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Neighbours Episode 2152 from 1994 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2152
Australian airdate: 17/05/94
UK airdate: 13/02/95
UK Gold: 30/01/01
Writer: Michael O'Rourke
Director: Richard Jasek
Guests: Andrew MacKenzie: John Morris
Jesse O'Connor: James Ryan
- "Answering Machine Blues" by Ian Moss
- "Catch Your Shadow" by Jimmy Barnes
Summary/Images by: Clare
Previously on Neighbours
- Phil tells Julie she is doing much better than him so he should quit and let her find a new partner
- Debbie tells Helen she's interested in someone new but doesn't know much about him
- Jesse kisses Hannah goodbye and tells her she's the best ever girlfriend
- Rick gets angry with Andrew and tells him he doesn't care if this man reports him
Someone is frantically knocking at the back door. Hannah goes to see who it is and finds Jesse there. Hannah brings Jesse into the kitchen and they crouch down behind the kitchen cupboards. Jesse's Dad has gone to his new girlfriend's house so Jesse came to see Hannah. They spend a lot of time getting ready for the ballroom dancing competition. Jesse tells Hannah that they're secretive about this they can still spend time together. Otherwise Jesse's Dad will make him stay in his room until they go. They agree to keep quiet about this.
Phil tells Debbie that he's found out the festival outfits will be ready by the next day. Phil explains that he had opted out though he was looking forward to the competition. Phil doesn't think he is as good as Julie and holding her back in the competition. He has found another partner and is wondering if he can get a refund. Debbie suggests he finds another partner.
PHIL: Who would want to dance with an old log like me?
DEBBIE: I think there's a lot of lonely old ladies out there that would jump at the chance.
Phil can't see them! Debbie thinks there is someone who comes here who likes him and is always eyeing him up! Phil doesn't want to give her the wrong idea as it could end badly. Debbie suggests she is his partner instead and likes the idea. She is ok about being embarrassed and points out that she can have a chance to wear the dress from Rosemary. Also she can get practice in for the Deb Ball. Phil realises she means it and agrees to it.
Andrew asks Rick what happened before, Rick ignores him. Andrew was trying to keep him out of trouble with his boss. Rick apologises for snapping and tells Andrew he isn't to blame. Rick admits that Sally ended things with him but doesn't name her. Andrew can relate but advises Rick he can't continue to do this. Rick distractedly agrees and admits he wanted to marry Sally. Andrew asks if Rick would have changed the time he had with Sally if he could, Rick wouldn't have wanted to do that.
ANDREW: So hang onto the good times... You're a pretty lucky guy.
RICK: How do you figure that?
ANDREW: A lot of people go through their whole lives without feeling as deeply as you did.
Andrew knows that doesn't seem so great at the moment. Rick is amazed that Andrew is being so supportive and thanks him. Andrew shrugs it off, lets him go home early and make a fresh start the next day. They shake hands.
Debbie and Phil are practicing dancing for the competition. Phil is impressed and tells Debbie she is a natural dancer. Debbie thinks he's doing a great job as well. Phil notices that Cody has arrived and seen them. Cody offers to leave but Phil goes off into the back room.
Cody is trying to think of a way to help Rick. Debbie thinks Rick will get through this. Cody wants them to help cheer up Rick but hasn't thought of anything. Debbie points out that Rick won't be impressed with them trying to help. Cody just doesn't want to see him go through this. Debbie suggests they should give him a talking to, Cody thinks Rick wouldn't appreciate it! Cody suggests they go and see a new comedy. Debbie isn't so sure it will work but agrees to it. She goes to see if Phil will give her the time off. Cody wants Debbie to tell Phil instead of ask him!
Helen comes off the phone to Cheryl. Julie is lying down on the sofa and guesses that Cheryl was very apologetic. Helen explains that Cheryl has offered a refund on medical expense incurred and the luau. Julie thinks Cheryl needs to do this. There is a free meal at The Waterhole on offer.
JULIE: Even the thought of food makes me feel queasy.
Julie wants to be better for the competition. Helen admits to not being impressed that Julie dropped Phil as a dance partner. Julie points out that this competition means so much to her. Julie paid a lot for the dress. Julie doesn't want to let her heart rule her head! Helen reminds her how much Phil means to her. Julie points out that Phil decided to drop out so she didn't feel she could argue. Helen thought she should have refused. Julie is sure that Phil wanted to drop out.
Helen and Julie hear Hannah's laughter coming from the bedroom. Julie wants to know what's going on. Hannah claims that all is ok and claims she's by herself. Apparently her book is funny!
HELEN: Sounds the sort of book I should be reading.
JULIE: Wouldn't mind a copy myself.
Debbie and Cody are laughing about the comedy they have been to see. Rick agrees it was funny when prompted. Cody thinks he needs more enthusiasm. He isn't ready for that yet. Cody reminds him that Debbie went to the movie instead of practicing dancing with Phil and thinks Rick should be grateful. He is grateful, he apologises but it's not time for that yet. They don't like watch him go through this. He asks them to give him time to himself.
DEBBIE: He wants to be miserable let him be miserable.
She does tell them to come and find them if he needs them.
Rick is shovelling and going faster and faster.
(Commercial Break)
Cody still thinks that Rick needs his friends round him. She points out to Debbie that Rick isn't seeing his old school friends as he used to. Debbie suggests that they contact them to help Rick. Cody doesn't think it would work out so well if they turned it into a bit project. Debbie was thinking of being more subtle about it, have a murder party. Debbie knows she has other stuff going on and will get around to doing the research needed for the Deb Ball. Cody wants to know if Debbie has found out what they wore plus jewellery and other bits over 100 years ago as that seems to be the theme. Debbie plans to talk to Andrew. Mary Cocker is in charge of the Society but Debbie thinks that Andrew will be able to help them more! Debbie points out that she can ask Mary for help later on if she needs to.
