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Neighbours Episode 2430 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2430
Australian airdate: 14/07/95
UK airdate: 07/03/96
UK Gold: 22/02/02
Writer: David Allen
Director: Geoff Hunt
Summary/Images by: Sayaka/Graham
Annalise tells Libby that they need to have a serious talk about the newspaper article.
Sam makes a bet with Karl that Marlene will discover his gnome escapades before he can plant five more.
Ren breaks up with Luke.
Susan and Karl skinny- dip in the No.22 spa without permission. Cheryl, Brett and Billy come back early and catch them.
Back of No.22
Karl quickly tries to cover himself up.
KARL:(nervous laugh) I'm not sure I know what to say.
SUSAN:(from the spa) I don't know what came over us, Cheryl! I'm really sorry. Hi boys!
Karl asks Cheryl if he can have his boxers back and she starts laughing and tells him to just get in the spa - that was what he came for anyway. Cheryl cops an eyeful as he does so(!)
Susan suggests that Cheryl gets her gear off too and joins them, but she says she's enjoying the moral high ground!
CHERYL: It isn't every day I get to score points off Ramsay Street's Doctor Do...Little!
Karl sinks belowt he surface of the water in embarrassment!
Libby is shocked when Billy tells her the story of the spa.
BILLY: I didn't know where to look, I was so embarrassed.
LIBBY: I can't believe you two would do something like that!
Karl and Susan giggle in the background. Billy tells them to promise that they'll never do anything like this ever again, but they just collapse laughing!
Luke comes in to find Ren and Mark hanging out in the living room. He suggests that he and Ren go out, but she doesn't want to. Mark doesn't want to either - he's working on his talk for the Youth Centre. Luke tries Ren again, but she is unmoved.
Brett is entertaining Lolly when Lou comes in. Cheryl is trying to decide what to wear for the television interview.
Karl creeps up and puts and Elvis Gnome in the garden. He covers the gnome in the newspaper, but Marlene comes along and catches him.
KARL: Marlene, what do I say? I'm sorry.
MARLENE: Pinching my paper, I'm surprised at you!
KARL: Er...yes, I was passing, and er...I noticed that someone had knocked over one of your gnomes...this is typical of Billy, you know. He just hurls these things around in the morning.
MARLENE: One of my gnomes? But I... oh, I get it.
KARL: You do?
MARLENE: It's him.
KARL: Who?
MARLENE: It's Billy. He's been doing all this gnome business!
KARL: Oh...well, well.
MARLENE: I mean, his early morning paper run. It's a perfcet opportunity.
KARL: Exactly!
MARLENE: Well, that boy needs a good talking to!
KARL: Absolutely, I could not agree more!
MARLENE: Well, I'll come around right now and give him what- for.
KARL: You be my guest. Come on!
Karl smiles to himself - his cover isn't blown after all!
Libby asks Brett about the incident in the spa. Brett says he and Cheryl won't tell anyone about it. Libby tells Brett that the paper are giving her a regular column - Stories of the Suburbs. Brett doesn't think it's a good idea - Annalise is already off- side with her, she doesn't want to alienate all the neighbours. Libby thinks she can be subtle enough in her writing, however.
Marlene has come to confront Billy about the gnome- planting.
MARLENE: You're the gnome- napper, aren't you, Billy?!
In the background, Karl manhandles Susan away(!) and begs her silently not to say anything. Meanwhile, Billy is flatly denying any involvement in the movements of Marlene's gnomes. She decides to give him the benefit of the doubt.
MARLENE: I'm going to get to the bottom of this, don't you worry about that!
KARL: I couldn't agree more! This gnome- napper has got to be stopped, it could spread right through the neighbourhood!
MARLENE: Yes, well, it *will* be stopped, I'll see to it!
Susan tries to tell Marlene the truth on her way out, but Karl pushes her to one side and bundles Marlene out of the door!
BILLY: I don't get it! Why would she think I had anything to do with her stupid gnomes?! That is a kid's prank!
KARL: Absolutely, it's completely juvenile, I can't understand how Marlene could possibly think one of our family were involved.
Susan rolls her eyes.
Susan is telling Karl off for dropping Billy in it with Marlene.
SUSAN: The last month's been like living with a psychotic ten year old!
KARL: Ooooh look who's talking!
SUSAN: Yes...well.
KARL: Yes...well!
SUSAN: The trick is to know when enough's enough and I think we've gone beyond the point of fun!
Susan threatens to dob him in to Marlene, but he begs her not to - he's got his bet going with Sam. She doesn't think that's a good enough reason.
KARL: For me, then. (kisses her) Your spa- mate...
SUSAN: Alright.
Karl reckons Marlene won't catch him.
BILLY: Why on earth would she think I'd do something that stupid?
LIBBY: You don't want us to answer that, do you?
Brett tries not to laugh and Billy rolls his eyes. Brett says it would make a great story for the paper. Billy looks surprised and Brett quickly backtracks, saying he meant any paper in general.
BILLY: Who'd want to read about that?
BRETT: Well, I would!
When Billy has gone, Libby is glad that Brett is back on her side with the paper. She's decided to write about Mark and Lucy next - Brett says he could help her out - he had a long chat with Helen when Mark went missing, so he knows some finer details.
susan(!) sneaks up and puts a gnome in Marlene's car, which is unlocked. The gnome had a bandage and a note on it which reads, "I'm sick, I'm sick, get the doctor!"
SUSAN: Playing with the master, now, Karl.
She fastens the gnome's seatbelt. But Marlene catches her red- handed.
MARLENE: Gotcha!
Susan tries to explain, but Marlene is furious.
MARLENE: The doctor's wife! You ought to be ashamed of yourself!
Marlene is still ranting and Susan is trying to get a word in edge- ways. Karl is interested to hear that Susan is the gnome- thief. Susan tells Karl to tell Marlene the truth.
KARL: Marlene, I am terribly, terribly sorry. Honestly, I don't know how she could do such a thing!
SUSAN: KARL! You tell Marlene that it wasn't me...
But Karl has ushered Marlene outside and holds the front door shut behind him so Susan can't get out(!)
KARL: I can assure you that it won't happen again.
MARLENE:(crossly) No, well, I certainly hope not!
KARL: I'm very sorry, Marlene. Bye now.
Inside, Susan has changed tack and put the chain on the door.
SUSAN: You're a goner, Karl.
Luke has made Ren some afternoon tea, but she is not impressed. She tells him to stop fussing about. He admits that he's trying to get her back, but she says she's made herself clear. If he can't handle that, one of them will have to move out.
Karl has broken in through the back door. Susan tells him that Karl has got a real nerve. Karl says Susan is just upset because he plan has back- fired. Now he only has to plant 4 more gnomes and Marlene will think it's Susan!
KARL: Sam's money is as good as in my pocket.
He takes the chain off the front door, and Susan smashes the sick gnome! (!)
The Pub
Cheryl is back from her interview for the documentary. Apparently the rest of the interviewees were much worse off than her - it made her think about how much she has in her life - she's going to be grateful for what she has from now on.
Cheryl asks Lou to move Frank the Native American out of the pub and he looks shocked.
Ren is reading Mark's talk for the youth centre and thinks it's a bit strong. She doesn't think it will help the kids in the youth centre and they won't appreciate the hell- fire and damnation part - they've had a hard enough life as it is. Mark bangs on about morality and says that the "rot has to stop somewhere".
MARK: Ren, society's on the skids. You just have to look around you, it's in your own backyerd! (Pause) Of course! Ramsay Street! It's about time our neighbours were reminded of their Christian rights and obligations.
Billy is studying and eating a cake. Apparently Marlene gave it to him for accusing him of being the gnome- napper(!) Susan sighs and says that she isn't the gnome- napper either.
BILLY: She said you put a gnome in her car. Did you?
SUSAN: Well, yes. Yes, Billy I did. But it was a joke.
BILLY: Well, it wasn't so much of a joke when she came over here to blame me! And you just stood there and let her!
SUSAN: There's no need to get so worked up about it, Billy. Gee, these look good...
She tries to take a cake, but Billy won't let her.
BILLY: They're compensation for taking the rap for you!
KARL:(coming out of the bedroom) What rap's that?
BILLY: Marlene just told me about Mum and the sick gnome or something.
KARL: Did she?
BILLY: I'm not going to make a big deal out of it, but I think we need a full explanation from Mum at the next family meeting.
KARL: Oh, Billy, I don't think we need to go that far...
SUSAN: Oh, I don't know...I think that's a very good idea, I'm more than happy to discuss the whole thing, bring it all out in the open in front of everyone!
Karl tries to protests but Susan is determined.
SUSAN: The point of a family meeting, Karl, as you well know, is to get to the truth, Karl!
Karl closes his eyes in exasperation.
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Billy Kennedy, Brett Stark, Cheryl Stark in Neighbours Episode 2430
Billy Kennedy, Brett Stark, Cheryl Stark

Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2430
Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Libby Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Billy Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2430
Libby Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Billy Kennedy

Mark Gottlieb, Ren Gottlieb, Luke Handley in Neighbours Episode 2430
Mark Gottlieb, Ren Gottlieb, Luke Handley

Lou Carpenter, Louise Carpenter (Lolly), Cheryl Stark, Brett Stark in Neighbours Episode 2430
Lou Carpenter, Louise Carpenter (Lolly), Cheryl Stark, Brett Stark

Marlene Kratz, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2430
Marlene Kratz, Karl Kennedy

Libby Kennedy, Brett Stark in Neighbours Episode 2430
Libby Kennedy, Brett Stark

Marlene Kratz, Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Billy Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2430
Marlene Kratz, Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Billy Kennedy

Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2430
Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy

Brett Stark, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2430
Brett Stark, Libby Kennedy

Billy Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2430
Billy Kennedy

Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2430
Susan Kennedy

Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Marlene Kratz in Neighbours Episode 2430
Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Marlene Kratz

Ren Gottlieb, Luke Handley in Neighbours Episode 2430
Ren Gottlieb, Luke Handley

Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2430
Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy

Cheryl Stark, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 2430
Cheryl Stark, Lou Carpenter

Mark Gottlieb in Neighbours Episode 2430
Mark Gottlieb

Billy Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2430
Billy Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2430
Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy

Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2430
Karl Kennedy

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