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Neighbours Episode 2485 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2485
Australian airdate: 29/09/95
UK airdate: 22/05/96
UK Gold: 10/05/02
Writer: Scott Taylor
Director: Sally-Anne Kerr
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Stonie and Annalise kiss.
Front driveway of No.24
Annalise and Stonie break their kiss.
STONIE: I've died and gone to heaven!
Annalise crawls off Stonie hopes no- one saw them. She drags them inside to talk.
ANNALISE: I can't believe I kissed you like that!
STONIE: It wasn't that bad, was it?!
ANNALISE: I've got a boyfriend, Stonie!
STONIE: Oh, Sam.
She starts berating herself but Stonie says she just kissed him in the heat of the moment, and he inspires people to lose control(!) She tells Stonie they must just forget it and pretend it was a dream. Stonie starts to kiss her again but Annalise pushes him off.
ANNALISE: Nothing else is going to happen, OK?
STONIE: Nothing?
ANNALISE: Nothing!
STONIE: You know, you're asking for an awful lot of self- control here.
ANNALISE: Well, you'll...you'll manage!
Coffee Shop
Sam sees Billy and Toadie and asks them if they know anything about the graffiti that's been going up lately. They say they don't know anything.
When Sam has gone, Billy berates Toadie for graffiting - sooner or later someone will work out it's Toadie. He laughs this off and says he'll never be caught!
Marlene comes in from the races and gets something out of her bag for Lou - a rubber ring. Lou is not impressed that Cheryl has told Marlene too.
LOU: Thank you, Marlene. Very thoughtful(!)
Marlene gives Cheryl a box of chocolates. Lou tries out his rubber ring under protests.
Annalise and Stonie are studying, but Stonie is distracted, saying the kiss with Annalise has got him too worked up(!) She says it was just a moment of weakness, and Sam is her perfect man.
Just then, they hear Sam's car approaching and Stonie panics.
STONIE: I've got to get out of here!
STONIE: Because he's going to know!
ANNALISE: Don't be stupid!
STONIE: Trust me, Annalise, with guys they know these things, it's the only power we have!
He runs out the back door to jump the fence(!)
Sam and Marlene come in and ask why there are crashed wheelchairs in the driveway. Annalise tells them that Stonie had a tantrum about his studies and took it out on the chairs(!) Annalise asks Sam about his day and suggests they go out for dinner, then she'll give him a back massage.
SAM: Now, that's what I call a welcome home! What did I do to deserve someone as good as you, eh?
ANNALISE: Just...luck, I guess.
She looks very guilty.
Stonie apparently landed on Lou when he jumped the fence(!) Cheryl and Lou asks what he was doing climbing the fence and he says he was looking for a football that Annalise kicked over the fence(!)
Stonie sits down on the sofa to watch a bit of TV. He sees an advert for dating, then a chat show about relationships. He turns off the telly in temper and decides to go to Chez Chez for a beer.
Billy and Toadie come in. Toadie is sick of people mooning over girls - especially Billy about Melissa. He says the caravan park Melissa is staying in is a bit wild. Billy says crossly that Melissa is not the sort to cheat.
Sam and Annalise arrive. Annalise is vexed that Stonie is already there. Lou tells Annalise that Stonie has been acting strangely, and congratulates Annalise on her footballing prowess(!)
Stonie comes back from the toilet and thinks Sam knows about the kiss, but he soon realises he doesn't and plays along with the story of him chucking a mental over his studies. Then, it's Annalise's turn to play along with the story of Annalise's football kick!
Karl tells Billy and Toadie off for their bad table manners. Toadie starts putting sauce on his peas and mashing them up. Yuk.
The phone rings and it's Melissa. Billy takes the phone and Toadie makes kissing noises until Karl gives him a death glare. Billy can hear a guy in the background - apparently Melissa and her campmates are going to a bonfire on the beach. Toadie says Melissa probably rang because she was feeling guilty about cheating on Billy with the guy(!)
Sam asks Annalise if she wants to have a kick of the footy with him sometime. She says they never get any spare time together to do anything like that. Then she suddenly says that she kicked the football because she wanted to get back at Sam. He is bemused. Annalise explains that she just had a kick about with Stonie because it was spontaneous and crazy - they never do anything spontaneous now because they're too busy. Sam says they're only working so hard so they can get a place of their own, but Annalise points out that Sam does find time to hang out with the Lemmings. Sam offers to quit, but Annalise says he doesn't have to - she's just being silly. He didn't know she was feeling so down, and says he'll make sure that they spend more time together from now on.
SAM: Just promise me one thing. Next time you feel like having a kick the footy, make sure it's with me, not Stonie.
She laughs and hugs him.
Billy and Toadie are watching a detective show. Toadie is still banging on about Melissa having an affair behind Billy's back. Billy gets more and more paranoid and Toadie tells him he'll has a plan!
Annalise comes to see why Stonie hasn't turned up to study.
STONIE: I thought we weren't doing that anymore.
ANNALISE: Because of yesterday?
ANNALISE: Look, Stonie, I've forgotten about it already.
STONIE: Flatter me, why don't you?!
Annalise says there's no reason they can't still study together - it was just a kiss between friends (two kisses!).
ANNALISE: Can you seriously imagine us together?!
STONIE: Yeah(!)
ANNALISE: Well, I can't. I like you, and that's all.
From now on, the plan is to study and forget the whole kissing thing.
Susan arrives home and tells Karl enthusiastically that the meeting with Stacey and Blair's dad went very well. Karl tells Susan that he's got good news - Malcolm has come home, at least for now.
SUSAN: What happened? Danni and he didn't have a fight did they?
KARL: No, unfortunately(!)
Susan is chuffed.
KARL: I think someone owes me an apology. I mean, it was my idea to let them move out. Come on!
SUSAN: Fine, I'll nominate you as Father Of The Year.
KARL: Thank you very much!
He starts trying to drag Susan to the bedroom, but she has opened a letter from Billy.
"Dear Mum and Dad, I've gone to find Melissa, I'll ring, love Billy"
SUSAN: I think we'll forget about Father Of The Year, don't you?!
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