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Neighbours Episode 2110 from 1994 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2110
Australian airdate: 18/03/94
UK airdate: 15/12/94
Writer: Jenny Lewis
Director: Helen Gaynor
Guests: Tom Weaver: George Mallaby
Chauffeur: Peter Lane
Waiter: Marilyn Leder
Dr Sung: Susan Tan
Nurse Brabham: Cheryl Ballantyne
Summary/Images by: Jeremai
- Brett falls off his bike in front of Debbie, Danni and Cody
- Danni tells Brett he should use Cheryl's credit card to take Debbie out to dinner
- Michael uncomfortably agrees with Cody that you would have to be crazy to have unprotected sex
Number 24
Danni is on the phone to Cheryl, telling her everything is fine; no wild parties! She tells her Brett is depressed about not being able to ask Debbie out. Cheryl agrees to let Brett use her credit card. Brett wonders why Danni was so keen to help and Danni says this means she can now use the credit card too, otherwise it would be favouritism!
"The Hungry Bite"
Mark distracts Annalise in order to swipe her application form for the "Miss Brain Dead" contest as he calls it. Mark proceeds to make fun of the hobbies and interests Annalise has written; abseiling is not a water sport!
Number 28
Michael arrives, looking for Doug, but he is out. Cody asks why Michael is upset with her since she brought up sex. Michael claims he was relieved when she said no because he was testing her to see if she loves him as much as her ex- boyfriend. Cody thinks he is crazy.
Number 26
Danni is trying to bribe Debbie to go out with Brett, claiming it's breaking her heart to watch Brett make a fool of himself trying to impress her. Danni tells her to at least go and get a free meal out of him!
"The Hungry Bite"
Annalise is getting advice from Cody for her application form. Cody thinks the judges are only worried about what she looks like in a bikini anyway. Annalise gets defensive and Cody apologises, saying she might be a bit jealous as Michael apparently doesn't want to touch her. Annalise suggests he may have found someone else.
Number 26
Debbie lets Brett in but refuses to go out with him. She mentions her last disaster with his brother but Brett says he's nothing like Darren. He refuses to give in until Debbie at least has lunch with him.
Ramsay Street
Mark and Michael are checking out a limo that's parked in the street. Brett and Debbie leave the house in smart clothes and Debbie is surprised to find the limo is for them.
"The Hungry Bite"
Annalise asks Cody to tell her about America so she can make up some travel stories for her application form.
ANNALISE: Oh come on, Cody, the least you can do is give me a hand. I helped you yesterday with your problem.
CODY: You told me Michael was seeing somebody else. Thanks for the help!
ANNALISE: I know, the truth hurts!
Danni comes in, exhausted from shopping! She has spent a fortune on her mother's credit card and defends herself to Cody, saying Cheryl left a letter of authorisation, and now they're even after all the years of no pocket money! Cody tells Danni that Cheryl's going to kill her. Danni says it's nothing compared to what Brett is spending on his date with Debbie!
Helicopter flight
Brett and Debbie get out of the limo and into a helicopter. We see aerial shots on their flight. They arrive at a hotel or restaurant and are seated on the outside terrace.
Erinsborough Hospital
Pam comes across Tom Weaver waiting in a corridor. His 14- year- old son Eric has had a bad epileptic seizure. Tom is frustrated that things are taking so long so Pam goes to try to find out what's happening.
"The Hungry Bite"
Annalise aggressively delivers Michael's coffee to his table, spilling some of it in the process. She tells Michael she thinks it stinks how he is treating Cody. She repeats her theory that he has another girl on the side but Michael denies it. Annalise asks why he is keeping his distance then but Michael tells her it's none of her business.
Restaurant terrace
Brett orders the most expensive meal on the menu for him and Debbie. Brett tells Debbie how much he likes her because she is sensible and intelligent... and very sexy.
Erinsborough Hospital
Doctor Sung tells Tom she has increased Eric's medication which should control his seizures. Tom is concerned by the word "should" but Pam tells him Eric was much younger when his medication was prescribed. She tells him to stop worrying. Tom is grateful and tells Pam she has been a good friend.
Number 30
Annalise comes home and Mark has been reading her description of her ideal man. Annalise says she only made it up and Mark says he knows because there isn't a word of truth on the form! Annalise asks what else she was supposed to do after he made fun of all her answers. Mark suggests backing out. Annalise says he is being too possessive and Mark responds that he doesn't want his girlfriend conning a load of judges to win a beauty contest. Annalise says she's not interested in scoring points like that. Mark asks why she has said she's single then.
Erinsborough Hospital
Nurse Brabham brings Pam some flowers that have been delivered for her. They are from Tom, thanking her for being an exceptional nurse and a dear friend. She says Tom is just an acquaintance but Nurse Brabham is not convinced!
Number 30
Annalise and Mark agree to a truce. Mark apologises and tells Annalise that her original answers weren't that bad. Annalise says she will change the form. Mark is perturbed as he thought she was going to withdraw. Annalise says she is still entering and if he doesn't like it that's tough; back to arguing!
Number 28
Cody has tried on some of Danni's new clothes and asks if she can borrow them, assuming Cheryl doesn't make her take them back. Danni decides she had better get the clothes dirty just in case! They discuss Brett and Debbie; Cody hopes Brett hasn't gone to all that trouble for nothing. Pam comes home with the flowers and claims she bought them to brighten up the house.
Ramsay Street
Mark is cleaning out his car and talking to Michael about Annalise needing to be reassured that she's gorgeous all the time; she's so insecure. Michael asks Mark if he's sure he's not the insecure one. Mark says if he is, Annalise did it to him!
The limo drops Brett and Debbie off across the street and Brett asks when they can go out again. Debbie says they ought to leave it for a while. Brett gets upset but Debbie says she just doesn't want a relationship at the moment. She assures Brett that if she did, he would be in the running. Brett says he will wait.
Number 26
Cody is waiting for Michael who has apparently just had a shower. Debbie enters the house and realises she is interrupting something so makes herself scarce. Cody asks Michael if he is seeing someone else. Michael says of course not. Cody wants to know why he is acting so weird. Things get heated and Cody says it's obvious he doesn't care about her any more. Michael says it's because he does care... because he might have AIDS.
<<2109 - 2111>>
Danni Stark in Neighbours Episode 2110
Danni Stark

