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Neighbours Episode 2132 from 1994 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2132
Australian airdate: 19/04/94
UK airdate: 16/01/95
UK Gold: 01/01/00
Writer: Ray Kolle
Director: Richard Jasek
Guests: "Sally Pritchard: Brenda Webb
- "Green Limousine" by The Badloves
- "Darling It Hurts" by Paul Kelly
- "Money" by Ian Moss
- "Answering Machine Blues" by Ian Moss
- "Shes A Star" by Ian Moss
Summary/Images by: Clare
- Gaby and Cheryl agree that they're being discriminated against in business whilst pregnant
- They suggest one of the applicants is pregnant, an applicant overhears them!
- As they look after a baby Pam reassures Gaby she'll be there to guide her when the baby is born
- Cheryl is turning down Lou's proposal
- Sally gets flirty, Rick leans in for a kiss
They continue to kiss. Sally pulls away and Rick wants to know what's happening. She doesn't think it's a good idea. She reminds him of the age gap which he thinks is silly. Her head is in a muddle over this and heads off. He tells her he's felt this way for a while now.
RICK: I love you. I know you feel something for me too.
Pam notes that Debbie and Cody aren't looking very happy. Cody explains they've been to the District Heritage Office. They have got a joint English assignment but didn't have any luck at the District Heritage Office. They planned to do local history but everyone else already had the idea! Other students are doing aspects of local history. The only thing left seems to be Municipal Sewage Canals which isn't very appealing! Pam suggests they manage the research without going to a canal. Cody thinks they would have to do it thoroughly.
Lou surprises Cheryl with some flowers.
CHERYL: You're a tryer, I'll give you that.
LOU: When I set my mind to something I don't give up. That's what makes me a terrific salesman.
Cheryl is determined not to be swayed. Lou wants an explanation as she was chasing him when he wasn't interested in marriage. For her first marriage, she was very young, everyone was doubtful about the marriage. Everything went well. Lou points out that would convince her she should marry again. Cheryl isn't sure the second marriage would live up to the first marriage. Lou thinks things will work out, Cheryl is still turning him down.
LOU: Us salesman do not accept no. You'll come around.
Brett arrives home and appreciates the smell of dinner. Brett brings up the subject of driving lessons. As a car salesman he thinks he will need to be able to drive. Cheryl points out that the customers want to do the test drive. Cheryl is happy for him to learn but wants him to fund them himself. Brett doesn't have the money. Brett suggests that Lou teaches him. Cheryl thinks she should teach him herself. Brett thinks the lessons will end in arguments but Cheryl isn't convinced. Cheryl intends to borrow Lou's car.
Lassiter's Office
It is now the next morning. Gaby agrees to look over a couple of contracts. Cheryl is organising the Talent Contest. Cheryl suggests they team up as a pregnant double act!
GABY: Tweedledee and Tweedledum?
CHERYL: We could do impersonations of our antenatal teacher.
GABY: That would bring the house down.
Cheryl suggests they practice. They start breathing exercises and fall about laughing.
Due to people won't be keen to buy the house, Doug wants to have a day off ill. He could work on renovations instead. Pam points out that the job might not be his if he takes time off. She wants him to stick in there. Cody tells Doug about the project and the Sewage Canal suggestion.
CODY: It stinks.
Doug suggests the house he's working on as an option. It's the only (inaudible) property that is left in this area. Cody likes the idea. Doug thinks there is quite a bit of useful information still left in the attic. Cody is going to talk to Debbie and definitely prefers this idea!
CODY: We can give the Municipal Sewage Canals the flush!
Road Somewhere
Cheryl is giving Brett a driving lesson. Cheryl advises he tries to steer more smoothly, he points out he is driving Lou's car! Cheryl carries on advising and screams as Brett screeches to a halt in front of a parked car. They realise the people in this car aren't moving.
BRETT: You don't think we frightened them to death?!
The people start moving their faces so all is ok. Cheryl is going to drive instead of Brett so they both get out. They realise the other has locked the car door so they're both locked out of the car and the keys are still inside!
Lassiter's Office
