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Neighbours Episode 2341 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2341
Australian airdate: 13/03/95
UK airdate: 03/11/95
UK Gold: 22/10/01
Writer: Judith Colquhoun
Director: Michael Sergi
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Danni tells Mal that she wants people to know about their relationship - she doesn't understand why he wants to hide it.
Danni has done some designs for Ren.
Sam and Bianca recover the Kennedys portrait from Reuben White.
Cheryl tells Lou she has a reason for not marrying him - and it's not that she doesn't love him.
Lou and Cheryl's
Cheryl tells Lou she won't marry him - she had her cards read when she was nineteen and was told she should never marry - because any husband she had would die in his fifties. Lou thinks it's just an excuse not to marry him, but Cheryl insists she believes in it. Lou asks her to marry him when he's 60!
Luke is moving his things in while Ren shows Danni the fabric she has acquired for her.
Bric-a-brac Shop
Helen is chatting with Marlene and her assistant and showing them some sketches. Just then, Reuben White comes in and sees the sketches. He says he's a fan of Helen Daniels' work. Marlene gets Reuben his refund. Reuben asks Helen if she is Helen Daniels' agent or manager. He's amazed to hear that she's Helen Daniels herself. He says he's just become an even bigger fan!
REUBEN: I have followed your career, Miss Daniels, with, as they say, great interest.
HELEN:(surprised) I'm flattered!
REUBEN:(intensely) I admire your work deeply. You have a lightness of touch combined with a subtle strenth. It never fails to move me.
Lou and Cheryl's
Brett is back from his trip. He gives them an update on Annalise's trip. He says he's got the travel bug too - he wants to take a year off before Uni. Cheryl says that Marlene is planning a welcome home dinner for Brett.
Danni and Mal are having a pash. They are going on a date - rollerblading. Danni says Mal had better change his clothes, he looks grungy(!)
Luke is putting up some pictures. He tells Ren he studied Philosophy and Ancient History at Uni, but there's no work in it, so he works delivering pizzas. Also he does the odd modelling job. Ren tells Luke about her and Danni's business. She asks Luke to help out with the modelling of the jewllery. Luke says that the last job he had modelling, he had to lie naked in the snow(!)
Malcolm still looks a bit rubbish - Danni says she wants to take him on a shopping spree. He says that he's happy with his clothes, but Danni says they'll only buy Australian-made clothes and help the economy! Oh, that's alright then.
Helen, Lou, Cheryl, Marlene and Brett are having Brett's welcome home dinner. Marlene tells them that Helen has an admirer - Reuben in the shop today. Marlene says he couldn't take his eyes off Helen.
HELEN: Rubbish! I only met him for five minutes.
Cheryl and Lou want to hear all the details! Marlene says she'd put money on their relationship. Marlene wants to know why Cheryl and Lou are grinning. Lou says that they're not getting married, no matter how much Marlene wants it!
Coffee Shop
Louise Barker comes up to Mal and Danni at a table. Mal says that he and Danni are just friends and not an item.
Mal tells Danni again that he doesn't want their relationship to be made public - he's not ashamed of her though. Danni can't understand the reason why though. Mal says he doesn't know how Karl and Susan would react. Danni says they might as well do it sooner rather than later.
Lou and Cheryl's
BRETT: I don't think I'll ever eat again!
He heads off to bed.
Lou and Cheryl get comfy on the sofa. Cheryl says she wishes she could stop believing in what the clairvoyant told her all those years ago. Lou suggests Cheryl goes to another clairvoyant to get an update(!) Cheryl looks a bit uncertain.
Bric-a-brac Shop
Reuben has come in again. He asks Marlene's assistant for Helen's address. She says she doesn't know if she can. Instead, she takes Reuben's number and says she'll pass it on to Helen.
Lou and Cheryl's
Lou has called Madame Zolga(!) and she has arrived at the house. She immediately starts feeling the aura in the room and says she knows they've called her about a marriage problem.
MADAME ZOLGA: Who's going to start?
CHERYL: Better be me.
MADAME ZOLGA: Good idea. Before your little sweetie wakes up.
Cheryl is very takenaback at her clairvoyancy.
Brett is telling Helen about his trip - he really had a fantastic time with Annalise. He says Annalise was trying not to talk about Sam, but she did give Brett a present for him.
Brett wants to know about Helen's mystery man(!) Helen tells him about Reuben and tells Brett that she's quite interested in him too. Brett asks what Helen is going to do about it.
HELEN: I don't know. Just wait by the phone and hope!
BRETT: Mrs D, this is the nineties! Why don't you call him?
Helen says she couldn't possibly, but Brett says women do it all the time. Helen agrees to think about it. She's come over all girly. Aww.
Lou and Cheryl's
Madame Zolga tells Cheryl that she will travel a great deal seeking her destiny in distant lands. She'll find her spiritual home far, far from Erinsborough. Cheryl asks about the men in her life. Madame Zolga says Cheryl's next marriage will be long and felicitous - but Lou should avoid marriage at all costs, because it would be an unmitigated disaster(!)
Helen has come to ask Marlene for Reuben White's phone number - Helen can't find him in the book. She thought Sam might know the number. Marlene looks at her knowingly and says she'll ask her assistant (Val)
MARLENE: Helen, can I say something? Go for it.
HELEN: I'm trying to pluck up the courage!
Marlene says it's the nineties now and a woman can ask a man out if she wants to!
Lou and Cheryl's
Lou is sulking about what Madame Zolga said. Cheryl is feeling better though! Cheryl suggests that they just ignore Madame Zolga and get married. She says it's just mindless superstition. But Lou says maybe they should rush into things and tempt fate(!)
Bric-a-brac Shop
Val tells Marlene that Reuben came in and left his phone number for Helen.
VAL: You can't be too careful, can you. He seems real charming. But most axe-murderers do. I met one in jail. Lovely woman...
Marlene is pleased about the phone number. Val is pleased too - she's brought Helen and Reuben together inadvertently!
Coffee Shop
Ren rushes in and tells Danni that she has good news - all the shops loved her jewellery and they've put a lot of orders in. She says there's one problem though - getting the stock together for so many customers.
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