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Neighbours Episode 2604 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2604
Australian airdate: 02/05/96
UK airdate: 06/11/96
Writer: Susan Bower
Director: Sally-Anne Kerr
Catherine O'Brien: Radha Mitchell
Rob Evans: Graham Harvey
Andrew Watson: Christopher Uhlmann
Ben Dalziel: Stephen Pease
Charlie Moyes: Damien Bodie
Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Holly: Trained by Luke Hura
Summary/Images by: Alan
Jo talks to Rob and agrees to be his personal trainer. Rupert Sprod and a masked mate drive past Andrew Watson and lob eggs at him. Ben reads a letter from Danni telling him she's left the company and their relationship is over.
Susan talks to Andrew, he says he's been getting funny looks all day. He doesn't want McKenna to know what happened but she tries to encourage him to speak up. He says he wants to handle it himself somehow, but he needs to get out and clear his head first. He shows her a note he got that reads - 'To Watson the fake. What gives you the right to judge kids at this school about anything? Especially when you wouldn't know what's right or wrong to start with and everyone knows it.'
Luke gets chatting to a kid at the clinic - the boy asks him if he's 'packing it' because everyone does at first, they work it out after a bit. Chemo's ok, but throwing it up afterwards sucks. They introduce themselves and Charlie asks what Luke's got. He says lymphoma and Charlie says that's a 'piece of cake' as it's got the best odds. He also says this bloke is the best, he likes him so much he's back another time - if he can 'lick' it once he can do it again. He asks if Luke has all his family crying over him and buying presents, but Luke says he hasn't told anyone - Charlie had the opposite problem as they told everyone except him at first, but he asked his Dad what was wrong and he gave him the news. He says his Dad's his best mate and offers to be Luke's mate because he's got 'inside information.' Luke asks how old he is and he replies that he'll hit double figures next month - 'they didn't reckon I'd make it, but I'm gonna romp it in!' Later, Luke writes in his journal about meeting Charlie and how much he's helped him put things in perspective.
Marlene and Cheryl earwig as Jo and Rob chat. Marlene thinks he's an experienced charmer, they try to guess his age. Marlene thinks he's 'trying to get physical' with her but really they're just talking about his fitness regime. He spots that they are watching and asks Jo what's going on, she says they think he's hitting on her but she says she's not at all uncomfortable, they're just talking business.
Later, they chat over a meal in The Coffee Shop, he tells her about his son Conrad and how they're the only two at home. She asks about his wife and he says she died three years ago in a boating accident, along with his daughter, Lucy. He really opens up to her and she tells him his son's lucky to have such a nice father. Rob has to leave but tells her he's had a great day. They arrange to see each other again soon.
Mal calls at No.26 looking for Debbie or Phil, Hannah answers the door. She asks why he wants Phil and he says he was asking about him and Danni the other day and he was a bit off with him. Hannah acts cagey but he says she's got to tell him what's going on if it involves him. She says that Phil is looking out for Debbie's best interests because she's had lots of trouble with boys in the past, and Debbie won't do anything until she has his blessing. She encourages him to ask her out again.
Later, Mal talks to Stonie about Debbie and how he can win over Phil. Stonie suggests he just take him half a dozen sticky buns! Their mouths drop when Catherine walks into The Coffee Shop. Stonie greets her with a hug and she tells him she's been thinking about him the whole time she's been away. She wants him to take part in a play with her, playing her boyfriend. Later at No.32, Stonie wants Mal to give him and Cath some space. Soon after, Cath tells Stonie she's over Mal and really likes him.
Mal tells Phil he didn't open up to him enough the other day but Phil says he shouldn't be prying. Mal says not to be silly, he's ready to tell him everything about Danni. Hannah watches laughing and she tells Debbie that she told Mal he has to win Phil over before he can go out with her. Debbie's mad and heasd straight out to tell them both what's going on. Mal isn't happy but Debbie says she still really wants to go out and they can get Hannah back too!
Ben calls Fabian shouting that he knows Danni is there and wants her to come to the phone. He adds calmly that he misses her very much and needs to talk to her. Fabian isn't helpful so he puts the phone down. Cheryl knocks on the door and asks how Danni is, he says he was just speaking to her - she asks for the number because she wants to call and have a chat, Ben says there's a problem because she hasn't got a number, Fabian is in the process of moving and doesn't yet have a new phone. He says he'll get his mobile number next time she calls. Cheryl makes it clear she really wants to talk to her and he says he'll get her a number as soon as possible.
Ben is desperate to get Danni back and chats to Luke about it. He says she won't speak to him and is a stubborn, selfish, little cow. He tells Luke about her ripping up the designs, Luke says things could be worse - Ben says when he gets his own business and it looks like it won't survive, there can be nothing worse.
Cheryl rings Fabian's 'old' number and gets his ansaphone, realising that he can't have moved after all. She leaves a message asking for Danni to call her mother. She's suspicious but Marlene and Lou try to settle her mind.
Later, she heads over to No.30 angry and calling Ben a liar. She says she's spoken to Fabian and she knows he isn't moving anywhere and that her daughter ran away to escape a violent boyfriend. Ben says he didn't touch her. She says he better tell her all of it and she's not moving until he does...
<<2603 - 2605>>
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