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Neighbours Episode 2069 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2069
Australian airdate: 16/12/93
UK airdate: 19/10/94
UK Gold: 05/10/00
Summary/Images by: Sal
- Hannah resents Julie favouring Michael over the household chores.
- Lou asks Cheryl out on a date. Cheryl turns him down.
- Brad and Beth drive off after getting married.
- Michael makes a fuss of Holly and feels left out of the family unit.
Ramsay Street
Holly has run off down the street with the Martins' paper! Julie chases her and stops to chat with Pam. Julie says that she'll be relieved when Christmas is over. Pam's got a postcard from Brad and Beth - Beth starts work next week and Brad has an interview lined up with a resort hotel.
PAM: "PS. The surf is pumping."!
Pam says she misses Brad and Beth already - Number 28 is quiet with just Doug and the girls. Julie wishes she had some peace - school holidays are a trial! Julie says that although Michael hasn't left yet, he spends most of his time locked away in his room. Pam thinks that's a worry - she likes to be able to keep an eye on her lot.
JULIE: And if Hannah says, one more time, "I've got nothing to do!" I will scream!
They both laugh.
Number 32
Phil and Hannah are sitting together looking through some holiday brochures. Phil yells Michael and Julie into the living room for a family conference. As Debbie has gone away, Phil thinks the rest of the family should have a holiday. Julie wonders if he wants to go on another ill-fated camping trip...he doesn't!
Julie suggests the Barrier Reef, but Phil thinks that they'll need at least a week and a half to do it justice - and Debbie would be gutted at missing out. Phil asks Michael's opinion, and Hannah brattily throws a tantrum, claiming that she never gets a say and Michael always gets to do what he wants.
Julie rebukes Hannah, but it's too late. Michael calmly tells them that he doesn't care what they do and leaves. Julie wonders how they're going to get through to him, but Phil points out that Michael thinks he's doing the right thing by standing back - the important thing is that he's still with them.
HANNAH: (flicking through a brochure) Huh. Wish he wasn't.
Phil looks despairingly at Julie, who glares at Hannah and angrily snatches the brochure off her! (Ahhh, peace and love in the Martin household!)
Number 22
Brett is looking for a job in the newspaper. He's lined up some interviews and leaves as Pam arrives to return Cheryl's plates. They chat about Christmas - Pam thinks Doug's going to buy her some non-stick kitchen knives! They both laugh and Cheryl says that men just don't get it - but Pam thinks that Doug tries hard!
Cheryl's very cynical - she reckons that once men have wooed a woman, romance disappears out of their vocabulary and all of the flowers, chocolates and champagne stop! Pam tells her that she and Lou are perfect for each other. Cheryl says that her circumstances have changed - with Danni and Brett living with her again, she's now a family woman.
Cheryl says that she won't be actively pursuing a relationship Lou - and if anything were to happen between them, it'll have to nature taking its own course. Pam doesn't look convinced!
Coffee Shop
Doug is listening to the cricket and Lou makes him jump. Doug reckons he'll give him a heart attack some day! Lou's not busy at the Car Yard around Christmas time and Doug thinks that gives him more time to chase Cheryl. Lou thinks it's a bit of a non-starter.
DOUG: Maybe I could give you some advice.
LOU: (laughs) Oh Doug, the day I want advice from you on women is the day I give them up!
DOUG: (laughing) Well, your current technique isn't exactly paying off!
LOU: Point taken. What do you suggest, Casanova?
Doug tells Lou that although women go on about equality, there's nothing they like more than the full romantic treatment. Doug cites Gaby as an example - one day a hard-nosed businesswoman, the next a sucker for a smooth line (no, not the white stuff!) and a glass of champagne. Doug is confident that Cheryl is playing hard to get and suggests that Lou pile on the courtship - in fact, he should overwhelm her!
Number 32
Phil's poring over a potential holiday destination list. He's desperate for Michael to come with them and join in the family. Julie thinks that a holiday is just what they all need. Phil thanks her for making such an effort with Michael.
Julie sits on Phil's knee and just as they're about to get intimate, Hannah barges in wanting to know where Holly is. Phil suggests that she might be keeping cool under the house, but apparently she's not there - or over at Helen's. Julie tells her that she'll turn up eventually.
