll print something anyway. This way, the story will be printed in the way they want.
CHERYL: I will not sell my soul to some cheap magazine.
LOU:(snapping) Why won't you tell me what went on over there?! I mean, this is the most you've spoken to me since I met up with you in Ecuador. You're only doing this because you're angry with me!
CHERYL: And if you hadn't decided to sell this idea to a magazine, I'd have no reason to be angry, would I?
LOU: And then you wouldn't talk to me at all. Either way, I lose.
Cheryl is silent, then walks out of the house.
Bric-a-brac Shop
Danni is still extremely pleased about the Katie Kate deal. Marlene tells her not to get too carried away.
Cheryl comes in and tells them about the magazine deal. Marlene says that they'll write a story anyway, so they might as well tell their own story. Danni also thinks Lou has got a point - once the story is told, the other vultures will back off, and then it'll all be over for good.
Karl answers the phone to Cheryl. She tells him she wants an urgent appointment, so he tells her to come straight over. Susan, who has popped in to talk about stress management, heads off.
CHERYL: Lou? I know things haven't been exactly great between us since all this happened, and I know that I haven't talked a lot to you...it's just that I'm having trouble dealing with it all, and I didn't ask for any of this to happen to me.
LOU: I know, love. But how can I help you if you keep cutting me out?
CHERYL: Well, I'll, uh, talk to that magazine if you want me to.
LOU: Only if you want it too.
CHERYL: I mean, we could do with the money.
LOU: Yes, yes, but I don't want you to do anything you're not happy with.
Danni comes in and excitedly tells them the news about being asked to design for Katie Kate. Lou hugs her, and then Cheryl hugs her too. Cheryl assures her that she's always interested in what she's doing, then says she has to head out to a meeting.
Karl says Cheryl's blood pressure is a little high, but nothing to be concerned about. Cheryl seems very far away. Karl suggests that Cheryl should have some counselling - he can refer her to some very good people, or he could counsel her himself - it wouldn't go any further. Cheryl agrees.
CHERYL: I do feel that if I don't tell somebody, I am going to go crazy.
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