Pam arrives and presents Gaby with some cloth nappies. Gaby isn't overly delighted as she planned to use disposable nappies, these aren't. Pam points out that disposable ones aren't environmentally friendly. Gaby thinks they are when so much soap and other effort go into cloth nappies. Gaby hasn't got that far anyway. Pam thinks she should reorder her priorities.
GABY: Please don't tell me what to do. It's my baby and I'm a responsible person.
Gaby doesn't appreciate Pam's interference. Pam is miffed and had Gaby's best interests at heart. Gaby apologises for snapping. Pam points out that she has experience of four children. Gaby doesn't need her to be hands on, Pam wants Gaby to be ready and prepared. Gaby has been attending classes. Pam wants her to learn about caring for her baby as well as the birth.
PAM: Your whole life will change.
GABY: I don't see how it should. I'm not going to build my life around this baby.
Pam isn't convinced!
Cheryl is lying down fanning herself on the sofa. She's trying to lower her blood pressure! The other keys were in her handbag which was also in her car which makes Lou laugh. Cheryl can't see the funny side but Lou can't help laughing!
LOU: I'd loved to have been there when the copper caught you breaking into your own car.
The copper managed to get in very quickly. Cheryl is refusing to let Brett drive her in the future! She can't cope with this stress whilst she is pregnant as she doesn't want to risk losing the baby! Lou thinks next time will be better but Cheryl still refuses to repeat the experience! Cheryl suggests that Lou teaches Brett instead, Lou is happy to do this and thinks it will go well. Cheryl is more sceptical!
(Commercial Break)
Outside a House
Debbie and Cody are looking around outside. Cody spots some solar panels. Debbie is unsure about the object on the roof, Cody explains it is a wind powered generator. Cody has been reading about other sources of energy. They find another source of energy, a storage battery tank. Cody wants to find out about past residents who set this all up.
DEBBIE: Maybe it belonged to a mad scientist or something. (They head inside.)
The Waterhole
Cheryl and Gaby are working out where everything will go. Cheryl wants to leave room for the band to play.
Rick arrives and wishes to speak to Gaby by herself, Cheryl seems miffed! Rick is trying to contact Sally as they had arranged to meet but can't get hold of her. The answer machine is switched on. Rick is getting the idea that Sally is trying to stay out of his way after what happened. Gaby wants to know what's going on. Rick let his feelings be known and thinks Sally returns his feelings. He explains that Sally went home. Gaby isn't keen to help but eventually agrees to pass on the message he's trying to contact Sally. She will leave the rest up to Sally. Gaby wants to know if Rick is genuine as she doesn't think it is fair on Sally otherwise. Rick tells her it's genuine. Gaby knows he's taking on a lot. He realises this and doesn't know how he'll manage if he and Sally can't work things out.
Ramsay Street
Lou is now giving Brett advice during his driving lesson. Lou advises Brett to be gentle with the wheel, Brett blames it on the car! Lou thinks he shouldn't blame it on the car, Brett now doubts himself as a driver. Lou points out he's still learning to drive. Lou warns him to be careful as Brett tries reversing and they hear something be knocked over. They get out and realise Doug is on the floor. He seems to be ok as the car wasn't going very fast. Brett apologises, Lou admits it's the second lesson not the first.
DOUG: I think you need a new teacher. This one's not doing you much good.
LOU: The boy's got no co- ordination.
Brett is hurt, Lou reassures him he needs to keep practicing. Doug would prefer if they kept out of his way!
Lassiter's Office
Sally arrives and has already received Gaby's message. As Rick keeps ringing her she needed to escape the flat! Sally is intentionally avoiding Rick. Gaby tells her how keen Rick is to meet up with Sally. Sally is unsure what to do next.
GABY: He's right. You are falling for him.
SALLY: Not by choice... He's so young.
Sally admits it would be better if they were older as the age gap wouldn't be so much of an issue. Gaby wonders if Sally is worried about other people's opinions. Sally used to think of him as a student and is trying to get her head around Rick being her partner. She feels bad about it all.
SALLY: I feel I might be taking advantage.
Gaby thinks she should work things out. Sally worries she will make Rick feel worse. Gaby points out it's not helping Rick that he can't contact Sally. Sally suggests that Rick will be able to move on if she stops contact.
Inside the House
