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Neighbours Episode 2312 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2312
Australian airdate: 31/01/95
UK airdate: 25/09/95
UK Gold: 11/09/01
Writer: Helen MacWhirter
Director: Helen Gaynor
Guests: Stonefish: Anthony Engleman
Lech Koca: Robert Forza
Francine: Cerrian Clements
- "Love Never Runs On Time" by Paul Kelly
- "Worlds Away" by Ian Moss
- "Aint That The Truth?" by Paul Norton
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Phil tells Cody that he's going to cool it with Molly - Hannah has to come first.
Stonie tells Brett that he's going to run a campaign for Brett to become school captain.
Cody tells Karl that she wasn't allowed to try out for the University cricket team - because she's a girl.
Outside Lassiters
Cody says she's not trying to make a feminist statement - she just wants to play cricket. Karl suggests that she tries the Equal Opportunity Board, but Cody doesn't want to make trouble in her first week.
Libby's Bedroom
Mal barges in looking for Libby's walkman. He just takes it, much to Libby's anger.
LIBBY: Don't think I won't be telling Mum and Dad about this at the next family meeting!
MAL:(mock-horror) Oh no no no Libby, not the family meeting, please!!
Number 30
Rick is planning a weekend away for him and Cody. He wants it to be really special.
Libby tells Susan about Mal barging into her room. Mal and Billy think Libby has got a diary. Susan snaps and says there's a new house rule - noone goes in Libby's room without being asked from now on - in fact that applies to all bedrooms.
Brett comes round and Libby invites him into her room!
Libby's bedroom
Brett tells Libby that he really doesn't want to run for school captain. He says he's a nobody in school, but Libby says he's got no competition really. Brett suddenly starts talking about a great opening for his speech!
Phil comes in and tells Hannah he's been to Molly's house to break it off with her. Helen despairs to hear this but doesn't say anything. Phil says he loves Hannah very much and Hannah hugs him.
Outside the pub
Rick tells Cody that he has a big surprise for her. He puts some brochures in her hand and tells her to pick anywhere she wants to go. She asks if she can choose later because she's rushing off to a meeting.
Lou and Cheryl's
Brett has written his speech and is practising it on Stonie. Stonie doesn't like it at all - he says Brett's delivery and body language is all wrong. Stonie gives him some tips about arm movements (they look ridiculous!)
Helen tells Hannah that Molly and Phil were only friends - like her and Billy or her and Miranda. Helen says that Molly won't be the last friend that Phil will ever make, but noone will ever be more important to him than Hannah. Helen says that loving someone means respecting their choices and what makes them happy.
Libby's bedroom
Billy sneaks into Libby's bedroom to look for her diary. But he hears Libby coming and hides under her bed.
Libby comes in and gets her diary out of a drawer. She sits down on the bed to write in it.
The Pub
Cody is ranting to her uni friends about the cricket team - they don't seem very supportive of them. Cody introduces Rick to them and they are quite hostile towards him. (Why is Cody friends with these people??)
Garden of the Martins
Hannah comes up to Phil and offers to help him do the gardening. He doesn't want any help though, he just wants to think on his own. She says that anything that makes him happy is OK with her.
Lou and Cheryl's
Brett is practising his speech again and Stonie thinks it's boring - Brett has more chance of being voted King of the Nerds. He advises Brett to magnify himself and he'll have to go into training to make himself look more physically powerful.
The Pub
A friend of Cody's is banging on about the conscious mind versus the unconscious mind, and not in a good way. (YAWN) Rick goes off to the bar.
At the bar, Ren asks Rick if they've picked a holiday destination yet, but he say Cody is engrossed with her boring Uni friends. Ren asks if he's jealous but Rick says there's actually nothing to be jealous of. Ren says she'd like to judge for herself.
Lou and Cheryl's
Brett is doing press-ups and reciting his speech at the same time(!) He eventually collapses, knackered!
Libby's bedroom
Libby is sitting quietly writing in her diary and Billy is still hidden under the bed. Susan knocks the door and asks Libby if she'll help her get the washing in - a monster storm is brewing. Libby puts her diary under the mattress.
When Libby has gone, Billy comes out from under the bed and gets the diary. He sits and reads it in fascination. Then he puts it under his shirt and creeps out of the room.
Number 30
Ren says that Mark was right - the guy really was boring and narcissistic and doesn't know what Cody sees in him! Rick says even his name is annoying - Leck - it sounds like the noise a chook makes!
Hannah has made Phil a hot chocolate and asks if he wants to play cards. He says he doesn't and she goes off to the kitchen sadly. Helen tells Phil to recognise a peace offering when he sees one. Phil looks surprised (he is being a bit dense) Helen tells him that Hannah really is sorry. Phil goes off to the kitchen to talk to Hannah.
In the kitchen, Phil tells Hannah that she makes the best hot chocolate in the world, and even though he wasn't in the mood for cards, he can feel a game of battleships coming on! Hannah is delighted and runs off to get a pen and paper.
Susan is serving up dinner. Libby and Mal start taunting Billy about his violin teacher again. Susan and Karl tell them off for bickering. Billy finally has enough and gets Libby's diary out. He start reading from it. It sounds like a bad romance novel. Karl and Susan are shocked.
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