Danni Stark, Brett Stark in Neighbours Episode 2110
Danni Stark, Brett Stark

Annalise Hartman, Mark Gottlieb in Neighbours Episode 2110
Annalise Hartman, Mark Gottlieb

Michael Martin, Cody Willis in Neighbours Episode 2110
Michael Martin, Cody Willis

Danni Stark, Debbie Martin in Neighbours Episode 2110
Danni Stark, Debbie Martin

Brett Stark, Debbie Martin in Neighbours Episode 2110
Brett Stark, Debbie Martin

Debbie Martin in Neighbours Episode 2110
Debbie Martin

Chauffeur, Michael Martin, Mark Gottlieb in Neighbours Episode 2110
Chauffeur, Michael Martin, Mark Gottlieb

Michael Martin, Mark Gottlieb, Brett Stark, Debbie Martin in Neighbours Episode 2110
Michael Martin, Mark Gottlieb, Brett Stark, Debbie Martin

Annalise Hartman, Cody Willis in Neighbours Episode 2110
Annalise Hartman, Cody Willis

Cody Willis, Danni Stark in Neighbours Episode 2110
Cody Willis, Danni Stark

 in Neighbours Episode 2110

 in Neighbours Episode 2110

Brett Stark, Debbie Martin in Neighbours Episode 2110
Brett Stark, Debbie Martin

Pam Willis, Tom Weaver in Neighbours Episode 2110
Pam Willis, Tom Weaver

Waiter, Debbie Martin, Brett Stark in Neighbours Episode 2110
Waiter, Debbie Martin, Brett Stark

Dr Sung, Tom Weaver in Neighbours Episode 2110
Dr Sung, Tom Weaver

Mark Gottlieb, Annalise Hartman in Neighbours Episode 2110
Mark Gottlieb, Annalise Hartman

Pam Willis, Nurse Brabham in Neighbours Episode 2110
Pam Willis, Nurse Brabham

Pam Willis, Danni Stark, Cody Willis in Neighbours Episode 2110
Pam Willis, Danni Stark, Cody Willis

Cody Willis, Michael Martin in Neighbours Episode 2110
Cody Willis, Michael Martin

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