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Neighbours Episode 2313 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2313
Australian airdate: 01/02/95
UK airdate: 26/09/95
UK Gold: 12/09/01
Writer: Jenny Lewis
Director: Helen Gaynor
Guests: Stonefish: Anthony Engleman
Ms Stoner: Donna Woodhouse
Packo: Verity McIntyre
Kieran Wallis: Tim Reid
Girl Student: Libby Sandy
- "Dots On The Shells" by Yothu Yindi
- "Cruise Control" by Headless Chickens
- "Worlds Away" by Ian Moss
- "Monkey And The Turtle" by Christine Anu
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Billy steals Libby's diary. When he reads it it sounds like a bad romance novel.
Stonie trains Brett up to be school captain.
Libby's bedroom
Libby is sulking in her room. Susan comes to talk to her about the contents of the book - she thought it was quite good(!) Susan did wonder how Libby found out about the sexy stuff, but they'll talk about that another time. For now, she'll have a word with Billy and stop him taking Libby's things. Libby doesn't think having a word will help - she hates both Billy and Malcolm. Susan says maybe boys don't understand a girl's need for privacy.
Lou and Cheryl's
Danni and Brett are arguing about the school captain competition. Brett says Danni has no chance - she has no policies(!) Cheryl tells them to stop arguing.
Susan rants at Billy and Malcolm for taking Libby's things and invading her privacy. Malcolm says Libby should hide her things better(!) Susan shouts at him loudly and asks how he'd like it if people went through his stuff. Malcolm says it'd be no big deal and Billy agrees. So Susan says she's going to go in their bedrooms and have a look around - if she'd known it was OK she'd have done it ages ago(!) Malcolm and Billy protest and finally admit that Susan has point. They go off to hide some stuff just in case(!)
Number 30
Rick is looking through brochures but Cody doesn't sound very enthusiastic. She can't go that weekend anyway because she's going to the observatory with her Uni mates to "discuss their place within the universe". Rick takes offence (who wouldn't?!) and asks Cody to put him first once in a while. Rick asks her to prove it - cancel her observatory meeting and go away with him instead. Cody refuses to choose.
Number 22
Stonie, Brett and Danni are setting off for school. Stonie ie trying to get Brett to walk with "attitude" Mal, Billy and Danni mock him.
Annalise is showing Phil a poster of her play "A Nightmare In Erinsborough" and he offers to put it up in the newsagency.
The phone rings and it's Robert looking for Hannah. Phil tells Annalise that Hannah is entering the horrible boy phase. Annalise tells Phil to get ready for teenage advice. Phil says that Julie did all that for Debbie - he doesn't know anything about it!
Lou and Cheryl's
Lou tells Cheryl that he's found out they're planning to build a freeway through Erinsborough - through the park. Lou wants to move.
Some of the other candidates are mocking Brett while Stonie gives out leaflets and hits on Libby - he says he could give her steamy tips for her next story(!) He tells her that Malcolm told him about the diary/book and Libby goes off to kill Malcolm.
The school captain election starts and Brett is up first. He delivers his speech in a boring way and Stonie puts his head in his hands.
Lou and Cheryl's
Cheryl doesn't want to move - she thinks Lou is jumping the gun. Lou starts talking about chaining themselves to the trees instead and organising protest marches!
Danni's speech isn't going very well and everyone just looks at her in silence.
A guy called Kieran makes a speech that goes very well.
Phil is asking Susan for some advice at raising a teenage girl. He says Hannah needs a mother. Susan says there's no magic forumla - just let Hannah know that he's there for her. Susan offers to help out if he needs a woman's point of view.
Outside the Coffee Shop
Rick walks past and ignores Cody. Annalise asks Cody what's going on and she explains that Rick doesn't like her Uni friends. Annalise is surprised, saying that Rick normally gets along with everyone. Annalise thinks Cody might be a bit interested in Leck and she admits that she might be if she was single (eurrrghhhh why???)
Packo is making the final speech which goes quite well. Everyone goes off to vote.
Outside Lassiters
Cody comes to find Rick and tells him she's thought about it and she has been a bit unfair to him. She wants to go away with him this weekend after all (her study group was cancelled). Rick says he can't now - he's too busy at work. He doesn't see why he should jump everytime Cody decides she can squeeze him in.
The results of the vote are in and the teacher announces the result - Vice Captain goes to Packo and Kieran get the Captain.
DANNI: What have they got that I haven't got?
BRETT: Policies.
MAL: Babes.
BILLY: Ideas.
STONIE: Style.
BRETT: Guts.
BILLY: Personality.
MALCOLM: Intellect.
Danni stomps off and the guys laugh.
Libby wants to put a lock on her door, but Susan doesn't want any locks in the house. Billy comes in and says he didn't spread any gossip - it was Malcolm.
Cody is ranting about Rick to Phil. She says Rick is very childish.
The phone rings and it's Leck calling for Cody. He invites her out to dinner. She isn't sure, but when Leck asks her if Rick owns her, she agrees. She tells Phil not to tell Rick.
Malcolm comes in to find Libby and Billy reading a love letter that Malcolm wrote to a Mrs Nesbitt about five years ago. Malcolm protests it's private but Susan says that it's payback. Susan says since Malcolm told the whole school about Libby's book, they've done the same to him - they've photocopied the letter and left a pile of them at the school! Malcolm runs off to retrieve them. When Malcolm has gone, Libby says that Susan should have really let her photocopy the letter(!)
Lou and Cheryl's
Lou comes in having checked his facts about the freeway - apparently they're going to rip Erinsborough apart. Lou says the only way is to get on the council - he's going to run for office.
LOU: I'm going to fight the mongrels from the inside.
CHERYL: Oh dear.
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