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Neighbours Episode 2394 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2394
Australian airdate: 25/05/95
UK airdate: 17/01/96
UK Gold: 03/01/02
Writer: John Upton
Director: Richard Jasek
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Toadie threatens to out Lucy as a stripper.
Lou says Suede Tess must win or Cheryl will kill him.
Lucy gets an anonymous letter from someone with a picture of her from a men's magazine.
Karl and Cheryl drag Mal and Danni out of a nightclub.
Karl and Susan are shouting at Mal for going to the lub underage.
Lou and Cheryl's
Danni is ranting at Cheryl for dragging her home.
Mal admits that he went down the nightclub to find Danni and save their relationship.
Lou and Cheryl's
Danni is still ranting.
Mal can't see why he should be punished - he was just trying to help Danni. But Karl says he did the crime so he does the time - no computer for a week. Mal says that Karl just wants his computer time(!)
Lou and Cheryl's
Danni storms off to her room. Cheryl calls her back and tells her that she can't work at the club anymore. Danni says she needs the money to pay board. Cheryl suggests she concentrates on selling her designs instead. Anyway, she thinks Danni should be studying, not working at a nightclub.
Newsagency, the following morning
Phil is putting the magazines Hannah stole back on the shelf - he still can't understand why she stole them. Phil is frustrated at his failure to understand Hannah. Jen tells him he never will(!)
Helen comes in for some tape, saying she'll meet them later for the dog race.
Ren is frustrated with Danni's "go slow" on her designs - she doesn't have the time or energy to put up with Danni's tantrums. Luke is going over to see Lucy later.
Billy has come over to do some swimming in the No.30 pool.
Luke asks Ren if she's heard anything from Libby, but she hasn't. He is depressed that she hasn't responded to his letter. He wonders if he should write again.
Kennedys' front garden
Karl has got Mal doing weeding while he chats to Lou about the dog. Mal tells Karl he has to get to school, so Karl says he can finish the weeding when he gets home(!)
Luke puts another letter in Libby's letterbox. Just then he sees Toadie putting a letter in the Martins' letterbox.
Luke brings the letter in to Lucy. She looks upset and Luke asks her why.
Danni is angry with Mal for coming to the nightclub. Mal is angry that Danni was all over Fabian - he thinks they're more than mates.
Billy and Toadie are talking about computer games, but they haven't got much money.
Lucy has told Luke about the letters. He wants to call the police but Lucy stops him. She admits that she posed for some nude pictures while she was in England - she was flat broke and thought the pictures would stay in England. She can't stand for her family to see the pictures.
Luke realises that he saw Toadie putting the letter in the letterbox. They go off to find Billy to see if they're right.
Phil, Jen, Lou, Cheryl, Helen and Reuben have met up to go to the dog race.
Susan tells Libby that she's a bit worried about some of the articles going in the school magazine. She thinks the piece on the greyhound industry is a bit over-the-top. Libby is indignant, but Susan says she's gone too far. She tells Libby that the magazine is not a soapbox for her favourite causes.
Lucy and Luke have come to see Billy. They're not taking any nonsense and insist he helps them to find Toadie.
Toadie is smoking in the playgournd(!) when Lucy and Luke confront him. Luke says blackmail is against the law. While Lucy might get a bit embarrassed, Toadie could go to a detention centre. Toadie tries to keep up his bravado, but he's clearly a bit scared(!) He says it was just a joke and begs them not to tell the cops. Billy shakes his head and tells Toadie he's a mongrel.
Danni is fed up because she's failed an assignment. Mal says it's her own fault because she's been working at the club too much.
Libby tells Mal that Susan has pulled the greyhound article from the magazine. But she's printed it out separately to distribute to the students. Mal offers to help her - he's sick of being told what to do.
Coffee Shop
Mark is putting up posters for the 40 hour famine. Ren offer to sponsor him.
Ren approaches Danni by the counter. She wants to know when she'll see some designs. Danni says she's had some problems but she'll get to them as soon as she can. Ren says that's not good enough - it's like Danni doesn't give a damn. She tells Danni she's not the only designer in the world - she's fired.
Lucy is talking to Angie on the phone insisting that she disciplines Toadie or she'll go to the police.
Mal and Libby are handing out the greyhound article. Billy tells Toadie to rack off - he's still angry with him.
Lucy doesn't know what to do about Hannah. She tells Luke she'll have to tell the family. Luke is impressed at the way she has handled the situation.
Lou and Cheryl's
Everyone is back from the races - the dog hasn't won.
The Kennedys kids are hanging out. Karl is trying to get Billy off the computer(!)
Susan comes in saying she's been to an emergency meeting at school. She's very angry with Libby for distributing the article about the greyhound - she's in a lot of trouble. The headteacher is thinking of expelling Libby.
Lucy has told Helen about the photos saying that she just needed the money. Helen says Lucy should have called them for help, but Lucy says she would have felt like a failure. Lucy cries and says she isn't a tart. But Helen thinks Lucy cares too much about what young men think about her. Lucy admits that she wants to feel wanted.
LUCY: I don't even like myself. Not very much.
Helen hugs her and Lucy sobs in her arms.
Susan is ranting at Libby and Libby is ranting back, saying the greyhounds are a worthy cause. Susan says if Libby gets expelled, her only option is boarding school!
<<2393 - 2395>>
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