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Neighbours Episode 2321 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2321
Australian airdate: 13/02/95
UK airdate: 06/10/95
UK Gold: 24/09/01
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Marlene doesn't turn up for Lolly's half-birthday party.
Marlene and Helen break down on a mountain road.
Libby tells Susan that she's leaving school.
Mountain Road
Marlene is still trying to start the car - no other car has passed in the last hour. Marlene tells her that they're on a back road - she thought it would be more scenic. They can't walk to get help because of Helen's hip - they'd better just wait.
Just then, Marlene hears a car coming.
Malcolm tells Susan that he's learnt his lesson - honest - he wants to shut his bedroom door again. Susan says they will have to have a family meeting about it. Malcolm protests that he can't study quietly.
A road
Shane Rebecchi has chanced upon Helen and Marlene (now that was lucky!) He's looking at the engine for them - he says that the engine is stuffed for now. Shane says he's going to the market too - he'll take them to the market, get parts, then bring them back after finishing their shopping and fix the car.
Libby is on her first day at the newsagent. Libby says that she'd like a party with her old friends from the countyr for her birthday. Susan doesn't think it's practical until the holidays. Libby asks if she can have a bigger present then - she really, really wants a video camera. Susan thinks it's a bit out of their price range, but they can talk about it at home.
Lou and Cheryl come in and tell Susan that Marlene didn't turn up for Lolly's 6 month party.
Arts and Craft Market (Platypus Creek)
Shane has brought Marlene and Helen to the market and they agree to meet up again at 4pm. Marlene sees an Elvis mirror in Shane's box of bric-a-brac and seems interested. When Shane has gone, Marlene says she recognises the mirror as Lou's. She thinks Shane is the Ramsay Street burglar.
Coffee Shop
Lou and Cheryl tell Karl that Marlene hasn't come back from the market yet - they are a bit worried. Cheryl decides to go home in case Marlene is trying to ring her.
Arts and Crafts Market
Helen and Marlene are discussing the Elvis mirror - it doesn't necessarily mean that Shane is the burglar. However, it does seem a bit of a coincidence.
Helen sees the artist she's heard of and approaches his stall.
Karl comes in to the Newsagent and tells Libby that there's a family meeting tonight. Libby reminds him that she's going to be seventeen in a couple of days and tells him about the video camera. Karl tells her not to get her hopes up - they're too expensive.
Lou and Cheryl's
Cheryl can't understand why Helen and Marlene still aren't back. Lou agrees to come with her to search for them.
Karl and Libby come in. Mal is keen to start the family meeting.
Art Market
Marlene and Helen are loaded up with shopping. Marlene is still wondering about Shane's involvement in the Ramsay Street burlaries. They get to Shane's car and put their stuff in the car. Just then Marlene sees an unsold item of Shane's that was also stolen from Lou's house - a painting of two angels. She quietly points it out to Helen.
The family meeting is going on. Mal apologises for hurting Libby and asks that he be allowed to close his bedroom door again. The family vote against lifting the punishment - it's barely been a week.
Arts and Crafts Market
Helen and Marlene get in the car with Shane to go back home. They look very uneasy. As they drive off, Lou and Cheryl arrive, unseen by them. They get out to start looking for them.
Shane's van
Shane has illegally got his walkman on. Marlene and Helen talk quietly about their situation.
Arts and Crafts Market
Lou and Cheryl are looking for Marlene and Helen. Cheryl sees a woman carrying Lou's ceramic pig. She wonders if that's the reason why Marlene is trying to protect Bianca - now she has an insane theory that Bianca is stealing stuff for Marlene to sell at markets such as these!
Libby is making her case for leaving school. She wants to put school off for a while and earn money in the real world. They put it to the vote and everyone is against it. Libby says that it's not fair and she hates them all.
Lou and Cheryl's
Cheryl thinks Marlene is purposely trying to worry her (for goodness sake Cheryl, not everything is about you!)
Karl and Susan are hanging out chatting about the happenings at the family meeting. Susan suggests doing something special for Libby's birthday to cheer her up. She suggests a still photo camera. Karl thinks they could stretch to a reconditioned one. He says he could set up a darkroom in the garage for her.
Marlene's car
Marlene, Helen and Shane have arrived back at Marlene's car. Shane starts to fix the car. As Helen gets her shopping out of the back of Shane's van, she sees Lou's jacket and confronts Shane about it. He quickly gets back in his van and drives off. Marlene tells Helen off - now they are stranded properly!
<<2320 - 2322>>
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