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Neighbours Episode 2326 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2326
Australian airdate: 20/02/1995
UK airdate: 13/10/1995
UK Gold: 01/10/2001
Writer: John Hanlon
Director: Geoff Hunt
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Sam is worried about Annalise.
A defammatory article about Lou appears in the paper.
Karl tells Brett he has mumps and there is a chance he could be left infertile.
Lou and Cheryl's
Brett is lying on the sofa, very upset that he might be sterile. Cheryl says that it only happens in some cases.
Trade was down in Carpenters Car today and Lou is fed up. Brett tells him to put an ad in the paper asking any unsatisfied customer to come forward - then everyone will realise he's a genuine businessman.
Cheryl hears that Lou hasn't had the mumps so immediately drags him off to quarantine at Marlene's!
Number 24
Marlene and Bianca are sorting out window locks and chatting about Annalise when Lou arrives. He tells them that he's come to stay - he left in such a hurry that he's only got one shoe! Marlene says that Lou can sleep on the sofa, saying it's very comfortable. Lou taps it and it's rock hard!
Hospital Room
Annalise is just coming round from the anaesthetic and finds Sam there with a bunch of flowers. He tries to hide his concern and puts the flowers in a vase. He helps her to drink some water through a straw (bless him) Apparently the operation was a success though - the malignant cells haven't spread. Sam is very relieved indeed. Annalise says that she is too and starts to cry in relief.
Number 24
Cheryl brings Lou some clothes round and won't allow him to go home even for a minute. Lou says he'll take precautions!
Lou and Cheryl's
Brett is lying on the sofa and stroking Dahl's feathers. Lou comes in wearing a gas mask(!)
Coffee Shop
Ren, Mark and Lolly come in - they're on their way to the hospital to see Annalise. Marlene asks after the Youth Centre and they say it's going along well. Ren tells Marlene that Lolly is in quarantine with Ren and Mark until Brett is better!
Lou and Cheryl's
Lou is messing about in the gas mask with Dahl on his head while Danni takes photos of him. Brett gets angry about them teasing him and shouts at them, saying to leave him alone because he's sick and miserable. Lou tells Brett that he's the only one who keeps him sane in that house. Then he does a Darth Vader impression(!)
Hospital Room
Sam is still hanging out with Annalise when Mark and Ren arrive. Mark says he's been praying for Annalise and Ren gives her some chocolate. Annalise has cheered up a lot
The Pub
Lou and his accountant are talking about the books for the car yard (I think he might be dodgy! but Lou seems to trust him)
Hospital Room
Ren and Annalise are talking about making lotions for sale. Mark says they could put some of the profits towards the Youth Centre. They don't look keen! but they agree.
Number 24
Lou is pacing, waiting for his accountant to bring the books for the car yard.
Coffee Shop
Bianca is closing up when Sam comes in to give her a hand. He tells her how relieved he is about Annalise. Bianca asks if he's still in love with Annalise. Sam looks thoughtful.
Number 30
Lolly is crying and has woken Ren and Mark up. Ren can't quieten her down. Mark suggests a lullaby and they start singing. Lolly just continues to scream!
Lou and Cheryl's
Brett is still on the sofa. Cheryl sits with him and cuddles him. She tells him not to worry. Danni gets up and tells Brett off for waking her up with the TV. They starts watching a film together.
Number 24
Sam, Bianca and Marlene have all been woken up by Lou's snoring. They discuss what to do about it. They try to turn him over on to his side but Lou starts cuddling Marlene in his sleep(!) they extract her and creep off back to bed. As they do so, Lou starts snoring again.
Number 30
Lolly is finally asleep and Mark's voice is wrecked from all the singing. Cheryl comes round and is pleased to see that Lolly is asleep. She takes her home. Ren colapses on to the sofa!
Number 24
Marlene, Bianca and Sam are eating their breakfast completely knackered. Only Lou is fresh-faced and says he slept like a baby(!) and the sofa is more comfortable than it looks!
Sam answers the phone - there's been a fire at the car yard and Lou's office has been burnt down.
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