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Neighbours Episode 2116 from 1994 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2116
Australian airdate: 28/03/94
UK airdate: 23/12/94
UK Gold: 11/12/00
Writer: Serge Lazareff
Director: Grant Fenn
Guests: Tom Weaver: George Mallaby
Chrissie: Adele Daniele
Mr Habbersfield: Norman Hancock
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Cody thinks Chrissie should talk to her Dad. Michael doesn't think it's a good idea as her Dad went nuts over the pregnancy. Cody wonders if Michael could help.
- Tom Weaver tells Pam he wants to marry her.
- Mark says the contest is sexist and degrading and he's going to enter himself as a protest.
- Tom Weaver tells Doug that he wants to marry Pam as he thinks he can make her happy. Doug looks shocked.
DOUG:(to Pam) Are you going to put him in his place, or am I?! Or do you want more time to think about it?!
Pam is silent.
DOUG: Take your time, hun! What's going on?
TOM: I want Pam to divorce you and marry me. And I don't see anything funny about that.
DOUG: You don't? Well, neither do I. Why would you be interested in Pam?
PAM:(offended) Excuse me?
DOUG: Well, you know what I mean!
PAM: I don't, Doug, explain yourself!
TOM:(to Pam) Is this what you have to put up with all the time?
DOUG: What my wife has to "put up with" is none of your business!
TOM: She has a life of her own. She is not simply your wife!
DOUG: I'm sick of this. (To Pam) Are you going to tell him to butt out or not?!
TOM: I don't like your tone of voice when you're talking to her.
DOUG: If you know what's good for you, you'll step back out of my range! My wife doesn't want to have anything to do with you!
TOM: I haven't heard her say that, have you?
Pam just sits there, looking lost.
DOUG: Pam? For God's sake, what's going on?
PAM:(getting up) Doug, I think we should discuss this at home.
DOUG: I don't care where we discuss it, but we'd better do it soon.
TOM: I'm coming with you.
PAM: No, no, Tom, don't.
Pam and Doug leave, Doug giving Tom one last hard glare.
Pam and Doug come in. They stand in the kitchen.
PAM: Nothing happened.
DOUG: Yeah? Why did he ask you to marry him, if nothing happened?!
PAM: Because he loves me!
DOUG: He loves you?!
PAM: Yes! Yes, you heard him! Why do you find that so hard to believe, Doug?
DOUG: Do you love him?
Pam looks away.
DOUG: I'm asking you, do you love him?
PAM: Well, I certainly should, he treats me a lot better that you do. And what was all that about why would anyone be interested in me?!
DOUG: Oh, I didn't mean it like that!
PAM: *How* did you mean it, Doug?
DOUG: Well, I just...I just didn't expect anyone to make a play for you. You're a part of me!
PAM: Oh, yes, like I was when you were a part of Jill Weir!
DOUG: Oh, now...now we're getting somewhere. This is to pay me back, isn't it?!
PAM: *No!*
DOUG: You went to bed with him.
PAM: I did not!
Cody comes out of her room looking sleepy.
CODY: Would you keep it down?! What's going on?!
PAM: Nothing, love, just go back to bed.
Gaby comes in.
GABY: What's all that racket? I can hear you out in the street!
DOUG: Ask your mum. There are too many secrets in this house. You've got a right to know. Your mum's having an affair.
PAM: That is *not* true.
DOUG: Pull the other one, Pam.
PAM: If you don't believe me Doug, then there's no future for us. She goes off to her room.
Doug walks out the front door, leaving Gaby and Cody standing there in shock.
Under the Pier
Michael has come to meet Chrissie to try to talk her into having the AIDS test. He tells her he's had the test himself, but hasn't had the results yet. Chrissie is angry and Michael tells her she didn't used to be so angry. He tries to persuade her to talk to her father.
CHRISSIE: This is none of your business!
MICHAEL: All I'm saying is, it can't hurt to talk to him, can it?! Can it?!
CHRISSIE: Look, I appreciate you trying to help, but you can't fix anything. My dad doesn't want anything to do with me, not now, not ever!
MICHAEL: But if he knew about the miscarriage, you might...
CHRISSIE: He'd welcome me back with open arms?! Is that what you think?! After kicking me out when I was pregnant?! Look, I let him down. I'm not his little girl anymore. Maybe if my mum was around, things might be different.
MICHAEL: Well, maybe he's hurting as well! I just don't think you should give up so easily. It's got to be worth another try!
Chrissie just walks away, silently.
Pam, Gaby and Cody are having breakfast.
PAM: I...er...I want to apologise for last night.
GABY: It's OK.
PAM: No, it's not.
CODY: Is it true, this fling with this guy?
PAM: I'm *not* having a fling, or an affair, or anything else that I have any reason to be ashamed of.
GABY: We know.
CODY: I didn't, no- one tells me anything.
PAM: I'm telling you now, Cody, I'm *not* having an affair!
Doug comes in through the front door. Apparently he slept at the site to guard against vandals. Gaby and Cody make themselves scarce.
PAM: So, this has nothing to do with our fight last night?
DOUG: Well, that too. We need some time alone.
PAM: I've done nothing to deserve this, Doug.
Doug just leaves without another word.
Chrissie's house
MR HABBERSFIELD: I thought I told you, I don't know where Chrissie is!
He goes to shut the door.
MICHAEL: I do. She's in a bad way.
MICHAEL: She needs you, Mr Habbersfield.
MR HABBERSFIELD: And who are you?
