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Neighbours Episode 2253 from 1994 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2253
Australian airdate: 05/10/94
UK airdate: 04/07/95
UK Gold: 20/06/01
Writer: Chris Phillips
Director: Grant Brown
Guests: Michael Martin: Troy Beckwith
Colin Taylor: Frank Bren
Rupert Sprod: Tobi Webster
Vera Bertram: Mary-Rose Casey
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Michael and Danni are awkward around each other.
- Danni and Brett are cast to play a couple in the school play.
- Hannah tells Helen that she (Hannah) and Phil need to stick together.
- Susan and Mal tease Libby about Brett's crush on her.
- Rick tells Cody that Rosemary is sending him on a course in Montana - USA!
Front of No.22
Cody is quite shocked. Rick is excited by the opportunity, telling Cody that he needs to spread his wings beyond Lassiter's. Cody is upset, but Rick assures her he'll be back before her exams start, and anyway, it'll be one less distraction!
Vikram rings and gives Helen a message that he'll need some his shifts covered for a religious celebration. Phil says Colin will be able to fill in.
HELEN: Philip...I'm worried about you and Hannah.
PHIL: There's no need.
HELEN: She's only eleven.
PHIL: Yes?
HELEN: And she's been through such a lot.
PHIL: What's your point, Helen?
HELEN: I don't want to leave her, or you for that matter.
PHIL: You don't think we'll be able to cope.
HELEN: Of course you will.
PHIL: No, you don't think we will.
HELEN: No, I don't. Oh, please change your mind and come to New York with us!
PHIL: Helen, please.
HELEN: I know you'll look after her, but...
PHIL: She'll be fine.
Helen doesn't look convinced.
Sam is doing the plastering. Brett pops round to see Liby and invites her over to his place to rehearse for the play. She tells him she can't as she and Mal are off to check out "Erinsborough by Night".
When they've gone, Sam laughs at Brett's crush. He suggests asking Ren for a love potion!
Ren tells Brett that pheremones are very powerful and she might be able to make him a potion, as long as it's ethical. Sam says it's just to get Libby to take a second look at "the poor bloke" (Brett!) Ren agrees.
SAM: Look out, Libby!
BRETT: Yeah, look out!
Danni is making jewellery. Michael pops round to see Danni and Cheryl and Lou make themselves scarce. He apologises for hurting Danni and tells her that he still likes her as a friend. She is not impressed and shows him out.
Ren pops round to see Sam. She's been trying to get hold of Dave to help with Brett's love potion, but can't get hold of him. She needs a sample of some male pheremones and backs Sam into a corner to take a sample from his armpit(!)
Ramsay Street, the following morning
Cody tells Rick that she's come to terms with him going away for a while. They hug.
Ren gives Brett his Love Potion, titled "P". He thinks it smells awful but Ren assures him it'll have Libby falling at his feet! He gingerly puts some on his neck.
BRETT: Wish me luck!
Lou is looking at an aquarium which has been provided to the newsagency by Cold Water Fish Magazine. Colin has been rearranging the layout of the shop, and has also come up with a "new staff uniform" (a straw hat and bow tie)
School - Classroom
Brett sits down with Danni. She protests and tells him he stinks. Even the teacher notices the smell and asks Danni to open the windows(!)
Today they are debating Ownership of Guns. In a very special Neighbours, Mal, Brett and Danni discuss the main arguments for and against guns.
Colin offers to help Lou out with fundraising at the pub, but he hastily refuses! Cheryl comes along and says they'd be glad to have Colin on board!
Outside School
Rick has come to take Cody to lunch before he goes to the USA. They kiss.
After class, Rupert and Mal are still talking about guns. Mal mentions that he has a gun at home, and invites Danni and Rupert to come and see it over lunchtime!
Libby tells Brett that he smells kind of disgusting today, and advises him to have a shower!
Ramsay Street
Michael and Phil are saying goodbye. Phil looks gutted and goes back into the house. Michael tells Helen he feels like he's abandoning Phil.
Danni goes over to Michael and apologises for throwing him out last night. They agree to be friends and then hug goodbye.
Colin is speaking on a megaphone, calling people into the shop to win a night out with John Hinde. The competition is to count the number of worms in the jar!
Mal is showing Danni and Rupert the gun. Mal says you have to be responsible with a gun, but does let Rupert hold it.
Lou wonders where his orbital sander is, and thinks he lent it to Doug. He decides to go over to No.28 to see if it's still there.
As he's leaving, Brett comes in.
LOU: Brett, have you stepped in something, mate?! Pwoorh!
Brett tells Ren that the love potion was a disaster. Ren confesses that she used Sam's pheremones, from his sweat! Brett is disgusted and runs off to the shower!
Mal shows Rupert how to load bullets into the gun and how to work the safety catch. Just then, Lou comes up and surprises them, and the gun goes off! Lou staggers and falls to the ground.
<<2252 - 2254>>
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