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Neighbours Episode 2072 from 1994 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2072
Australian airdate: 25/01/94
UK airdate: 24/10/94
UK Gold: 10/10/00
Writer: Michael Joshua
Director: Alan Coleman
Guests: Troy Duncan: Damian Walshe-Howling
Karl: Luke Ingham
Liddy: Bonnie Lander
Tiffany: Alisa Meadows
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Outside the Waterhole
Lauren comments on how alike Wayne and Troy look. She asks where Kristy is and Troy said she had to pull out. He suggests they go into the bar for a drink. Wayne tells Troy quietly that he's welcome to crack on to Lauren(!)
Annalise is melodramatically telling Mark about the plane accident while he bathes her bruises. Mark tells her that he's advertised for a new housemate. She is cross that he didn't ask her, but he says that would be a bit step for them.
Cheryl is eating pizza when Lou comes in. He tells her to stop eating junk food - he wants to take her out to dinner instead.
When they've gone, Danni and Brett roll their eyes. Brett isn't sure Lou is right for Cheryl and Danni looks like she has an idea.
Troy is showing off to Lauren by telling her about his sporting prowess. When he hears that she's a horsewoman, he suggests that they go riding at the weekend. Lauren isn't ready yet, and anyway, she's promised Wayne her first return ride.
Mark is interviewing housemates. One of them is a masseur and is very muscular. Annalise looks interested and tells him she's been in a plane accident. He starts massaging her neck, but Mark shows him out(!)
MARK: Definitely the wrong type!
Danni and Brett tell Lou that he should cook for Cheryl at home. They tell him the Cheryl loves fish and he should cook that. Danni suggests oysters for starters(!)
When Lauren has gone to the loo, Troy tells Wayne that Lauren seems more interested in Wayne than him. Wayne insists there's nothing between them.
Troy decides to head off, leaving Lauren with Wayne.
Annalise introduces herself to Troy. Troy immediately begins flirting with her, but Wayne comes in and says Annalise is spoken for. Wayne tells Troy again that there's nothing between him and Lauren. Annalise thinks Lauren has been single for too long.
Lou is looking avidly through a fish cookbook. Lauren tells Lou that Troy is kind of cute, but he isn't her type. Lou informs Lauren that Cheryl is coming around to dinner, so she decides to go out. She's still not too happy with Cheryl being Lou's girlfriend, though.
Mark is interviewing a blonde girl for a room- mate. Apparently she's a manicurist and seems a bit of a dumb blonde. Annalise looks at her references, says they'll get back to her and then shows her out.
ANNALISE: Definitely the wrong type!
Coffee Shop
Danni, Brett and Lauren are all in agreement that Cheryl and Lou aren't right for each other.
Troy talks to Jodie his girlfriend on the phone. Wayne invites Troy to go fishing, but he's going home to see Jodie. He says he's still got tonight to "cut loose" though!
Mark is interviewing a new- age nutter. Mark shows her out.
MARK and ANNALISE: Definitely the wrong type!
Mark heads off to work.
Lou offers Cheryl some caviar and she looks rather disgusted(!)
LOU: I'm serious about wanting to look after you.
CHERYL: I'm a tough cookie. I can look after myself.
LOU: That doesn't meant you *have* to.
Just then, Lauren comes in. Lou tells her some flowers have been delivered for her. She reads the card and looks a bit concerned. Then she decides go over ot see Annalise.
Annalise and Lauren are chatting. Lauren suggests that Annalise moves in with Mark herself.
Cheryl clearly doesn't like seafood and is struggling to keep the oysters down(!)
In conversation, Lou says Danni and Brett blow very hot and cold with him - one minute they like him, the next they're giving him the cold shoulder.
He presents Cheryl with a whole roast snapper and she whimpers. She looks like she's going to be sick.
Brett tells Danni that he thinks they took things too far in telling Lou that Cheryl loves fish - when she actually hates it.
Troy and Wayne come in. Lauren thanks Wayne for the flowers - this confuses him. Troy admits that he sent the flowers in Wayne's name(!)
When Troy has gone to the kitchen, Wayne apologises and tells Lauren that maybe he should have sent her flowers himself. They decide neither of them are ready for a relationship with anyone, but that doesn't mean they can't go out occasionally.
Lou and Cheryl have arrived to get some dessert. They have rumbled Danni and Brett's trick.
LOU: Isn't it unfortunate that I chose strawberries. The one fruit your mother's allergic to(!)
Brett and Danni look a bit sheepish.
Annalise turns up with a suitcase and tells Mark that she's moving in. She'd rather he lived with her than some stranger. Mark isn't pleased.
ANNALISE: What's the big deal, Mark?!
MARK: I've got a new housemate.
MARK: Just signed up. Moving in tonight.
ANNALISE:(dangerously) Tonight?! Who?!
<<2071 - 2073>>
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