CODY: I don't know what you see in that guy apart from the obvious physical thing.
DEBBIE: He's also kind and intelligent.
Debbie knows from Rick that he and Andrew are at Kia- Ora today so Debbie plans to go there. Cody suggests that Debbie invites Andrew to the Deb Ball. Debbie is interested in the idea and wonders what Cody thinks about asking the guys instead of being asked. Cody is happy with the idea.
Jesse and Hannah have been playing in the front room. Hannah sees Phil coming towards the house and advises Jesse to hide down the side of the sofa.
Phil comes in and shows Hannah the dress Julie will be wearing for the competition, Hannah vaguely admires it. Phil thinks it's more special than that. Julie and Helen come out of the bedrooms and are feeling better. Julie is thrilled when she sees the dress, Helen agrees it is beautifully made.
JULIE: I hope the judges agree. Presentation is so important.
Julie asks Phil what he plans to do with the suit he has picked up. He tells them that Debbie has agreed to partner him. Julie doesn't take him seriously at first but he tells Julie they're progressing well.
JULIE: You'll have fun both of you.
PHIL: Might even give you a bit of competition.
JULIE: Now what I meant -
PHIL: I know what you meant.
Phil and Helen head out. Julie is going to try the dress on, Hannah tries to get her to change in the bedroom instead by suggesting other people might suddenly come in! Julie is touched Hannah cares about her virtue.
Jesse suggests heading off but Hannah wants to wait until everyone is out of the way.
Debbie arrives and feigns surprise to see Andrew! Apparently she's here to see Rick. Debbie invites Andrew to the Deb Ball, Andrew is taken aback. Debbie explains that the tradition has been reversed and the girls are asking the guys. Andrew is touched but he's not keen on formal dances. Debbie tells him she feels the same way but it would be different if he was her partner. Andrew suggests that Rick is her partner instead. Rick is still shovelling faster, Andrew is glad Rick is attacking the soil rather than him! They agree that Rick is going through a tough time. They compare notes and realise neither has had success so far.
Debbie suggests to Rick that they go and get a coffee, Rick declines as he can't spare the time. Debbie heads off but looks back at him.
Hannah decides that Jesse can head off but Julie is coming back from the bedroom. Julie twirls around in her dress. Hannah thinks she is beautiful. Julie keeps checking but Hannah does like it. Jesse gapes as he looks over the side of the sofa. Julie thinks it will help her win the competition. Hannah agrees she will definitely win.
Hannah and Jesse decide it is safe now. Jesse doesn't think Julie will be impressed, Hannah thinks he's talking about them being in contact. Jesse admits that his Dad's girlfriend Gaylene has the same dress.
It definitely is the same dress. Hannah points out that Julie has set her heart on winning the competition. If Julie knew she wouldn't wear the same dress as Gaylene. Jesse doesn't think Hannah should tell Julie but Hannah doesn't think she has another option. Jesse points out that Julie will realise Hannah has seen Jesse. Jesse suggests that Julie wears another dress but Hannah isn't impressed. Jesse needs to head off. Jesse will ring her twice, hang up and call again if he has any ideas. Hannah needs to be first to the phone. Jesse will hang up if her parents answer, Hannah agrees.
Cody tells Rick that she has communicated with Gaby who has communicated with Sally. Sally and John wouldn't have realised their feelings for each other without Rick. Rick isn't exactly cheered about this news! Cody wants it to help him see things more clearly.
CODY: Maybe Sally did lead you on a little bit but she tried to tell you it was different for her.
Cody understands, Drew gave off signals he was less committed than her to their relationship which she ignored. She had to face up to the hard truth, Rick thinks she's doing the same to her. Cody doesn't agree, she points out he isn't finding out anything new. Rick agrees and offers her a drink, Cody agrees.
Debbie and Phil are practicing, Helen thinks they are doing well, Julie quietly agrees. Helen suggests that Debbie enjoys it rather than just concentrate on her feet. Debbie swoops Phil back unexpectedly. Hannah goes to pour a drink and Julie gets her dress out of the way just in time! Hannah apologises. Helen and Debbie both admire the dress.
PHIL: If you don't win there will have to be an enquiry.
Hannah brings a pair of scissors over to the dress, Debbie notices what she's about to do. Hannah claims she wants a hair trim. Julie takes the dress off. The phone rings twice. Phil and Debbie get ready to dance and bump heads. Hannah answers the phone in the kitchen. She asks Jesse what ideas he has had.
Cody and Rick are sitting at the table with a lit candle in the middle of it. Rick admits to getting in over his head in a short space of time. It meant a lot to him and he thought Sally felt the same way. They agree it's not always a two way thing. He wishes things had ended differently. He thinks they could have been friends if he hadn't been going at such a fast speed.
CODY: Sometimes the only way is a clean break.
Rick is trying to get used to not having Sally in his life. He thinks she's calling him when the phone rings or is turning up at work.
CODY: It will take time.
Cody got rid of all her photos and everything else when her marriage ended to Drew. She burnt them all. Rick thinks that was a surprising way to do this. Cody tells him that was the way she needed to handle it. Rick doesn't that's the right way for him to get through this. He takes out his photo of him and Sally and looks at it. He contemplates burning the photo, Cody thinks it would work given time. She encourages him just to do it rather than think about it. Rick burns the photo as Cody comforts him.
Hannah brings the dress into the laundry room. She puts it into the tumble dryer and sets the machine off. Julie hears her and calls out to her. Julie thinks she's having a snack and wonders what's going on. Hannah tries to get her away from the laundry room. Julie wants to know what's going on and thinks Hannah might have wet her bed. Julie looks into the tumble dryer and screams in horror when she sees the dress.
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Hannah Martin, Jesse O
Hannah Martin, Jesse O'Connor

