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Neighbours Episode 2605 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2605
Australian airdate: 03/05/96
UK airdate: 07/11/96
UK Gold: 28/10/02
Writer: John Hanlon
Director: Sally-Anne Kerr
Guests: Ben Dalziel: Stephen Pease
Catherine O'Brien: Radha Mitchell
Peter Lenten: James Patrick
Photographer: Mark Pearce
Holly: Trained by Luke Hura
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Debbie reveals Hannah's plan about winning Phil over to Mal.
Sam is not impressed at being a prize in a competition, "Win a Date with Sami K".
Cheryl rants at Ben that he'd better tell her where Danni is.
Catherine and Stonie are studying. Well, Catherine is reading the novel and Stonie is just drooling over Catherine(!) Catherine reckons that Stonie could get the part in the play, if they work hard at it.
Mal comes in and is confused about Debbie - she does seem to talk about Luke a lot. Stonie sends him home so he can spend more time with Catherine.
Next, Angie barges in and gives Catherine a hug. She suggests they have a cup of tea. Stonie just glowers.
Coffee Shop
Angie asks Stonie if she walked in on anything with him and Catherine last night. Stonie asks him to give Catherine a job in the shop - she's looking for a part- time job. Angie says she'll have to think about it - there may not be enough shifts.
Mal asks Hannah if there's anything going on between Debbie and Luke. Hannah doesn't know, but suggests Mal could get a cool hairstyle as well(!)
Angie comes over and shouts at Mal to get back to work!
Phil is spying on people from behind a fence(!) Eventually he comes out and sits down with Sam. Sam is fed up of crank calls from girls obsessed with him. Phil is interested and asks Sam what the girls say(!)
Mal comes over and tells Phil that Debbie likes Luke's hair. Mal is thinking of shaving and dyeing his hair too - Hannah thinks it would be a good idea. Phil says they'd better go and have a word with Hannah(!)
Cheryl is on the phone to Fabian. She says she's spoken to Ben and knows that everything is OK with Danni. Marlene says she wishes she could help more, but Cheryl says she's not imposing at all.
Ben comes around to see Cheryl. Apparently Danni won't speak to him either. He's booked himself and Cheryl an airline ticket to Sydney to look for Danni. Marlene says she can look after Lolly and Lou will look after the pub.
Sam and the magazine guy (Peter) come in. Apparently they've already picked the winner of the Sami K contest. All Sam has to do tonight is to "play the game" with the press. Sam isn't too keen but the bloke says he's being paid thousands to be the fantasy man of thousands of women(!) He's plucked Sam from obscurity, and now his life is sweet!
Coffee Shop
Catherine is working a shift and Angie tells her that one of her staff is leaving, so Catherine can take over some of her shifts if her trial goes well.
Marlene wishes Ben luck in finding Danni. Ben says he feels guilty about what's happened and wants to put it right. He goes out to the car.
MARLENE:(to the empty house) Well, lots of luck, cos I think you're going to need it!
Mal comes around looking for Debbie, but she's out. While Phil answers the phone, Mal sits down and reads some of Phil's notes "Conversation with Malcolm Kennedy". He scrolls back and sees records of conversation with most of the neighbours.
When Phil comes back, Mal confronts him.
MAL: Why are you keeping secret files on everyone? This is seriously weird stuff, Phil, what's going on?!
Coffee Shop
Catherine is doing well on her trial. She tells Angie that she'd be happy to take the job.
ANGIE: Welcome to the Holy Roll!
They agree that Catherine will start officially tomorrow morning.
Stonie tells Catherine that he really likes hanging out with her. She says she enjoys hanging out with him too, now he's dropped his act. He asks her to go out with him sometime and she says that it "could be fun". Stonie is chuffed.
Phil is unconvincingly telling Mal that he's "decided to keep a diary". Finally, Phil confesses.
PHIL: Look, Mal, can you keep a secret?
MAL: Well, that depends. It's not something sick, is it? Like, kinky?
PHIL:(shocked) No! I have another persona.
MAL: Come again?
PHIL: You know me as Philip Martin, and a lot of other people know me as Phillippa Martinez.
MAL:(laughs) It is something kinky, isn't it?!
PHIL: No! Phillippa Martinez...writes novels. Romance novels.
MAL: And you dress up as her, yeah.
PHIL: Ye...No! Look, don't be stupid! I *am* her! I used that name to write under. This is all research for my next novel.
Mal sniggers.
PHIL: It's true, I'm Phillippa Martinez!
MAL: Yeah, right, well I'm Helen Dimadengo then!
PHIL: Well, someone has to be!
MAL: Come on Philip, get real!
Phil takes a book off his shelf and shows Mal.
MAL: You're kidding, you really are Phillippa Martinez!
PHIL: 'Fraid so.
Mal says he can't wait to tell Libby. Phil pleads with him not to blow his cover - for the sake of his family if not himself!
Sam is off to his date dressed in a suit. The magazine guy tells Sam that they expect him to behave "as expected" and tells him he'll have to give the girl a good time without promising her more. He should just relax and enjoy himself.
For some reason, the date is taking place at the pub. Sam tells Lou he wishes he was dead(!)
The girl arrives and Sam takes his position on the stage. Shock horror, the winner of the contest is Catherine!
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