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Neighbours Episode 2131 from 1994 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2131
Australian airdate: 18/04/94
UK airdate: 13/01/95
UK Gold: 29/12/00
Writer: Jason Daniel
Director: Geoff Bennett
Guests: Sally Pritchard: Brenda Webb
Len Mangel: John Lee
Katerina Torelli: Josephine Mitchell
Lenny: Jamie Churchill
Rupert Sprod: Tobi Webster
Brent Davis: Todd Pilkington
Gina: Victoria Milne
- "Little Darling" by Jimmy Barnes
- "Hold On" by The Models
- "Beauty And Danger" by The Killjoys
- "Bulldozer" by Nick Barker And The Reptiles
- "World Turning" by Yothu Yindi
- "I Remember" by The Badloves
- "Liar" by Horsehead
Summary/Images by: Clare
- Mark is bemused by Annalise's outfit, she tells him she's a poet
- Helen tells Philip since Len has been interested Philip has been sticking his nose in
- Helen plans to go on holiday with Len, just the two of them
- Julie and Phil attend a ballroom dance class
- Rick tells Sally from today he's leaving school
Julie is guiding Phil through the steps as the music plays. Helen arrives home and they welcome her back. She compliments them on their dancing. Phil thinks Julie is the great dancer, Julie assures him he's doing a great job. Helen thinks she's put them off by coming home but Phil isn't so convinced! She had a lovely time away and feels bad for not managing to send postcards. She bought the postcards but that was as far as she got.
PHIL: That good a trip hey?
JULIE: That was the main attraction was it?
Helen says there is beautiful scenery out there which a lot of them haven't seen. Phil agrees to bring Helen's luggage in. Helen heads to her room.
Phil and Julie note that Len hasn't been mentioned, Helen seems to still be happy. Julie didn't spot a ring, Phil points out if there was a ring Helen would have made an announcement. Julie isn't so sure.
Rick lets Sally in, he tells her she's always welcome. She wants him to reconsider leaving school.
SALLY: I don't want to be responsible for you ruining your life.
Rick insists that's not the case but Sally isn't so sure. He claims to just say what is needed to cheer her up! He's found a career opportunity and has never really been academic. Sally points out that the job could be available after he leaves school. Rick isn't so convinced and tells her he would have chosen the job even if she wasn't in his life. Rick offers her a drink but she needs to head off to clear her head. He asks her not to stay in touch.
Helen tells Debbie, Phil and Julie that Len has impressed her more and more as they spent time together. Len has met many well- known artists which surprised Helen. He has many stories to tell about these artists! He'd painted in many places and had theories about artists. Helen was introduced to another artist and they had lunch together. Debbie admires his paintings but Julie isn't so impressed!
HELEN: I think it was the best holiday I've ever had.
Julie gently asks if any romance happened, Helen hints there was. She tells them that Len will be around a lot more. Len has come up with a business venture for a busload of people going on an artists' tour. Helen plans to join him in this business venture. Phil and Debbie don't look quite as enthusiastic!
Annalise is sifting through the post. She submitted some poems to a literary journal, she hasn't heard from them. Rick isn't in a great mood as he has to return to school the next day. The Australian Paralympic Federation has been in touch with Mark. They thank him for his fundraising, he's congratulated on winning part of the quest. The letter is signed by Katerina Torelli. Rick is off to bed as he is clocking up some of his community services the next day. Annalise laughs when he tells them that he has to clean up the school grounds. He cheers up when he realises Sally will be there! Mark muses over Katerina's name on his letter.
Len and Helen are looking through their holiday snaps. Len tells her he enjoyed their time away, Helen would be back there the next day if she could.
LEN: Do you know what I miss the most?... Just being with you all the time.
HELEN: I enjoyed your company too.
LEN: I want to be with you for as long and as often as I can.
He tells her that he is genuine about this. Len plans to move closer to Helen. She advises him it isn't the best thing to do but he really wants to do this. Helen tells him to leave it to her as she will sort it out.
Road Somewhere
Mark is driving Rick to somewhere. Rick is looking forward to doing his community service outside as he has never been a fan of school. They stop at traffic lights and the woman in the next car smiles at them. Rick thinks she's smiling at him, Mark thinks he's the one she's looking at! The woman waves at them and indicates to Mark. They try to work out what's going on. Rick wonders what Annalise would say, Mark claims his innocence!
Julie isn't very enthusiastic as she looks through the holiday snaps. Helen proudly tells Julie that Len took most of the photos, Julie notes that Len has put his arm around Helen in them. Helen is happy about the artist's tool and getting it going as Phil joins them.
JULIE: Where's the money going to come from to set up this business?
HELEN: That something I would like to discuss with you both.
She knows there are a lot of costs involved and cut costs elsewhere. Phil wants to know what Len is cutting back on.
HELEN: His privacy. I've decided to ask him to come and live with us.
Helen realises they have reservations but thinks things will improve as they have a chance to spend more time with him. Julie agrees she's the one who owns the house. Phil gently tells Helen it's been sprung upon them, she realises they're not overly happy. They worry about how fast things are moving. Phil thinks they should take things more slowly. Helen doesn't think it's necessary as Len is smart, makes her happy and has a sense of humour. Julie points out that they will be sharing amenities. Julie is determined to always take her toothbrush back to the bedroom.
PHIL: We're worried that Len seems to be taking over your life.
HELEN: When one gets a little older the amount of time allowed for reflecting before acting gets a lot shorter.
Helen plans to invite Len to move in as soon as possible whether they like it or not!
(Commercial Break)
Coffee Shop
Rick explains to Debbie he is doing his community service. Debbie doesn't think it's a good idea for him to quit when they've nearly finished school. He thinks that it's ok for those who want to further their education afterwards but he wants to get a job. Debbie thinks he will realise too late he's made a mistake. Rick tells her he can go to night classes. He wants to work in the hospitality sector and is happy with the hotel traineeship. She is concerned but he insists he will be ok.
