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Neighbours Episode 2473 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2473
Australian airdate: 13/09/1995
UK airdate: Cut and merged
UK Gold: 24/04/2002
Writer: C.M. Covington
Director: Robert Meillon
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Cody asks Adrian if he has a girlfriend and he denies it.
Colin tells Marlene to stop playing hard-to-get.
Melissa's mother tells Billy to stay away from Melissa.
Billy is on the phone to Melissa. Libby tries to get the phone off him because she wants to use the Internet. Billy is fed up of sneaking round.
Karl comes home in a bad mood saying that he hasn't been able to get through on the phone. He starts tells Billy and Libby off for not doing their chores. Libby tells Karl to take it easy with Billy - he's under a lot of pressure.
Mark tells Phil, Jen, Hannah and Helen that he's organising a trip to the Peninsula for them to make up for his religious mania(!) Jen can't make it because of her exams but tells Phil he should go with Helen. Mark has arranged for Hannah to go horseriding too. Also, he's organising them a gourmet lunch!
Coffee Shop
Marlene comes in wearing an enormous fox fur - enough for me to stop summarising in shock in fact! She invites Colin to go out with her to an orchestral concert this evening. Colin is quite interested given that it's a Russian company. He says he must refuse though - he has a prior engagement. Marlene demands to know what is more important.
COLIN: I have to er...wash my beard.
Marlene is not amused.
Mark is going over his recipes for the gourmet lunch when Colin comes in. Colin angles for an invite to the peninsula but Mark doesn't bite.
Marlene comes in (still in the fox fur!) and asks Colin to reconsider his decision not to come to the concert. He is adamant that his principles are at stake, but Marlene pooh-poohs this. Colin is about to relent, but before he can, Mark steps in and says he'll come to the concert with Marlene himself!
Billy's bedroom
Karl has come to apologise to Billy for being cranky with him earlier. He sits down on the bed with him and asks if he can do anything to help with the Melissa thing. Billy doesn't think there's anything anyone can do. He would never do anything Melissa didn't want, but her mother just sees him as a sex maniac! Karl says it might be worth a go having a peace conference with her.
Coffee Shop
Karl is meeting Melissa's mother. She has come along only reluctantly - she meant what she said about Billy and doesn't trust him. Melissa mother insists that both Billy and Melissa are far too young for a sexual relationship, and Karl tells her that he couldn't agree more. Melissa's mother is surprised at this. She says she knows Karl thinks she's being over-protective. Karl says there's no point dictating to teenagers and suggests a meeting with Billy and Melissa too so they can all thrash the problem out. Karl thinks Billy and Melissa deserve the right to be heard, but Melissa's mother isn't confident about the kids' willingness to compromise.
Jen and Cody are gossiping about Adrian. Cody tells her that he denied having a girlfriend - it was just a rumour. Jen looks very doubtful and says that's not what she's heard. Cody reckons Adrian is of a different breed!
Coffee Shop
Colin is asking Mark about the orchestral concert. Mark didn't enjoy it much though. Colin regrets not going and looks interested when Mark says that Marlene talked about him all night. Mark advises Colin to sort things out with Marlene.
Lassiters Lake
Billy is telling Melissa about the forthcoming family meeting. She isn't very keen on being grilled by both their parents. Billy says they have to work out what they're going to say - and he has a plan.
Phil is putting some bottles of wine in the cooler ready for the picnic.
Marlene comes in to ask Helen about Colin. Long-suffering Helen tells her that she thought they'd exhausted the subject! Marlene tells her about the concert incident. Helen tells her that she'll just have to go for the last resort - full on 100% romance! She suggests investing in a bottle of wine and a romantic CD and turning down the lights. (Yikes!!) Marlene is pleased and says she'll put the plan into action straightaway!
University car park
Jen sees Adrian laughing with a girl in a car and getting rather touch-feely. He sees Jen and jumps guiltily.
Billy and Karl are getting ready for the family meeting. Libby is making herself scarce! Melissa and her parents arrive and sit around the table.
Cody is in denial about what Jen saw in the car park. She accuses Jen of having a problem.
Colin comes home and tells Cody and Jen that he's in search of stimulating conversation(!) but they hastily tell him that they're off to do some studying!
COLIN: I just want some company! Maybe it's me. Nahhhh.
Mark, Phil, Helen and Hannah are back from their day out. Mark is feeling very sore, but tells them he can't go home because he's taking Stonie and Mal to a football game.
Cody and Jen comes in and Mark limps off.
Billy and Melissa are calmly telling their parents that they got carried away and they acted like irresponsible kids - but they're not. They realise that relationships should be based on solid friendship and they can wait for the physical side of things. They apologise for their behaviour.
Colin is telling Mark that he needs bed rest but Mark won't listen - he heads off to the football match.
Marlene comes in with a nice bottle of wine and a CD and suggests turning the lights down! They could have their own concert. Colin doesn't say anything, but kisses Marlene and hugs her.
Melissa's parents tells Karl that they're very proud of both of them and think they can rely on Billy and Melissa to do the right thing. They agree that they can continue to see each other as friends. When their parents have left Billy and Melissa laugh, hug and kiss in relief.
<<2472 - 2474>>
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