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Neighbours Episode 2252 from 1994 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2252
Australian airdate: 04/10/94
UK airdate: 03/07/95
UK Gold: 19/06/01
Writer: Jenny Lewis
Director: Grant Brown
Guests: Butza: Emily Stanza
Squirrel: Brooke Howden
Ms Stoner: Donna Woodhouse
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Sam injures his leg.
- The Kennedys move in. Brett fancies Libby on sight.
- Michael tells Cody to read the exam papers.
Ramsay Street
Cody tells Rick that she's decided not to cheat on her exam. The Kennedy and Stark kids join them and they head off to school. Mal is standoffish, but Brett is already ingratiating himself with Libby. Libby and Danni snipe at each other.
Lou is wondering how to raise more money for the Variety Club bash. Just then Cheryl opens a letter - she owns the Waterhole! However, there's a catch - she needs to buy the name from Lassiter's, or come up with her own name! Ren has an idea.
Cody and Danni laugh at Brett having a crush. Stonie tells Cody that he knows she has the exam paper - he was the one that acquired them. She assures him that she didn't look at the papers and tells him off for stealing.
Some of the girls admire Mal but Danni warns them that Mal thinks he's God's gift. She does introduce them, but he's not very interested. The teacher arrives and the girls tell Brett quietly that they've organised a "welcome back" present for her. The teacher tells them that they need people to go into the school play as the lead roles. Danni whispers to Brett that she's going to audition.
Marlene has a list of telephone messages for Sam, and she moans at him about it. Then she gives him a mobile phone! Sam thinks it's too much, but Marlene says they were cheap, and she's got one for herself as well!
The teacher is welcoming Mal to the class. She opens a draw in her desk and sees something so horrible it makes her run out looking nauseous. It turns out that the girls have put a plate of squid in her drawer. Brett explains to Mal that the teacher is sensitive about fish and Mal tells the girls off, saying he'll dob them in.
Ren suggests a "double- pub" contest - customers pay a small amount to enter a competition to name the pub. The money goes to the Variety Club bash. Lou tells her she's a genius.
The girls are mocking Mal. Danni advises Mal not to dob on the girls, but he says he was just winding them up.
Elsewhere, Brett is trying to persuade Libby to audition for the school play. Billy is hanging round and Libby tells him to go off and make his own friends. He sits down on a bench looking lonely.
Outside the Coffee Shop
Stonie tells Rick that Cody might rat on him. He wants Rick to talk to her, or he'll "take Rick down with him".
Coffee Shop
Cheryl has introduced herself to Susan. Susan is thinking of some pub name ideas, but her best is "The Stark Saloon". Susan thinks they've been given a great welcome to the neighbourhood.
Sam comes in and Susan asks him to come around and do a bit of plastering this afternoon. Sam shows Cheryl his mobile phone and tells her he hates yuppie accessories. She tells him to move into the nineties!
Danni is auditioning for the play. Libby is nervous, and it's her turn next.
Susan pays Sam for the gutters, and he says he'll have the plastering finished by tonight. Sam's mobile phone rings and he reluctantly answers it - it's Marlene! Then she comes round in person, still on the phone! She gives Susan a welcoming present.
Libby's audition has gone well. The teacher tells her Libby will play Mrs Wade and Danni will play fanny. Danni is appalled, as Brett is playing the role of Fanny's love interest, and she can't kiss her own brother! The teacher just says they have to be prepared to make sacrifices for acting(!)
Outside School
Rick tells Cody that Stonie is worried she'll dob him in. She tells him she was just winding Stonie up. Rick worries that the pass rate mark will go up now that the papers have been leaked.
The girls are mocking Mal again, but he makes equally cutting remarks back.
Libby suggests that Brett and Mal swap parts. Danni starts ranting. The teacher comes along and says she was only joking - they'll adjust the script so that Danni doesn't have to kiss Brett. They still aren't happy though.
Cheryl has had loads of entries for the pub competition. Sam's mobile rings and he answers it - it's Marlene again. He rolls his eyes and then leaves, giving his mobile phone to Cheryl!
Mal is teasing Libby that Brett has a crush on her. Susan is pleased that they've got on OK at school. Mal thinks the other students are morons though(!) Billy is very quiet and tells Susan he hated every minute of school.
BILLY: I want to go back to my *old* school, and my *old* friends. This place sucks!
He walks off to his room.
No.24 (back)
Rick tells Cody he has rung Rosemary and she's offered to send him on a training scheme - but it's at her new resort in Montana, USA.
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