Erinsborough High
As Rick picks up litter from the steps Rupert and his friends make digs at him. Rick tells them to get lost as Gina throws a can over the side of the steps. Rupert calls him a loser and Rick shoves him. Lenny appears and tells them to go away. Rupert isn't impressed so Lenny one is more insistent. The others disappear.
Rick wants to know how this guy got on in hospital. He's been laid up for a couple of months but got through it.
LENNY: Briggs is dead. You did the right thing in court mate. Took guts.
Coffee Shop
Annalise welcomes Helen back by giving her a hug. Helen notes Annalise has changed her look, she explains one of her poems has been published. Helen is pleased. Annalise has decided to dress like a poet.
ANNALISE: I think the clothes are a true expression of my feelings.
Helen tries to look convinced! Annalise admits a bonus is she likes the outfit. Helen tells her she had a lovely time away and hopes to return in the near future. Helen explains about their business idea. Annalise thinks the might be said about her when people visit the coffee shop in the future! Annalise is surprised how quickly Len is moving in, Helen tells her she came up with the idea.
Julie doesn't see how this can work, Phil suggests they find somewhere else to live. Julie doesn't think they should do that and it would cause upheaval for their children. Phil wishes Helen could see what Len is really like, Julie wants to face up to him! Phil doesn't think it would work as it's his ex plus their word against Len. Julie wants to know what is best to do. Phil thinks the only option is to live with it. He points out that when things go downhill they'll be there.
JULIE: It may be too late.
PHIL: She's so stubborn like the rest of her family.
JULIE: Who in particular?
Coffee Shop
Rick arrives and comes to talk to Sally, she tells him she needs to head off to take a class which is starting soon. He tries to talk to her but she's not interested. He's not going to waste time talking about how wonderful she is.
RICK: It's about improving myself... I want to keep learning Japanese.
Sally isn't convinced but Rick insists this is true. He thinks it would benefit working in hospitality. Sally agrees if they do it in an open space so he can't misbehave! Rick agrees and suggests they meet here after she's finished teaching. They agree that it is for his education only and he will call her 'Miss Pritchard'. She heads for the door and turns around when she hears a wolf whistle. Rick claims it was a bird.
Rick arrives and asks Mark to create a Japanese meal for two. Mark isn't convinced. Rick points out that he helped Mark at No.24. Rick is desperate as Sally is coming over. Mark didn't think Sally wanted to go out with him.
RICK: So will you?
MARK: Date you?
RICK: No mate! Make me a meal.
Rick is happy when Mark agrees. Mark points out that Rick is now in his debt!
Coffee Shop
Sally is keen for Rick to concentrate on what he's supposed to be doing whereas he's looking at the other young ladies who were in there earlier. Rick claims he would work better at No.30! He claims he doesn't mean it in a romantic way, he is being distracted by other people. He claims their table is dirty!
SALLY: Do you want to learn or not?
He claims there are so many food memories here. Sally points out that it would just be the two of them at No.30 which wasn't what they agreed! Rick reminds her there Mark and Annalise also live there. Rick is going to the house to set things up. Rick has a quiet word with Annalise and then heads off.
Street Somewhere
Annalise is telling Mark about Helen and Len's plans so things are becoming more serious. Mark points out there are other family members so it wouldn't just be Helen and Len. Annalise doesn't want Len to take advantage of Helen and explains about the business venture. A car passes by and the woman from earlier honks the horn, Mark waves back. Annalise wants to know what is going on. Mark insists he doesn't know the woman. Annalise isn't impressed but Mark isn't complaining!
Annalise is wishing to go on a trip, Helen suggests she and Mark get away. Annalise explains what happened earlier. Phil and Helen don't think that Mark would risk their relationship.
Len appears and tells them he's settled in. Helen takes Len up on his offer of a glass of white wine. Annalise mentions the business venture and asks if he plans to dip into his savings. Len hesitates and Helen explains they haven't sorted out the details. It might differ for both of them how much money they can invest into this. She suggests that Len puts forward expertise whereas she put forward the capital! She raves about Len's expertise, Len is touched. Phil and Annalise don't look so convinced!
Mark has prepared the meal. Rick comes in and raves about it all, Sally is heading over here. When Mark realises that Sally doesn't know what to expect he points out that Sally might decide not to stay! Rick thinks she will stay after seeing what he has done, Mark reminds him who should take the credit!
MARK: Things we do for girls.
Mark tells him that he's seen the same woman again and Annalise wasn't impressed. There's a knock at the door. Rick invites Sally in, Mark leaves them to it. Rick explains this is to help do a study tour of the East!
Phil wants to know how Len could manage to go away when he hasn't worked in a long time. Len admits that Helen paid for him. Helen points out that his company was his repayment. Len admits that he has no money and isn't proud of it. Phil points out that the same would happen if the artist venture gets off the ground. Len thought it up, Helen thinks she could gain financially from it. Len thinks there won't be a huge profit but at least some. Len doesn't think there are many jobs really for him at his age. Phil offers Len a job at the Newsagents.
Rick is struggling with the spicy Japanese food. Rick suggests that they can go dancing. Rick claims the meal was the Japanese lesson! Sally thinks Rick and her second cousin are weird.
RICK: Is he young dark and handsome as well?
SALLY: Younger darker and cuter... He's three.
Rick isn't overly flattered! Sally is getting flirty. Rick leans in for a kiss.
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Helen Daniels, Julie Martin, Philip Martin in Neighbours Episode 2131
Helen Daniels, Julie Martin, Philip Martin

