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Neighbours Episode 2126 from 1994 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2126
Australian airdate: 11/04/94
UK airdate: 06/01/95
UK Gold: 25/12/00
Writer: Karyn Noble
Director: Helen Gaynor
Guests: Kristy: Jodi Haigh
Gerard: Rob Catterall
Kev: Brad Wade
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Cheryl tells the family that's she's decided to have the tests and will abort if she has to.
- Rick is served with papers for reckless driving
- Annalise does not win Miss Erinsborough
Everyone has had a great evening except Annalise who is scowling.
Mark shows Danni how to use his video camera while Rick and Lou make faces into the camera.
Cheryl and Lou are having a late night cup of coffee. Cheryl says she thinks she's made the right decision about having the aminocentesis tests, but she is worried about miscarrying.
CHERYL: I don't want to lose this baby, Lou.
LOU: It won't happen. This time next year, we'll be the proud parents of a perfectly health bouncing baby. Let me see, Lou Junior, or Louise?!
Cheryl laughs.
LOU: Or both if it's twins!
CHERYL: Perish the thought!
LOU: All I've got to do now if persuade you to marry me and make a respectable woman of you!
No.30, the following morning
Annalise is feeling very down about the competition and is wearing her pyjamas.
Lou is singing "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot" in his bedroom, much to Brett and Danni's consternation.
BRETT: Hey Lou, when's the album coming out?!
DANNI: Yeah, I reckon you should call it, 'Lou Carpenter, unplugged and untuned'(!)
Lou says he's going to "totally refurbish" the car yard office today. Brett shows Lou his martial arts information.
Coffee Shop
Annalise is late in to work. Kristy asks what's up with her and Annalise snaps at her. Mark comes in says he's got a surprise for her.
Lassiter's Lake
Mark wants Annalise to launch a model boat for him. She guides it around by remote control and Mark tells her she's wonderful. Annalise is frustrated that nobody has a high opinion of her other than Mark.
Cheryl is setting up a karaoke machine. Pam isn't sure karaoke is still in fashion. Cheryl hands Pam the microphone to test it out, much to Pam's horror. Luckily she flatters up Cheryl enough that Cheryl tests it instead. The customers look around in bemusement while Cheryl really goes for it!
Rick is studying for an exam this afternoon. Danni comes in to chat to him. She awkwardly tells him that she's going to have to testify about the accident. Rick is horrified that Danni will give evidence against him and tells her to "go to hell".
Car Yard (Office)
Brett has popped by to see the renovations to the car yard office, but Lou hasn't got much further than a new welcome mat. They talk about the martial arts again - Brett says he's made a decision.
LOU: Good on you, son. What did you pick? Karate, taekwondo, no, no, let me guess...kick- boxing?
BRETT: Qigong.
LOU: Bless you.
BRETT: No, Qigong, haven't you heard of it?
LOU: No, no, can't say I have. It's pretty serious stuff is it?
BRETT: Want a demo of it?
LOU: Yeah, give me your best shot!
He's bemused when Brett goes into a Qigong pose.
LOU: What the hell's that?
BRETT: Qigong. Movement, meditation and breathing...maximise the qi energy, revitalise the organs and create inner peace.
LOU: That's going to scare the hell out of Stonefish, that is!
BRETT: I told you, I'm not in to violence. This is the way to a stress- free life.
Lou just looks at him in bemusement.
Coffee Shop
Kristy puts up a photo of Mark's win, much to Annalise's distaste.
Mark comes in and see that Danni is crying at a table. He cheers her up a bit and she asks him for more work as a kitchen hand soon - she really enjoyed it.
At the counter, Annalise warns Mark not to encourage Danni. Mark tells her not to be so silly and takes her out to cheer her up.
Both Cheryl and Pam are singing now(!)
A chap comes in looking for Mark and finds him at a table with Annalise. It turns out he's a photographer with the Erinsborough News. Annalise gets up to strop off and Mark shouts at her that he's fed up of her self- pity.
Car Yard (Office)
Rick tells Lou that Danni is going to testify against him. Rick is very worried - reckless driving is a serious charge.
RICK: Why is everyone acting like I *wanted* this to happen?
LOU: Rick, nobody's saying that. But it does take two to make a race.
RICK: It wasn't my idea, OK? It was Danni's and Briggs...he and Lenny kept going at me and going. What was I supposed to do?
LOU: You could have said no.
RICK: Oh yeah, the old 'listen to your conscience' routine, right?
LOU: Rick, if you had, that boy might still be alive today. You've got to take responsibility for your actions sometime, mate.
Pub (Later)
Cheryl is teaching Rick to make cocktails, although his heart isn't really in it. Annalise is sitting at the counter, still in a low mood, so Cheryl tells Rick to practise his bar manner on her.
Cheryl drags her up to sing karaoke, but she just starts to cry into the microphone(!)
Brett is showing Danni how to do Qigong. Lou tells them that he wants a word with them, he's a bit stressed.
LOU: It's these tests she's [Cheryl] having tomorrow. They're scaring the hell out of her.
DANNI: Yeah, we know.
LOU: I just...I want you two to support in whatever happens, OK? We know there could be a miscarriage, and if not, then...who knows what we'll find out. Just...go easy on her, OK?
DANNI: Yeah, we will.
LOU: Thanks.
BRETT: Scaring the hell out of you too, aren't they?
LOU: Yeah.
DANNI: Hey, it's OK, we'll be here for you too. Right ,Brett?
BRETT: Yeah, right. And, whatever we can't fix, Qigong will.
He hands Lou an imaginary ball of qi!
It's after hours now and Annalise is still very down. Cheryl suggests she writes it all down. Cheryl sends Rick to walk Annalise home - she is quite drunk.
Annalise is writing poetry while Rick tries to study.
ANNALISE: "Sad" by Annalise Hartman. I'm sad...why, oh why, you may wonder should a girl feel this bad? Lonely from an early age, raised without a dad. Looks were the only thing I ever really had. Being Miss Erinsborough was the ultimate test. Proof of my worth and public acknowledgement, I entered with zest. Yet sometimes the cruellest blows can befall the very best. My world crumbled when I lost the quest.
Rick laughs and says the poem is great - she should enter it into the Erinsborough News column.
Mark comes out and tells Annalise to come to bed. She has cheered up a bit, though.
Clinic, the following morning
Pam and Cheryl have arrived for the amniocentesis tests. Cheryl is extremely nervous.
CHERYL: I can't do it, I just can't go through with it!
PAM: Come on. The tests will probably be clear, there might not be any abnormality. And the risk of miscarriage is so slight.
CHERYL: No, I don't want to know. I'm just going to have the baby and I'm going to cope with the consequences.
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