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Neighbours Episode 2593 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2593
Australian airdate: 17/04/96
UK airdate: 22/10/96
UK Gold: 10/10/02
Writer: Ray Kolle
Director: Robert Meillon
Guests: Ben Dalziel: Stephen Pease
Peter Lanton: James Patrick
Suki: Opell Ross
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Debbie and Joel decide to split up.
- Danni introduces Ben to Chery and tells her he's invited her to join his team of designers.
- Luke shaves his hair off so that nobody will realise he's having chemotherapy.
Danni suggests Sam as a model for them. He agrees, but says Suki, one of his designers will be here soon. Danni starts to frantically tidy the house and says there's no food in the house! Ben says he's arranged for a caterer to bring some munchies round. He tells Danni that Suki can be quite difficult at times.
Marlene, Sam and Jo wonder where Luke is and call out to him. He finally emerges, in all his bald glory.
MARLENE: What have you done to yourself?
LUKE: I figured I needed a change.
SAM: Well, you certainly got that(!)
They all just look at him.
LUKE: Is it reflecting in the light or something?
MARLENE: Er, no, no.
LUKE: Well, you don't have to keep staring at me, you must all have seen a bald head before.
MARLENE: Not on you!
SAM: It's no sweat mate, it's just going to take a bit of time to get used to, that's all.
JO: But you had nice hair!
LUKE: It'll grow back.
SAM: Oh, I get it! By the time you get into the Police Academy, it'll be just the right length, eh?!
MARLENE: Oh, well! That's very sensible.
LUKE: Actually, I've decided not to join the police. It wasn't right for me after all.
MARLENE: Well, what's with the head?!
LUKE: I don't know, it's my life, right?
JO: Yeah, but it doesn't really make sense.
LUKE: It doesn't have to, Jo! Some things in this world just don't, alright?
He goes on to ask Marlene if he can stay on at the house for a while and she agrees. He tells them all he's decided to take a new direction in life and his new hair is part of that. Luke asks Sam if he can do a bit more work with him, and he agrees.
Suki arrives and hardly looks twice at Danni, preferring to talk to Ben. Ben sends Danni off to get some champagne. Suki wants to talk about the summer collection. He sees Danni's designs on the table and says they're the perfect example of what they need to avoid! Suki sneers at Danni and says she has no experience. Danni is not pleased and says she will not be treated like dirt. Ben tells Suki that he has to treat Danni with respect.
Lou tells Cheryl that he and Marlene need a new gimmick for their radio show. Cheryl is going round to see Danni with some food, as a surprise. Lou advises Cheryl to give Danni some breathing space, but she won't listen to him.
Ben, Danni and Suki are looking through designs, and getting on a lot better. Just then Cheryl arrives with a casserole for Danni. She looks at the designs and Ben invites Cheryl to stay for a drink, much to Danni's horror. Cheryl proceeds to embarrass Danni in the extreme!
Phil asks Debbie to take Hannah to Luna Park and she agrees.
A man is showing Sam his "Sami K" article in a magazine. They've dropped the "Kratz" as a branding decision! There's also a competition to win a date with Sam, much to his horror!
Cheryl is still embarrassing Danni by talking about her childhood and failing Year 12. Suki sneers at Danni again.
No.24, the following morning
Luke tells Marlene that he doesn't feel like any breakfast this morning, saying he's watching his weight. Sam has a job on this morning he wants LUke to help with, but he says he's busy this morning.
Danni is telling Cheryl off for embarrassing her with Suki. Suki doesn't respect her, and it's even worse after Cheryl's stories. Cheryl tells her to get over it.
CHERYL: You are a Stark! And you are my daughter, after all!
Luna Park
Debbie and Hannah enjoy the rides over a musical montage. Hannah asks Debbie if she's missing Joel. She admits she is a bit, and it was awful when Rosemary found out. Debbie doesn't think Rosemary will ever forgive her.
HANNAH: As long as you forgive yourself, that's the main thing.
DEBBIE: Woah! When did you grow up?
HANNAH: I'll have you know I'm very mature for my age!
DEBBIE: Really?!
She pushes Debbie's candy floss into her face and runs off!
Danni is moaning about Suki not looking at her designs. Ben says it would probably be best if Cheryl didn't come round again(!)
Suki comes round and blanks Danni again, getting his own drawings out to show Ben.
Radio Station
Lou and Marlene are on the air. Marlene reads out a problem from a listener - about her husband staying in bed until midday. Marlene decides to ring him up and get him out of bed! Some bloke comes wearily to the phone and tells them to "Go to hell!"
Ben tells Suki that his designs are fantastic, and they have practically the whole range sorted. Danni is not impressed and says that Suki hasn't even looked at her designs yet.
Ben suggests a barbecue and Suki is not very impressed. When Ben is out of the room, Danni tackles Suki about his rude behaviour towards her. He tells her she's using Ben to get into the business and he won't be impressed until he sees something amazing from her. To him, she's just part of the stretch- denim brigade!
<<2592 - 2594>>
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