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Neighbours Episode 2594 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2594
Australian airdate: 18/04/96
UK airdate: 23/10/96
UK Gold: 11/10/02
Writer: Chris Phillips
Director: Robert Meillon
Guests: Ben Dalziel: Stephen Pease
Rupert Sprod: Tobi Webster
Tom Kennedy: Bob Hornery
Suki: Opell Ross
Holly: Trained by Luke Hura
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Debbie and Hannah talk about Joel.
- Libby and Mal tell Karl that Grandpa Tom is a lot of fun.
- Suki accuses Danni of using Ben to get into the fashion business.
No.32 - garden
A pool has mysteriously appeared! Suki is still sneering at Danni. Ben asks Danni her opinion about a design philosophy and she said there's no point - her opinion doesn't count.
Ben tells Danni that she can't let Suki win. She tells him that Suki doesn't respect her, and told her as much. Ben tells Danni he loves her, and that she's really special. He reckons that Suki is terrifed of Danni because he knows she's a natural - he's threatened by her.
Marlene and Lou are chatting about their radio show. Cheryl looks bored out of her mind(!) She tells them she's worried about Danni and her career. Lou advises Cheryl to let Danni find her feet by herself.
Karl is distracted and tells Grandpa Tom that he's worried about one of his patients bottling things up. Tom says Karl was a bit like that in his youth - but he turned out alright.
TOM: He saves people's lives now, can't get much stronger than that, eh?
KARL: I wish that were true!
TOM: You're a doctor and you save lives, or at least you try to. Much more important than being a member of a union.
KARL: Actually, I'm a GP, Dad, very rarely will I save a life!
TOM: Rarely isn't never, son, and don't you forget it.
KARL: It's not often we get a chance to talk like this, is it?!
TOM: No. we should have done more of it, long ago. I guess that's the reason I made this visit. To put things right, as it were.
Just then, Libby and Rupert rush in and ask for Tom's help on the car. Tom tells Karl they'll pick up their conversation again later.
No.32 - garden
Danni asks Suki for another look at his designs. She tells him they look great, but are not practical off the catwalk. Suddenly Danni says she thinks she's seen these designs before, they look like they're from the late 80s. He tells her to get lost. Danni says that he needs something that looks good *and* feels good.
Phil drops round some romance novels for Susan and confesses to Karl that he's read a few of them himself! They chat about their kids and Phil is pleased that Debbie and Hannah are getting on well. Karl thinks Phil has done a great job with them.
Ben and Danni are relaxing. Danni doesn't want to work with Suki again, but Ben says that's not really practical - and besides, Danni handled him well today.
No.28 - Garage
Karl, Mal, Libby, Rupert and Grandpa Tom are working on the car. Grandpa Tom is being very nice to Karl, despite his mechanical incompetence. Karl walks off anyway. Grandpa Tom decides to follow Karl inside.
Karl is playing the guitar when Tom comes in. He is feeling a bit down, but tells Tom he's glad he's around. He says he wishes Tom had spent time with him when he was young, but he's not criticising Tom for spending so much time on Union business. They agree to spend some time together now.
Coffee Shop
Debbie and Hannah are hanging out. Hannah introduces Debbie to Mal.
No.28 - Garage
Grandpa Tom is helping Libby and Rupert again, and the car finally starts! Grandpa Tom has thought ahead and got a temporary roadworthy permit, so they can take it straight out!
GRANDPA TOM: Let's burn rubber!
Coffee Shop
Hannah is teasing Debbie by asking if she likes Mal. After a while, Mal comes over and tells her he's at Uni, but he's not sure about the course he's on. They get talking about careers and agree that neither of them are sure what they want to do yet.
A road
Rupert is driving the car with Libby in the passenger seat and Grandpa Tom in the back. Lou and Marlene come on the radio talking about Luna Park and they decide to go (everyone is going to Luna Park this week!)
Danni and Ben are talking to Cheryl about Suki. Ben tells Cheryl that Danni has a long and exciting career ahead.
Luna Park
Libby and Rupert are going on the "The Zipper". Before they do, Libby goes to put some stuff back in the car. When she gets there, however, the car is gone!
LIBBY:(to herself) Mal's going to kill us!
<<2593 - 2595>>
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