Philip Martin, Julie Martin in Neighbours Episode 2131
Philip Martin, Julie Martin

Rick Alessi, Sally Pritchard in Neighbours Episode 2131
Rick Alessi, Sally Pritchard

Philip Martin, Debbie Martin in Neighbours Episode 2131
Philip Martin, Debbie Martin

Rick Alessi, Annalise Hartman, Mark Gottlieb in Neighbours Episode 2131
Rick Alessi, Annalise Hartman, Mark Gottlieb

Helen Daniels, Len Mangel in Neighbours Episode 2131
Helen Daniels, Len Mangel

Katarina Torelli in Neighbours Episode 2131
Katarina Torelli

Mark Gottlieb, Rick Alessi in Neighbours Episode 2131
Mark Gottlieb, Rick Alessi

Rupert Sprod, Gina, Rick Alessi in Neighbours Episode 2131
Rupert Sprod, Gina, Rick Alessi

Lenny, Rick Alessi in Neighbours Episode 2131
Lenny, Rick Alessi

Annalise Hartman, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 2131
Annalise Hartman, Helen Daniels

Rick Alessi, Sally Pritchard in Neighbours Episode 2131
Rick Alessi, Sally Pritchard

Len Mangel, Helen Daniels, Philip Martin in Neighbours Episode 2131
Len Mangel, Helen Daniels, Philip Martin

Sally Pritchard, Rick Alessi in Neighbours Episode 2131
Sally Pritchard, Rick Alessi

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