MICHAEL: It doesn't matter. Are you worried about your daughter at all?
MR HABBERSFIELD: Been there, done that. She threw it all back in my face.
MICHAEL: She lost her baby.
Mr Habbersfield looks shocked.
MR HABBERSFIELD: Probably for the best.
MICHAEL: Come on. She's so far down she doesn't care whether she lives or dies. Is that how you feel about her.
MICHAEL: She doesn't like herself very much. And she doesn't think anyone else gives a damn about her either.
MR HABBERSFIELD: She was such a beautiful young girl.
MICHAEL: She still is! But she needs to hear you say that, to know you still love her. She's here if you want to see her.
It seems that Chrissie has been waiting just around the corner.
MR HABBERSFIELD:(hugging her) Oh, Chrissie!
They both cry in each others arms.
Michael tells Cody that Chrissie and her dad are talking again.
MICHAEL: It got me thinking. Is the guy going to handle it if she is HIV positive? Will my parents handle it if *I* am?
Gaby tells Mark that she has a good idea for her fundraiser - a Mark Gottlieb Cookbook. He thinks it will take too long, they need something quicker. Gaby suggests a record- breaking cooking attempt and they eventually come up with the "World's Largest Sausage Roll" - people could sponsor a centimetre.
Michael is worried about his HIV status and is not looking forward to camping out with Doug at the building site tonight. Michael invites Cody to camp out too, and she agrees.
Lassiter's Lake
Cody is sitting on a bench and Gaby sees her, asking why she's not at school. Cody is depressed about Pam and Doug's fighting. They chat about Gaby's baby and she admits that she finds it strange that the baby might have a single grandman as well as a single Mum.
Pam comes home and is surprised to hear that Cody is going to spend the night with Doug on the building site. Pam thinks that Cody is taking sides. Cody says she isn't, she just wants to talk to Doug.
PAM: He's being childish about the whole thing.
CODY: Because he's hurt!
PAM: And I'm not?!
Gaby gives Rick his shifts for next week and he mentions liking Gaby's friend Sally. Mark comes up and excitedly tells Gaby that a couple of butchers are giving him the meat for the giant sausage roll for free, and some wholesalers might be helping out with the other ingredients too! He tells Rick that it's his big chance to drum up some support. Rick says he'll have to ask Cheryl about canvassing the punters.
Outside the Pub
Annalise is collecting money in a tin. She asks Rick for change and isn't pleased to hear that he's been helping Mark out. She isn't pleased, but Rick says he can't help them both. Annalise advises him to split his allegiances down the middle!
Building Site
Doug, Cody and Michael are bunking down for the night. Suddenly Michael hears a sound and goes out to check.
Cody takes the chance to talk to Doug about making things up with Pam. Cody thinks Doug should be more supportive of Pam.
CODY: She's going through a pretty important stage for a woman.
DOUG: What about me?! I'm going through a bit of heartbreak too, you know!
CODY: Yeah, but if your body was playing new tricks on you, Mum would be there for you.
DOUG: What are you talking about?
CODY: Don't you even know?
DOUG: What?
CODY: She's going through her menopause, Dad! I can't believe you didn't even know!
Michael comes back and cuts their conversation short.
No.28 - morning
There's some drink on the table, but Pam tells Gaby she didn't drink anything. Pam looks very depressed and fed up. Gaby says that Doug is very upset and didn't expect Pam to question their marriage.
GABY: You've got to at least tell him what you're going through! If he knows the real reason, he'll be there for you, you know it!
PAM: Do I?
GABY: Mum!
She comforts her.
Building Site
Michael has had a nightmare about the Grim Reaper.
DOUG: What were you thinking about?
DOUG: What? You don't have to worry about that. Be prepared and be careful, that's all you have to do.
MICHAEL: It's too late.
DOUG: What are you talking about?
CODY: He's still dreaming, Dad.
MICHAEL: No, I'm not.
DOUG: Michael?
MICHAEL: There's a chance that I could have AIDS.
Doug looks at Cody.
CODY: I'm alright!
DOUG: How do you know that?
CODY: Because we haven't had sex yet.
DOUG:(to Michael) Have you seen a doctor?
MICHAEL: I'm waiting on the results of the blood test.
DOUG: So, you don't know yet.
MICHAEL: It could be nothing. I hope it's nothing.
DOUG: Did you share needles, or what?
MICHAEL: No! I don't do drugs.
DOUG: So what are you worried about?
MICHAEL: She was my girlfriend.
CODY: He had unprotected sex with his last girlfriend and he's been worried about it for ages.
DOUG: So, let's hope you're worrying about nothing.
CODY: Yeah.
They lie back down to sleep, but Michael still looks terrified.
PAM: I decided that your father's the only man for me. I mean, he's not perfect, mind you, but you might have noticed that neither am I so we're sort of perfect for each other.
GABY: Well, will you tell him that, right now?!
PAM: No!
GABY: Mum, why?!
PAM: He didn't believe me when I told him the truth about Tom, so let him stew! I mean, the man's not interested anyway, if he can't see the difference in me, can't see what I'm going through, the man wouldn't know the change of life if he fell over it!
GABY:(distracted) Mum!
PAM: Don't get too excited just yet, Gaby.
GABY: Mum, the baby!
PAM: What's wrong?
GABY: It kicked! That was the first time!
They both look really pleased.
Lassiter's Complex
Tom is walking along. Just then, Doug comes up to him.
DOUG: Got a minute?
TOM: I'm just on my way to work, actually.
DOUG: Don't worry, this won't take long.
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