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Neighbours Episode 2323 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2323 (The Rebecchi family leave Ramsay Street)
Australian airdate: 15/02/95
UK airdate: 10/10/95
UK Gold: 26/09/01
Writer: Craig Wilkins
Director: Michael Sergi
Guests: Jen Handley: Alyce Platt
Angie Rebecchi: Lesley Baker
Stonefish: Anthony Engleman
Kevin Rebecchi: Don Bridges
Toadfish: Ryan Moloney
- "Dots On The Shells" by Yothu Yindi
- "Imaginary Girl" by Hunters And Collectors
- "Soul Kind Of Feeling" by The Dynamic Hepnotics
- "Worlds Away" by Ian Moss
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Annalise tells Helen that her mole is melanoma. Annalise is very upset.
Lou tells Cheryl that Shane Rebecchi is behind the robberies.
Karl and Susan can't afford a video camera for Libby's birthday, so Susan suggests a regular camera instead.
In anatomy class, Cody faints at the sight of a cadaver.
Cody has recovered from her fainting. Karl tells her that a cadaver isn't a person anymore and she must try not to think of it as such. Karl sends her off for a strong coffee - he'll take her himself since he's on a break.
As Karl comes out of his Surgery, Annalise has come for her test results, but they haven't come in yet.
Lou and Cheryl's
Libby, Brett and Danni are hanging out. Brett isn't feeling well - he's got a sore throat. He lies down for a rest.
Ramsay Street
The Rebecchis are packing their things into the back of Kev's van.
Coffee Shop
Karl is telling Cody and her Uni friend Jen about his Uni days. Jen said that her own illness - endoplastic anaemia made her want to train in medicine. Cody is still freaked out by the cadaver. In the background, Annalise drops a plate and breaks it. She tells Cody that she's worried about her test results.
Billy and Mal are off to the Martins for Helen to paint them. Billy doesn't want to - he finds it boring. Angie comes in to see Susan and tells her that it's bedlam at her place - they're moving. Angie says it's for the best - they can't stay in the street with Shane disgracing them. She's sad to leave Ramsay Street and also she won't be able to help with the clothes for the play. She leaves rather emotionally.
Coffee Shop
Susan has come to pick up a cake for Libby's birthday. Annalise tells her that she's terrified about her test results. Susan says that even if the results are bad, it's been caught early. Annalise is surprised to hear the Rebecchis are leaving, but she won't miss Kev's enormous truck parked in the street!
Ramsay Street
Danni, Brett, Billy, Libby and Cody are sitting on the driveway of Lou's house filming the Rebecchi's departure. Cody comes up to talk to Stonie - he's depressed about leaving. He asks if they can go to her place for a minute.
Stonie presents Cody with his cricket bat - one of Shane's. He says he's giving it to Cody as a token of his friendship. He's grateful to her for sticking up for him all those times. Cody is quite touched.
Lou and Cheryl's
Angie has come to say goodbye, but only Danni and Brett are home. She says that there was a misunderstanding with Shane and she tells them some story about Shane confiscating some stuff from a thief he saw leaving Ramsay Street. Then he thought the best thing to do was to sell it at the market and give the money to charity. Angie has somehow deluded herself into believing this fantasy(!) but Brett and Danni are unconvinced. Kev beeps the horn of his truck outside and she leaves.
When she's gone, Brett and Danni laugh about the story about Shane.
Ramsay Street
Kev and Angie are bickering. Cody gives Stonie her school notes from last year in case he can use them. They say goodbye.
Susan is looking through an old photo album with pictures of Libby. Libby isn't having a good time at school, but Susan says the people who make fun of her are just jealous of her talent - Libby has always written beautifully. Libby looks pleased and Susan encourages her not to waste her talent.
Annalise comes to ask Cody about treatments for skin cancer but Cody points out that she's only been a med student for a week!
Libby is going on about her video camera but Karl and Susan reminds her that it's too expensive.
Kennedys, the following morning
Susan has got birthday cake for Libby at breakfast(!) She blows out the candles. She opens some cards and her brothers have given her CD vouchers. Libby is excited about taking her video camera to school and she's disappointed when she sees it is a stills camera.
Annalise is waiting impatiently for Karl to arrive. Cody says that the courier hasn't been yet, but she'll ring the company to find out what time he's expected.
Libby is disappointed about not having a video camera. Karl explains again that it was too expensive and says that the stills camera will be great. Danni comes round to see LIbby and she shows Danni her camera - she's sort of coming round to the idea now.
Lou and Cheryl's
Brett is gargling - he still feels awful. He heads off to school with Danni anyway - he's got a maths test.
Susan is hoping that Libby and Karl will enjoy photography together. Libby apologises for being a spoilt brat! Billy uses the camera to take a photo of Mal flexing his muscles. Malcolm is not amused!
Karl has got Annalise's test results and invites her into his office. He opens the results and tells her that the mole was malignant. They've caught it in time, but it's possible that the mole was the tip of the iceberg. He wants her to go into hospital to have the whole area checked out.
<<2322 - 2324>>
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