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Neighbours Episode 2393 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2393
Australian airdate: 24/05/95
UK airdate: 16/01/96
UK Gold 02/01/02
Writer: Ian Coughlan
Director: Richard Jasek
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Libby is angry that Luke plotted behind her back with her parents. She doesn't even want to be friends with him now.
Bianca runs out when her mother unexpectedly visits.
Stonefish and Cody kiss.
Lassiter's Lake
Stonefish pulls away from the kiss saying that he promised not to try anything on with her...but Cody doesn't look bothered, in fact she looked like she was enjoying the kiss! He won't listen though and makes a sharp exit. Cody laughs to herself.
Coffee Shop
Annalise is trying to reason with Bianca about seeing her mother. Bianca says she's sick of being hurt by her mother, and doesn't want to be all stirred up again.
Bianca's mother is explaining that she was shocked when Bianca came to see her - she's married with other children now, and her husband doesn't know about Bianca. She says she felt awful after Bianca left - that's why she's come to see Bianca now. She's scared that she's left things too late with Bianca now.
Lou and Cheryl's
Danni is aghast at the number of assignments she has to do for school. Mal invites her out to the cinema, but she says she doesn't have time.
The nightclub manager calls round with Danni's pay. He wants her to work tonight as two girls are off sick. Mal isn't pleased to see Danni being pally with the guy.
Lou and Cheryl come in and Cheryl regards the nightclub guy suspiciously. She says Danni had better not be working tonight. Danni lies and says she's going to the movies with Malcolm. Cheryl takes Danni's pay straight off her for board money!
Sam, Annalise and Marlene are trying to talk Bianca round. Her mother has left the number of a motel she's staying at.
Susan moans at Malcolm for leaving wet towels in his room. Libby says that they're Billy's towels. Susan says at least Billy is keeping up with his training for his asthma!
Libby opens Luke's letter. She goes outside to read it.
Malcolm is playing on the computer game!
Kennedys - outside
Libby is reading Luke's letter of apology, saying that he cares about her and didn't want to hurt her. He wants to get back to being friends - he can't stand having Libby hate him.
No.30, by the pool
Annalise and Sam are sitting by the pool when Cody comes up, deep in thought. They tease Cody about Stonefish and she admits that Stonie has kissed her. She says it wasn't really "serious". Sam says Cody needs post-trauma counselling!
Kennedys - outside
Malcolm has joined Libby outside. She tells him about the letter and that Luke is very sincere about them being friends again. Mal says it's not easy - he's fed up about Danni too. Libby tells Malcolm all he has to do is talk to Danni, whereas Luke is out of bounds to her. Malcolm gets inspired and says he's going to sort Danni out once and for all!
Lou and Cheryl's
Cheryl is cooking tripe, much to Danni and Lou's disgust. Lou and Danni go to order takeaway!
No.24 - evening
Cody, Sam and Annalise are off to a nightclub.
Bianca and Marlene talk. She asks Marlene for her mother's telephone number - she's decided to ring her after all.
Susan is playing the computer game while Karl criticises her gameplay! He thinks Libby is being a bit quiet. Susan says she thinks Libby has had a letter from Luke and Karl is not pleased. Susan thinks Mal and Danni are on the rocks too - they haven't seen much of her recently.
Sam, Annalise and Cody are queueing up to get in to the club. Cody gets chatted up by a bloke. Just then Malcolm comes up looking for Danni, but he can't get in.
Bianca's mother arrives. Bianca is emotional as she lets her mother in, but is trying not to show it.
Lou and Cheryl's
Lou is enjoying some chocolates - he tells Cheryl that he draws the line at tripe! Cheryl wonders where Danni has got to - she suspects that Danni has lied to her. She tells Lou that she's going to catch Danni out.
Karl is playing the computer game and is angry to be interrupted by Cheryl. She's looking for Mal. Karl looks in Malcolm's room but he's not there. Karl says he'll go with Cheryl to the nightclub to look at them.
Bianca can't understand why her husband would be upset about something that happened before she met him. But her mother explains that he sees things in black and white. Bianca says they have no future together if she doesn't tell her husband. Her mother says she's seriously thinking of leaving her husband if he can't accept Bianca's existence - Bianca is her oldest child and she can't turn her back on her.
Danni and the others are dancing while Cody is still being chatted up. She approaches Stonie who is on the dancefloor. He's pleased to see her and they dance together.
Mal is still looking for Danni.
Cheryl and Karl have now arrived at the entrance but the bouncers won't let them in. Karl says that he suspects there's an underage child in the club. Either they can let them in or he'll come back with the police.
Cody tells Stonie that she liked the kiss. He kisses her again.
Mal sees Danni on the dancefloor, dancing with the nightclub manager. He grabs the bloke by the lapels.
Just then, Karl and Cheryl appear and drag them both off home.
<<2392 - 2394>>
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