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Neighbours Episode 2484 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2484
Australian airdate: 28/09/95
UK airdate: 21/05/96
UK Gold: 09/05/02
Writer: Kate Langbroek
Director: Sally-Anne Kerr
Guests: Adrian Ewart: Jeremy Kewley
Alf Taylor: Frank Bren
Angie Rebecchi: Lesley Baker
Big Kev: Don Bridges
Judy Bergman: Merridy Eastman
Colin Taylor: Frank Bren
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Lou is aching all over after being thrown from a horse.
- Annalise is upset that Jo is dating Mark.
- Kev wants to sell his truck to buy into a business.
- Cody answers Adrian's phone to "Caroline - his girlfriend".
Cody is sitting brooding looking very upset. Adrian finally turns up at her door after hitchhiking back(!)
ADRIAN: Cody, you've got to give me a chance to explain - please.
CODY: No, I don't, I understand everything already - you're a two- timing scum- bag!
You tell him, Cody.
Adrian claims that Caroline is trying to make Cody doubt him. Colin interrupts at this stage and tries to throw Adrian out. Adrian insists that it's over with Caroline. Cody is not impressed, so Colin goes through with throwing Adrian out!
When he's gone, Alf appears and asks what's going on.
No.32, the following morning
Kev has made Angie breakfast after a "big night" together. (Yeuch, I did not need to know.) Angie asks Kev about the money from the sale of the truck - she'd like to run her own business: some sort of cafe.
KEV: Angie, baby. You're a genius!
He is very taken with the idea and thinks it'll be a great investment for the future, if only to give Stonie a job if he fails high school again(!)
Stonie is off for a study session with Annalise.
Stonie has arrived for his study session with Annalise. Marlene is off to the races with Colin, Alf and a picnic.
Alf is trying on a suit for the races. Colin tells him it's all off - Mark has had a late night, so he'll have to cover his shift at the Coffee Shop. Alf says that he and Marlene will just go on their own(!)
Marlene arrives and is disappointed that Colin can't make the races, but she says she and Alf will go on their own. Colin is not pleased.
Cody comes in having apparently been asked to meet Adrian there.
ADRIAN: Cody, thanks for coming. I was thinking you might not.
CODY: I was thinking the same.
He starts trying to weasel out of things, saying it's all a big misunderstanding, and Caroline has been out of his life for months. But she won't accept that it's over. When he got home last night, Caroline was there and she hit him with a vase (he's got a cut on his head). Cody softens a bit, but is still suspicious. Adrian says he'll get Caroline to bow out and hopes she won't come after Cody next(!)
Coffee Shop
Kev and Angie have come to see Colin. They want to pick his brain about running a cafe. Colin suggests they could meet with Mark for a chat. It transpires that Colin has also been a truckie in his time and Kev is delighted. He suggests Colin and Marlene come for a spin in his truck before he sells it.
Cheryl comes in with Judy, and they all tease Colin about Marlene going off with his brother.
Stonie tells Annalise that his brain is fried, so they decide to have a break. Stonie picks up one of Jo's self- help books and mocks it. They get talking about relationship and Annalise tells him that things aren't great with Sam, and also about the Jo and Mark saga. Stonie is shocked to hear that Jo and Mark are an item, and can totally see Annalise's point of view.
Golf Course
Angie, Cheryl and Judy are out playing golf and gossiping about Lou's injuries.
Lou is struggling to cope with his shift and Kev sympathises with him. The girls arrive and Judy and Angie mock Lou a bit. Lou is not pleased that Cheryl has been talking and laughing about him.
Coffee Shop
Marlene and Alf comes in, having had a fantastic day at the races. Colin glowers at Alf.
Stonie asks why there's a couple of wheelchairs in the laundry. Apparently the Paralympians dropped them off for Annalise and Jo to have a go on, and therefore understand more about disabled issues.
STONIE:(getting into the wheelchair) All work and no play, Annalise! The dead bards will still be here when we get back. But right now, it's wheelie time!
Marlene has dragged Colin for a drink, and demands to know why he's being horrible to Alf. He tells her that Alf always goes after women he likes, particularly a lady called Rachel, who ran off with Alf on Rachel and Colin's wedding day(!) Now he's trying to do the same with Marlene.
COLIN: I'm not blaming you. It's Alf. He's so rugged. So sexy. So manly.
MARLENE: It sounds as though you might have a thing for him yourself!
(Eurghhhhh - wrong on SO many levels!!)
MARLENE: Seriously, Colin Taylor. Look, your brother is a lot of fun to be with. But for my money, he doesn't hold a candle to you. In fact, I can't think of anyone who could.
COLIN:(relieved) I'm so pleased to hear you say that, Marlene. I just really couldn't bear the thought of history repeating itself. I couldn't bear the thought of losing you.
MARLENE: You won't lose me, Colin.
She takes his hand and squeezes it.
Cody has received some tulips from Adrian - she seems to have calmed down a bit about Caroline the girlfriend.
Just then, the phone rings and it's Caroline(!) Cody slams the phone down.
cODY: Adrian told me it was going to get tough. Guess he wasn't exaggerating.
No.24 (Front)
Annalise and Stonie are practising in the wheelchairs and having a lot of fun. They end up tripping over a hosepipe, being thrown from their chairs and landing on top of each other (what are the chances?) Followed of course, by the inevitable kiss.
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