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Neighbours Episode 2117 from 1994 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2117
Australian airdate: 29/03/94
UK airdate: 26/12/94
UK Gold: 12/12/00
Writer: C.M. Covington
Director: Grant Fenn
Guests: Tom Weaver: George Mallaby
Jesse O'Connor: James Ryan
Sally Pritchard: Brenda Webb
Shop Assistant: Kelly Nash
Mr Spring: Roy Thompson
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Doug tells Cody and Gaby that Pam is having an affair. She denies it.
- Julie tells Hannah that they'll have to look for the snake's owner.
- Doug approaches Tom at Lassiter's for a confrontation.
- Gaby introduces a friend (Sally) from Japan to Rick.
DOUG: You really expect me to believe that nothing happened between you two?!
TOM: I didn't say I wasn't interested but Pam would never have allowed anything like that to happen.
DOUG: Well, when one bloke asks another bloke's wife to marry him...
TOM: Yeah, yeah, I got carried away. I didn't need any encouragement from Pam. Look, Doug, when I got divorced, I felt...I felt desperately alone. I wasn't on the hunt, but Pam just seemed to fit into my life so easily. She got along well with Eric, I appreciated her sense of humour...her good looks, we had things in common, the painting...I was attracted to her honesty.
DOUG: I know what you mean. That's why I married her.
TOM: Yeah. Look, I read the signs wrong and I am sorry. I had to give it a shot. But I guess deep down inside she would never leave you for me or anyone else.
DOUG: Well...maybe Mel Gibson.
They both chuckle.
TOM: I hope you appreciate what you've got there.
Pam is telling Cheryl that her whole life is a mess at the moment. Cheryl puts the coffee on and says that they agreed neither of them were going to let menopause change them. She tells her that they are going to go out this afternoon and explore "changes of lifestyle"(!)
A little boy called Jesse asks Phil nicely if he can put up a notice about his missing pet. When Phil looks at it, it's about a missing snake.
Hannah calls Phil at the newsagency to tell him that she thinks the snake is ill as it's gone all scabby. She begs Phil to come and take him to the vet, but he says the snake is just shedding.
Gaby comes in and tells Phil that she doesn't think she's going to get the job. She'll just have to consider other options, like becoming an astronaut(!)
Pam is lying on the settee when Doug comes in.
DOUG: I spoke to Tom. It's OK. I know you didn't sleep with him.
PAM: He told you that, did he? And you found his word easier to believe than mine?
DOUG: I was worked up! I'm sorry, I really am. I'm sorry I didn't believe you. I was wrong.
Pam sits up.
PAM: Well, I suppose it's nice of you to admit it. I remember a long time ago Doug, we agreed that we'd communicate more, but you just fly off the handle without listening...
DOUG: I know, love. But it's a bit like you not telling me why all this was happening. I was supposed to guess was I? Your change of life. Why didn't you tell me?
PAM: Because you were always busy with the house, always rushing off somewhere, I just could never find the right moment. You know, that's not the main reason. I was frightened.
DOUG: Of menopause?
PAM: No...of not being attractive to you anymore.
DOUG: That's so ridiculous! You're more beautiful now than you've ever been. And I'm still in love with you as much as I ever was.
PAM: Oh, Doug.
DOUG: You've always been here for me, hun, and I want to be here for you, especially now, OK?
They hug.
Outside the Coffee shop, the following morning
Gaby and Sally are talking about Gaby's career options. Sally says that she could try teaching. Gaby says she'll think about it.
Hannah comes in and says the vet says that the snake is just shedding its skin and luckily didn't charge her anything(!). Phil shows Hannah the notice about the lost snake. Hannah looks sad but Phil says they can't ignore it.
Cheryl is pleased to see Pam looking a lot brighter this morning. Pam has rung Tom and told him it's best if they don't see each other again, and she's giving up her art class too.
New Age Gift shop
Pam and Cheryl come in and the lady behind the counter tells them that they have "very strong auras". They tell the lady that they need something to help them through the menopause. She advises them to get in touch with the "inner self" and shows them books on aromatherapy, massage oils and crystals. Pam and Cheryl pick up some crystals and read them "essential for self- fulfillment and inner peace". Cheryl says they could go halves on a rose quartz as it's expensive, but Pam says they might have to share the inner peace(!)
Rick sees Sally at the school and tells her that he'd love to learn Japanese as he's always been fascinated by it(!) He babbles on that it's a good language for business and hospitality and asks Sally if she does home tutorials(!) She says she doesn't, so Rick says he'll drop one of his subjects so he can come to the Japanese course!
Cheryl and Pam have bought loads of candles, essential oils and wind chimes etc. Cheryl lights up the oil burner and tells Pam to let Doug sniff it before she tells him the cost(!) Pam says that she's feeling better anyway. They've bought crystals to help with the menopause too!
Lou comes in.
LOU: Strewth! Smells like an indoor graveyard!
Cheryl explains that she and Pam are getting in touch with themselves and releasing stresses from their lives. Lou says he can do that with a couple of drinks at the Waterhole(!) Lou comments that Pam is looking a lot better, so it's worth sharing the street with a couple of hippies(!)
Outside the Coffee Shop
Mr Spring comes over to speak to Gaby. He says he'd like to talk to her from her office.
Pam and Cheryl are chanting over lit candles. Lou and Doug creep in through the back door. Doug says he hasn't smelt anything like that since the 60s(!)
Doug tells Lou that it's good to see Pam enjoying herself and wonders where they got all the stuff from. Lou finds an empty bag from the shop and gives it to Doug. Then they creep out for a beer(!)
New Age Gift Shop
Doug comes in and the lady on the counter greets him. He has a look around the shop and has a quiet smile at all the stuff. He picks up the rose quartz and the lady informs him it's a love crystal. He baulks at the price, but the woman persuades him that it's a "positive affirmation of love"
Pam and Doug are having a glass of wine and he gives her the Rose Quartz. Pam is very pleased.
DOUG: I don't know if I believe in this stuff, but what the hell, it seems to be working!
Gaby comes in and is pleased to see her parents looking so happy. She tells them that she got the job at Lassiter's! Apparently she impressed Mr Spring with her forthrightness and her sincerity!
Doug says it must be the crystal! He says they'll drink to new- age healing!
PAM:(holding the crystal and chanting) I am balanced and peaceful in all changes of cycles.
Phil brings Jesse over to get his snake. Hannah says the snake has probably forgotten all about Jesse(!) Jesse is polite to Phil, but then is very rude to Hannah when he's gone, saying it's not his snake after all!
Rick sees Sally and apparently he's had permission to do Japanese as an extra subject. Sally warns him that Japanese is hard work. Rick tries to chat her up and offers her a tour of Erinsborough, but she says she'll see him in class tomorrow.
RICK: You'll most definitely be seeing more of me. You can bet your bottom dollar.
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