Debbie is amazed how old the stuff is here and thinks it should be in a museum! They look inside a trunk and find some landscaping maps for the garden. Debbie thinks the owners wouldn't have been so impressed by the now overgrown garden! Debbie finds an account book listing the staff's wages back to the beginning of the 1900s! Cody wants to inform the National Trust of what they've found. She thinks they've stumbled across a real find and will be famous! They banter over whose name will go first when they're famous!
Rick is pleased to see Sally and invites her in. Sally declines his offer of a drink and wants to talk. She admits to having got his messages.
RICK: Why did you come? To say goodbye?
Sally had planned to do this but now is still considering her options. Rick wants to know what happens next. Sally wants to just see how things go. They hold hands.
Doug arrives and tells Lou that he and Pam are invited to dinner, Cheryl is already there. Doug isn't find it so easy to sit down, Lou apologises again.
DOUG: I'm just grateful you didn't go over the top of me.
Lou is feeling bad and doesn't want to stomach any more lessons. Doug thinks teaching family is a bad idea, even if they're not technically related. Doug is glad Cody learnt whilst she was in America! Lou thinks Brett is not very good. Doug has great news to share!
Cheryl tells Pam that Brett's lesson with Lou wasn't an improvement on the lesson with her. Pam tells her what happened with Doug which Cheryl hadn't heard about. They laugh about Doug's arse being bruised!
CHERYL: You're the only one who will see it.
Pam admits to feeling out of things and feeling jealous of the time Cheryl and Gaby are spending together. Cheryl doesn't intend to shut Pam out. They agree they're still best friends and toast one another. Cheryl points out that they share a common bond by both being pregnant. Cheryl didn't think Pam would want to hear all the baby talk. Pam likes all the baby talk, she reminds her they are her friend and daughter. Cheryl agrees not to leave her out in future. Pam thinks the support to Gaby will be a great help. Pam thinks that Gaby isn't aware how much the baby will impact on Gaby's life. Pam and Cheryl realise things will change after the baby is born!
Rick is trying to learn Japanese, Sally tells him he's not paying attention to the pronunciation. Rick is being distracted by Sally! He can't get over how fortunate he is, he feels like he's in a dream! They mess around and then kiss. Rick suggests they head out and be seen in public, Sally isn't so sure, she needs to get used to their relationship first. She will get used to it in time. She doesn't want to rush things. He understands.
RICK: I love you. (They hug.)
Cody shows Pam and Cheryl that they've found diaries dating 20 years! Debbie tells them the place is named Kia Ora and was one of the wealthiest properties. They were pioneers by using other sources of energy. Cody plans to inform the authorities. Pam worries it will interfere with Doug's plans, the place is keeping Doug sane at the moment! Cody doesn't think it will affect Doug's plans. Pam suggests Cody checks with Doug before going to the authorities. Cody agrees and doesn't want these things go to waste.
Doug and Lou arrive ready for dinner. Doug tells them that a local developer has made an offer. Doug is pleased with the offer the developer has made. The developer is just concerned about the land, not the property.
CODY: What's going to happen to the house?
DOUG: He's going to knock it down. Build a multi- function display village.
CODY: We can't let that happen!
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Sally Pritchard, Rick Alessi in Neighbours Episode 2132
Sally Pritchard, Rick Alessi

Debbie Martin, Cody Willis in Neighbours Episode 2132
Debbie Martin, Cody Willis

Lou Carpenter, Cheryl Stark in Neighbours Episode 2132
Lou Carpenter, Cheryl Stark

Gaby Willis, Cheryl Stark in Neighbours Episode 2132
Gaby Willis, Cheryl Stark

Doug Willis, Cody Willis, Pam Willis in Neighbours Episode 2132
Doug Willis, Cody Willis, Pam Willis

 in Neighbours Episode 2132

Cheryl Stark, Brett Stark in Neighbours Episode 2132
Cheryl Stark, Brett Stark

Gaby Willis, Pam Willis in Neighbours Episode 2132
Gaby Willis, Pam Willis

Debbie Martin, Cody Willis in Neighbours Episode 2132
Debbie Martin, Cody Willis

Rick Alessi, Gaby Willis in Neighbours Episode 2132
Rick Alessi, Gaby Willis

Gaby Willis, Sally Pritchard in Neighbours Episode 2132
Gaby Willis, Sally Pritchard

Lou Carpenter, Doug Willis, Brett Stark in Neighbours Episode 2132
Lou Carpenter, Doug Willis, Brett Stark

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