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Neighbours Episode 2612 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2612
Australian airdate: 14/05/96
UK airdate: 18/11/96
UK Gold: 06/11/02
Writer: Helen MacWhirter
Director: Robert Meillon
Guests: Catherine O'Brien: Radha Mitchell
Andrew Watson: Christopher Uhlmann
Melissa Drenth: Aimee Robertson
Rupert Sprod: Tobi Webster
Alan McKenna: Ian Swan
Kev Duve: Brad Wade
Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Billy reads a present card from Melissa which says that she still loves him.
- Karl and Susan try to help Andrew stand up to homophobic abuse from parents.
- Hannah tells Libby that Rupert has been getting Toadie to lie to her.
Coffee Shop
Karl asks Mal about the koalas. He thinks one of them has been spying on him. Malcolm tries not to laugh. Karl tells him that Phil has sold the newsagency and wonders if he's had a good offer.
In the kitchen, Stonie and Catherine are still dressed as koalas and laughing. Mal tells them to keep up the good work by annoying Karl(!)
The headmaster calls Andrew into his office. Billy is about to talk to Mel when he is interrupted by Rupert saying that Andrew stole Stonie and Mal's car. Melissa walks off and Billy follows her.
Coffee Shop
Rupert tells Stonie, Catherine and Mal that Mr McKenna is the car thief. Mal tells them not to be silly - he's a deputy principal, he probably just bought it off the person who stole it. Stonie says he'll call the cops gets on the phone, saying it's a pleasure to report Mr McKenna(!)
Andrew comes into the classrom and tells Susan that there's now been a complaint in writing against him. Susan is shocked and says it's disgusting and goes on a bit of a rant. Andrew says he knows who it is - Melissa's parents.
Outside the School
Billy tells Melissa that he loved the present and card she gave him. They sit down. Billy apologises to her and begs her to be his girlfriend again.
Stonie tells Karl about how thieves handle stolen cars in tremendous detail. Karl, Libby and Mal just look at him.
STONIE: Well, you know, that's how I've heard it's done...anyway...
Billy and Melissa come in holding hands and go off to Billy's room to "study". Karl says he doesn't want "that type of studying" in his house and goes off to haul Billy out of his room(!)
Andrew says that the complaint might not be homophobic, it could just be about his teaching methods. Susan says that can't be right, as he's an outstanding teacher and the Drents are narrow- minded. She thinks Andrew should just rise above it. Karl mentions that Billy and Melissa are back together and Susan looks very pleased.
No.28, the following morning
Libby and Billy leave early for school. Susan tells Karl that she's still really angry about the Drents' complaints against Andrew. She wonders if he could get Melissa to talk to her parents, but Karl doesn't think that's a good idea.
The kids are watching the videos made by the students. It's Libby's turn and hers is called "Impressions of Football". It's quite boring, until it gets to the bit where Rupert is kissing Rochelle. Libby's voiceover says how footballers are role models and this should carry over into all areas of their lives, but it often doesn't. The kids laugh.
Karl is looking suspiciously at the koala costume. Malcolm puts him out of his misery and tells him that it's Stonie. Karl goes over and makes the koala dance for his money.
Just then, Catherine and Stonie come along - the koala is not Stonie at all - it's Kevin the koala.
KARL: Kevin! You're a barman, not a koala!
STONIE: Don't pigeon- hole him, he can be whatever he wants to be(!)
Just then, Kevin faints because he's so hot in his costume after all the dancing(!)
STONIE: Bear down, bear down! Quick, get the eucalyptus juice!
Rupert approaches Libby and tells her that the video made him look like a real jerk. He insists he didn't mean the thing with Rochelle to happen - she practically threw herself at him. She still doesn't believe him and eventually he strops off. Libby looks thoughtful.
Kevin, Mal, Stonie and Catherine are laughing about the incident with Karl. They reckon they only need to get Malcolm in a koala suit now(!)
Mr McKenna comes along (on a bicycle) and tells them that he had no idea that the car was stolen. Malcolm sympathises but Stonie just mocks him.
Andrew has written a response to the allegations against him by Mr and Mrs Drent. He's just reading them aloud to Susan when Billy comes in. He's overheard their conversation a bit and is shocked to hear that the Drents have made a complaint that Andrew discriminates against girls. Billy is shocked and says he's not sure whether Melissa is involved or not. He goes to find her to ask her.
Coffee Shop (Kitchen)
Stonie sends Mike off to distract Catherine while he eats a sandwich with a lot of meat in it(!)
Just as he's tucking in, Catherine comes out of the store room and catches him. Stonie tries to say he was just testing the sandwich to see if it was poisoned(!)
STONIE: Alright, it was my *meat* sandwich. I'm sorry, I like meat! I miss meat! I even dream about meat sometimes!
Catherine isn't impressed and stomps off.
Outside the School
Billy catches up with Melissa and asks her what she thinks about Mr Watson. She says she tries not to think about him being gay.
MELISSA: Billy, why are you asking me all these questions?
BILLY: Because your parents made a complaint to the school.
MELISSA: About what?
BILLY: They think he doesn't pay as much attention to the girls as he does to the boys. Now they're trying to get him sacked just because he's gay, and I need to know if you're involved!
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