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Neighbours Episode 2370 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2370
Australian airdate: 21/04/1995
UK airdate: 14/12/1995
UK Gold: 30/11/2001
Writer: Karyn Noble
Director: Geoff Hunt
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Cody agrees to go out with Stonie as mates. He celebrates enthusiastically.
Annalise tells Cheryl that Brett wants to sail around the world on his mate's boat.
Toadie wants Billy and Justin to go for a joyride - he'll get Shane to drive.
Coffee Shop
Brett is asking Marlene to put a good word in for him with Luke - he wants a regular job at the Coffee Shop.
Danni and Mal come in and tells them that they can't go to the club because Mal is underage. Danni tells him that Cheryl is on the warpath over Brett's plans to become a sailor.
Lou and Cheryl's
Cheryl is telling Lou that Brett is too naive to go around the world, but Lou disagrees. Cheryl is suspicious of this Max Kippard, but it's clear she just doesn't want to lose Brett.
The Kennedy house is a wreck, yet Susan is still defending Carmel(!) Karl's patient rings at that moment and he tells her he shouldn't call him after hours. He advises her to make an appointment in the morning. He moans to Susan that the woman has been pestering him - he thinks she's potty.
Stonie has come round to see Mark and starts eating his food! He starts telling Mark that he really likes Cody, but Mark isn't interested in Stonie's unrequited love life. Stonie says that is not the attitude of a priest, so Mark relents. Stonie says he wants to be close to Cody as a friend (yeah, right!) but Mark says that technically she's still with Rick.
MARK: Just be yourself. Be natural, mate.
STONIE: Do you reckon? I mean, the real me, it's pretty weird. Can't you just bless me or something?
MARK: I'll pray for you, Stonie.
STONIE: Alright. Ta!
Lou and Cheryl's
Brett comes in in the dark, but Cheryl is waiting for him in the dark on the sofa. She wants to know why Brett didn't tell her about the sailing thing. Brett explains that he really wants to do it - all he needs is $10,000 and it's for a whole year as well. Cheryl says she'll save him a lot of money - she won't let him sail around the world with a perfect stranger. Brett says he's going as soon as he's finished school - he doesn't need Cheryl's permission. Cheryl cries.
Kennedys, the following morning
Karl is pleased that Carmel's kids have slept in. Susan is feeling the cabin fever and is going down to the school to do a few things. Susan asks Mal to keep an eye on the kids today.
Libby is dressed up to go and take photos at the Youth Centre breakfast.
Billy gets up feeling awful - Justin and Therese kept him up.
SUSAN: Billy. If it's not too much trouble, try not to scare any old ladies to death today!
Lou and Cheryl's
Cheryl and Brett are not speaking at the breakfast table so Lou takes refuge in talking to Danni. (I wish she'd get a new dressing-gown). Danni guesses that Cheryl and Brett have had their showdown.
Ramsay Street
Billy doesn't want to go joyriding with Shane - in Karl's car, no less!! He feels obliged to go along though.
Youth Centre
Mark and Marlene are serving up while Danni and Mal have a pash(!) Libby asks Mark where Luke is, but he's at the Coffee Shop. Mark thinks Luke will be very busy from now on.
Lou and Cheryl's
Brett is talking to Dahl, saying that he'll be an adult next week and he can do whatever he wants. Come the end of the year, he'll be on the boat and Cheryl will just have to live with it.
Jen has come to return a journal that she borrowed from Karl. She talks to Cody in the waiting room and suggests that she reads it too. They decide to go off for a coffee.
Youth Centre
Mal tells Danni that he has to go home and look after the kids, but she has other ideas.
A road
Shane is driving the car at speed and Billy is looking very worried. Smoke is coming out of the back of the car by now.
Coffee Shop
Jen tells Cody that she's been missing Cody living at the Martins. Stonie comes in and joins them. He says he's taking her to a winery for lunch tomorrow. When Stonie has gone Cody rolls her eyes, saying it's just a casual thing. Jen thinks a winery is pretty impressive for just a casual thing!
Lou and Cheryl's
Brett is studying his globe when Lou comes up. He tells Brett he remembers when he first left home - he took off in his brother's combi with no money and had a lt of fun. Lou says that mothers worry - they can't help themselves. Lou tells Brett that he was going to give him a decent used car for his 18th, but that Brett would probably rather have the money now. (Oh dear, Cheryl isn't going to like this!) Lou thinks Brett should lay off Cheryl for a while and not mention the trip - show her how mature he can be. Brett says he'll be Mr Maturity for the next six months!
A road
Billy wants to go home - Mal will be home soon and he'll dob them in.
Ramsay Street
Shane reverses in a sign and breaks the back light.
A Park
Malcolm wants to end the "go slow" with Danni - he'd rather not take things slowly anymore. Danni asks him if he's sure and Malcolm says he is. He asks Danni where they can go. She smiles and they head off arm in arm.
Ramsay Street
Shane has fixed the light on the car but Billy still isn't very pleased.
Lou and Cheryl's
Danni and Mal have the house to themselves. Mal is worried that someone will come home, but Danni says they can lock her bedroom door. Mal says it doesn't feel right in Cheryl's house, but Danni says it will be fine. She leads him off to the bedroom.
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