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Neighbours Episode 2371 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2371
Australian airdate: 24/04/1995
UK airdate: 15/12/1995
UK Gold: 03/12/2001
Writer: Helen McWhirter
Director: Richard Jasek
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Toadie, Billy, Shane and Justin go joyriding in Karl's car and break a light, but they fix it.
Annalise asks Sam to come with her on her trip, but he can't leave his business.
Danni and Mal decide to take their relationship to the next level.
Lou and Cheryl's (evening)
Danni and Mal have apparently done the deed and are now fully-clothed and having a pash in the living room. Mal wants to know if he looks any different.
Susan is shouting at the kids for fighting again - Malcolm has joined in this time(!)
The phone rings and Malcolm answers it.
MALCOLM: Kennedy Castle. Prince Malcolm speaking.
It turns out to be a patient calling for Karl again - Sandy Morris. Karl comes in, but Malcolm has already hung up. He thanks Susan for getting the tail-light on the car fixed(!)
Billy looks worried as Susan assures Karl that she hasn't had it fixed. Malcolm says he didn't either - it must have been the tail-light fairy(!)
Annalise and Sam are pashing, much to Cody's displease who is trying to study.
She answers the door to Stonefish who wants her to come to the pub. She accepts enthusiastically as Sam and Annalise continue to pash.
Billy and Justin are fighting again. Hannah has joined them for dinner as Susan shouts at Justin and Billy.
Karl comes in. He's been examining the car - the petrol is empty, the radio is tuned to a rock station and there's fast food wrappers down the side of the chairs.
KARL: Which can only mean one of two things. Well, either you've become a rock-and-roll, petrol-drinking, fast-food junkie...
SUSAN: Oh yes, my secret's out!
KARL: ...or someone has taken the car for a joyride.
Susan can't think what joyrider would bring the car back and also fix the tail-light but Karl suspects someone living in the house.
KARL: Well Malcolm? how are you going to explain your way out of this one?
MALCOLM: What? Give me a break, I spent the whole afternoon with Danni.
KARL: Oh, doing what?!
Malcolm obviously can't tell him(!) so Karl thinks he took Danni out in the car. Malcolm protests, but Karl is convinced it was him.
The Pub
Stonie and Cody are playing darts. They are still on for the winery date tomorrow - Stonie says he's highly refined! Just then he gets a bullseye.
Billy is telling Justin that he can't let Malcolm take the rap. Justin dissuades him - he thinks Karl would call the police if he knew the truth.
Stonie has come to pick Cody up for the winery wearing a sort of a casual suit. Cody is impressed. Stonie hands her a helmet.
Kennedys at breakfast
Karl and Mal are locked in mutual hatred. Carmel arrives at that moment thank God. She kisses her kids and starts gabbing to Susan about her holiday with her mystery man. She takes Susan off shopping. Karl tries to stop Susan going - last time the credit card bill was huge(!) Carmel tells Karl he's looking after the kids and she and Susan run out!
Kellybrook Winery
Stonie and Cody arrives on Stonie's bike.
Shopping Mall
Susan and Carmel are shopping. Carmel tells Susan that she'll need something new for the wedding. Susan is excited that Carmel's man has proposed! But Carmel says she hasn't told the kids yet and she doesn't think they will take it very well. Also, her mystery man hasn't met her kids yet and thinks they're angels from Carmel's description(!)
Mal is moaning to Danni that Karl won't believe he didn't drive the car. Billy and Justin come in at that moment and Danni twigs who drove the car. They tackle Billy and Justin. Justin blusters and drags Billy off. Mal tells Danni that they don't have any proof - nothing will make them talk short of torture(!)
Sam is cooking breakfast for Annalise. He's also bought her a presents - a duvet and some pillowcases. Also a woollen underblanket. Annalise looks a bit disappointed - I think she thought Sam was going to propose(!) Annalise begs Sam to come to Europe with her.
Hannah and Therese are hanging out. Therese wants them to make a pact to be friends forever - they could make bracelets out of hair. Hannah isn't sure, but THerese says she'll ony cut a little bit.
Sam is putting covers on the pillowcases. Annalise says it's not just a gift - Sam is trying to keep her in Australia by feathering the nest. Sam gets angry and tells Annalise that she could just stay in Erinsborough with him. Annalise is starting to wonder why she came back at all.
Kellybrook Winery
Cody and Stonie are sampling the wines and having a good time.
Bill has come to confess to Karl, who is reading a book with cotton wool in his ears(!) He confesses he, Shane, Toadfish and Justin took the car. Karl says that Billy will have to apologise to Malcolm and gives him a lecture, but doesn't raise his voice. Billy asks Karl not to tell Justin he dobbed him in. Karl says no way - all four boys are in it together.
Hannah and Therese are cutting some horses hair to make bracelets.
Stonie has organised a surprise for Cody. He tells her to count to a hundred.
Carmel and Susan come in all excited. Karl tells them who really stole the car. Karl tells Carmel she should think about her kids and not herself for once in her life.
Danni and Malcolm come out of Malcolm's room and Karl apologises to him.
Kellybrook Winery
Cody hears some piano music and finds a band playing under a tree. Stonie is on drums!
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