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Neighbours Episode 2340 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2340 (Rick Alessi leaves)
Australian airdate: 10/03/95
UK airdate: 02/11/95
Writer: Karyn Noble
Director: Sally-Anne Kerr
Bianca Zanotti: Annie Gagliardi
Jen Handley: Alyce Platt
Luke Handley: Bernard Curry
Bruce Nelson: Howard Tostivan
Customer: Marilyn Leder
Summary/Images by: Sal/Sal
Susan tells Karl that she'll have another baby - on the condition that Karl gives up work to look after the child.
Billy and Libby vow to get together with Mal to do something about Karl and Susan's relationship if it doesn't get any better.
Cody and Rick talk about how viable a long distance relationship is.
Lou wants a reason why Cheryl won't marry him.
Danni doesn't want to talk to Cheryl about marrying Lou. Cheryl craftily tries to get Danni's opinion but Danni manages to evade the subject, eventually telling Cheryl that it's her decision - it doesn't matter what everyone else thinks.
Rick and Cody tidy up after the party Ren threw. They're both despondant but they try to cheer each other up and end up chasing each other around the room.
Bianca's studying with her legs in the pool. Sam says that she should stop slacking - they've got a job to get to. Bianca's stroppy about what she doesn't know over plants but Sam tells her that she's being too advanced - she'll soon get the hang of it and then their work will only get better and better.
Libby, Billy and Mal are in the Coffee Shop discussing the possibility of a new baby. Billy says that Susan seems really happy with her new job and he doesn't see why Susan should chuck it all in just for what Karl wants. Mal says he doesn't want a screaming baby in the house when he's trying to study. Billy chips in, saying that if they did have another child, Karl should stay home and look after it. Mal scoffs at the idea and Libby says that Susan would do a far better job! Mal says that's sexist but when Billy confronts him, admits that he wouldn't have wanted Karl to have brought him up without Susan. Libby says that if Susan did have another child, she thinks the child would fare better with Susan looking after it. Mal asks what the solution is - and is met with silence. Mal's not impressed - if they can't agree on an idea, how are they meant to help Karl and Susan?
Rick, Cody, Luke and Jen are having lunch in the pub and Rick's warning Luke about Mark. Luke observes that Mark appears to have a retentive streak - which Rick readily agrees to. Cody tells them at least the place is always clean with him around.
CODY: Except your room.
RICK: Cody, come on, it had character!
Rick jokes about Mark's religious outback posting and says that Luke's free to move in once he's packed his stuff up. Luke comments on how committed Rick and Cody must be to have a long distance relationship and Rick tells them how Cody's bought him a book of stamps as a going away present! Cheryl comes over and says he'd better not forget who gave him his break in the industry. Rick tells her he owes everything to her and jokes that he's going to dedicate his memoirs to her. They hug and Cheryl asks who's going to give them cheek.
Phil tells Lou how he's applied for his license back after his drink drive ban but he didn't feel it was right to just jump back behind the wheel, so he's organised a refresher course off his own back. Lou praises him but Phil tells him it's about confidence. He asks if Lou'd ever lost his license - but he hadn't, although he had just got collared for speeding on the way to the Coffee Shop. He blames Cheryl - she's causing him so much distraction. Phil guesses it's the marriage issue and Lou asks why he thinks Cheryl won't marry him. Phil asks why he doesn't accept living together anymore - they were always fine in the past. Lou says that nothing's changed, just the mayoral dinner sparked things off again. Phil asks him if he wants to marry Cheryl for a commitment or because it's more socially acceptable. Lou looks stumped.
Danni and Mal talk about having babies - and Mal says he thinks Karl's too old to have another child. Danni tells him to look at Lou with Lolly - she says that Lou made lots of mistakes with his other kids and sees Lolly as a way to do things right. Mal wonders if that's it - with Billy going off the rails, he guesses that Karl thinks he's failed as a father and wants to try again.
Phil clips the kerb as he reverse parks. He winces and Bruce, the instructor, asks if he'd like to do it again. Phil refuses, saying he knows he needs to work on his parking. Phil tells him to treat it as a test and to just give him the worst. Bruce tells him that because of the points lost on the parallel park and the stop sign he drove though... Phil insists he stopped but Bruce points out that he didn't bring the vehicle to a complete halt, which is the crucial difference between a stop and a give way sign. Bruce smiles and tells him that maybe they should just carry on.
Mal tells Billy and Libby his theory on why Karl wants another kid and blames Billy. Billy wants to know why it's all his fault - and Mal explains that it's because he's the youngest - although he and Libby had never met his expectations, Karl still had Billy to focus his attention on - but now he's gone off the rails, it's all gone wrong. Mal asks them what they're going to do about it.
Sam says Bianca needs to stop consulting the book about plants - they're not going to finish the project on time if she sticks her head in the book every step of the way. Bianca snaps at Sam repeatedly and Sam tells her to try studying horticulture at college. Bianca tells him that she dropped out at year 10, she's got no hope. Sam makes his excuses and leaves her alone.
Lou apologises to Cheryl, saying that he loves their relationship as it is and he didn't mean to put pressure on her. He admits that she may have been right and by changing their relationship and getting married, things could've ceased to work between them. They make up and Lou says that what they've got is better than any social expectation. Cheryl tells him that's why she won't marry him. Lou asks her if that's the only reason and Cheryl says it is - "What other reason could there be?" As they hug, Cheryl looks uncertainly over Lou's shoulder.