Philip Martin, Debbie Martin in Neighbours Episode 2152
Philip Martin, Debbie Martin

Andrew MacKenzie, Rick Alessi in Neighbours Episode 2152
Andrew MacKenzie, Rick Alessi

Cody Willis, Debbie Martin in Neighbours Episode 2152
Cody Willis, Debbie Martin

Helen Daniels, Julie Martin in Neighbours Episode 2152
Helen Daniels, Julie Martin

Rick Alessi, Debbie Martin, Cody Willis in Neighbours Episode 2152
Rick Alessi, Debbie Martin, Cody Willis

Debbie Martin, Andrew MacKenzie in Neighbours Episode 2152
Debbie Martin, Andrew MacKenzie

Julie Martin in Neighbours Episode 2152
Julie Martin

Helen Daniels, Philip Martin, Debbie Martin, Julie Martin in Neighbours Episode 2152
Helen Daniels, Philip Martin, Debbie Martin, Julie Martin

Cody Willis, Rick Alessi in Neighbours Episode 2152
Cody Willis, Rick Alessi

Sally Pritchard, Rick Alessi in Neighbours Episode 2152
Sally Pritchard, Rick Alessi

Hannah Martin in Neighbours Episode 2152
Hannah Martin

Julie Martin, Hannah Martin in Neighbours Episode 2152
Julie Martin, Hannah Martin

Hannah Martin, Julie Martin in Neighbours Episode 2152
Hannah Martin, Julie Martin

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