Sam's in Marlene's shop, suggesting that they help her to get into horticultural college. Marlene says that Bianca might snap, thinking she's a charity case. Sam says that she needs to have more confidence in herself and there's no harm in him picking up the information. Marlene says what a nice lad Sam is - and as he leaves, a woman comes through dressed in Sam's shirt. Sam pauses and tells Marlene that's his shirt but Marlene protests that it just looks like his. As Sam leaves, he tells her he wants it back in his cupboard by tonight! Marlene hurridly takes it of the woman.
Phil jokes that Bruce needs a calculator to add up the tally. Bruce tells him that he's welcome to check his adding if he likes. Phil looks surprised and tells him that he was only joking, it was just that he'd lost so many marks... He trails off and looks embarrassed. Bruce says it's clear it's been a while since he last took a test and lists where he went wrong. Phil adds his three point turn to the list and Bruce agrees. However, Phil managed to collect all of the points he needed to just pass. Phil looks shocked and relieved - and asks if Bruce has enough time to go over some of the basics with him. Bruce comments on how keen he is - but Phil tells him that he's not keen - he's guilty and doesn't want to make anymore stupid mistakes. Bruce tries to reassure him but Phil tells him that he was lucky - it could've been a lot worse.
Luke, Jen and Cody settle down in 26 to watch a movie and Cody says that Rick'll be spewing as he's wanted to see it for ages. Luke comments that he can watch it up in Darwin, but Cody's glum at the idea of him going away. Jen says that at least she didn't fall for Rick's trick of trying to get her to pack his stuff! They laugh at how hopeless he is and Luke's worried about what Rick's going to leave behind for him. Cody tells him not to worry, she'll check under Rick's bed before Luke moves in. Phil walks in, looking really downcast and they ask how he went. Glumly, he tells them that he crashed the car. They all get up in alarm to console him and he bursts out laughing. Cody hits him, "You pig, you didn't crash the car at all!" Phil declares that he's a much happier license driver and Cody rushes off to crack open the bubbly. Phil tells her that's what got him into this mess in the first place and there's no way he's going through it all again. Phil asks what they're watching and Luke tells him the film's called License To Drive, before they laugh and say they got him back. Phil laughs and Jen watches him with a smile on her face.
Marlene is reading the information that Sam's got and is waxing lyrical, saying it's right up Bianca's street. Bianca pours cold water on the idea, saying that she'll never get in. Sam says he could offer her a partnership in the business to improve her chances. Bianca's pleased at this.
The film ends and Cody can't believe she's sat and watched a video instead of spending as much time as possible with Rick. Phil asks when he goes and Cody runs out, saying she's going to talk Rick out of it. Luke and Jen make a move for some Japanese food and invite Phil but he says he's not into Japanese.
JEN: Since when?
PHILIP: Er, since last time I ate too much. Sort of turned me off.
Cody looks at Rick's cases and can't believe he's packed. Rick looks upset and they hug. Cody says she's going to miss him so much. He says he's going to start writing to her on the plane and she's going to save all of her money and visit him every uni holiday. They laugh about when they first met and how they thought of each other. Rick asks if he's doing the right thing and Cody asks him if he wants her to lie. He asks for the truth and she tells him how much she loves him before they kiss. A loud horn comes from outside and they grab his bags and walk outside.
Lou comes up the street to see Rick off. He shakes hands and wishes him the best, saying he was a pain to live with and he's going to miss him like hell. Rick thanks him for everything and for being his Erinsborough Dad. Lou says that Cathy and Benito would be proud - he's all right, a bit ugly but he'll do. Rick laughs and they hug. Lou gives Cody a tissue and she passes it to Rick, saying he needs it more. Lou leaves them to it and they hug goodbye. Rick says he'll miss the place and that he loves both Cody and Lou. The taxi drives out of Ramsay Street and Lou hugs Cody.
Lou says saying goodbye to Rick was almost as bad as saying goodbye to Ling-Mai. Cheryl tells him that there's something she should've told him by now. She offers to tell him the reason why she won't marry him but Lou's reluctant to know. She fends off his worries, saying that she still loves him. He looks relieved, saying that he thought that'd be the reason but she makes him promise that he won't laugh. Lou looks puzzled and asks why he would laugh at her reason...
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Danni Stark in Neighbours Episode 2340
Danni Stark

Bianca Zanotti, Sam Kratz in Neighbours Episode 2340
Bianca Zanotti, Sam Kratz

Libby Kennedy, Malcolm Kennedy, Billy Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2340
Libby Kennedy, Malcolm Kennedy, Billy Kennedy

Billy Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2340
Billy Kennedy

Rick Alessi, Cody Willis in Neighbours Episode 2340
Rick Alessi, Cody Willis

Cheryl Stark, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 2340
Cheryl Stark, Lou Carpenter

Marlene Kratz in Neighbours Episode 2340
Marlene Kratz

Philip Martin, Cody Willis, Luke Handley in Neighbours Episode 2340
Philip Martin, Cody Willis, Luke Handley

Jen Handley in Neighbours Episode 2340
Jen Handley

Cody Willis, Lou Carpenter, Rick Alessi in Neighbours Episode 2340
Cody Willis, Lou Carpenter, Rick Alessi

Cheryl Stark, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 2340
Cheryl Stark, Lou Carpenter

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