Number 32 - Michael's Room
Michael is sitting on his sofa eating biscuits - one for him, one for Holly. He's making a real fuss of Holly and Hannah bursts in, accusing him of hurting Holly. He tells Hannah that he's just giving Holly some biscuits, and offers some to Hannah - but Hannah's having none of it.
HANNAH: She doesn't like biscuits!
MICHAEL: Oh, no, I can see that(!)
Hannah drags Holly away from Michael and tells him that snack foods are bad for dogs. Hannah is really upset that she's in Michael's room - she isn't allowed in Hannah's, and she's Hannah's dog. She warns Michael that he thinks he can have everything - but he can't have Holly.
Michael tells her to take her out - he didn't ask the dog to come in! Hannah leaves, and Michael carries on eating his biscuits. Unsurprisingly, he looks pretty cheesed off!
Number 28
Cody is being an absolute pain in the bum - she's rude and sarcastic to Pam at every juncture, and she whinges about how Erinsborough is dead. Pam flips and sharply asks when she's going to start acting like the adult she reckons she is, and not some 10 year old brat. (I quite agree, Pam!)
Coffee Shop
Brett wanders in with the newspaper - he's having no luck finding a job. Lou mentions that he has a detailer position vacant at the Car Yard. Brett's interest is sparked when he learns that Lou owns the Car Yard and asks if Lou will consider him for the job.
Lou's quite ambivalent about giving Brett a position, because he lacks experience until Lou seems to click that giving Brett a job could be a way in to dating Cheryl.
Number 28
Doug and Pam are discussing Cody's behaviour since her return from America. Doug reckons she gets her fiery streak from him! He thinks that she just needs space - 2 years in a foreign country is a long time to be away. Pam thinks that they've given enough ground for that excuse already, but Doug warns that it'll only get worse before it gets better. Pam sighs heavily!
Coffee Shop
Cody is bummed out. Michael walks in and spots a like minded soul! He invites her over to Number 32, but Cody reckons that Erinsborough is Deadsville. Michael regales her with his woes - he concedes that Julie is making an effort, but Hannah's the one being honest by not bothering. He believes that neither of them want him around.
Cody's list of gripes seems to extend to - "my parents do things for me and I don't care, it's so weird being back." (Quite why Michael's sympathising with her, I'm not sure!) Michael asks about her time in America, and whether her family set up has altered.
CODY: Mum and Dad are the same. Gaby's always been a major pain but at least she'd fight. Now she's just a lovesick loser.
MICHAEL: Brad seemed ok though?
CODY: Mmm. Brad's always been in his own headspace. But cool. Now he's had a major brain transplant, playing at Mr Responsible. And Adam's a doctor, so he lost touch with what's really going on years ago!
Michael says that he's only interested in Phil out of his family. Cody wonders about Deb, but Michael says that although he's fine with her, she's always off doing her own thing - she's away with Kelly now, and there'll be something else soon.
Cody empathises - she knows where he's coming from because Deb's the closest thing she's had to a friend since she's been back. Michael tells her that she can count on him - he can be her friend, and it might be a way for them to both survive the holidays. Cody smiles and agrees.
Number 24
Lou and Doug are having a beer. Lou tells Doug that he took his advice - and he's hired a car detailer.
DOUG: Have I missed something? *I* advised you to do that?!
LOU: No, that was my idea.
DOUG: Good. ...what was mine?
LOU: Er, make a concentrated effort at a romantic push.
DOUG: ...right. So you're going to get someone to clean her car? Good one(!)
LOU: No, mate, I hired her son. Wouldn't hurt to have him onside, mate.
DOUG: Oooh, that's very cunning.
LOU: Cunning? It's a mild stroke of genius, I prefer to call it.
Number 22
Brett comes in with a bottle of champagne. Cheryl is very pleased - and then asks him to tell her what he's done wrong! Brett clarifies that the champagne isn't from him - it's from Lou. He tells Cheryl that he and Lou got talking about a job, and he asked him to pass it over. Cheryl "wonders" how Lou found out what her favourite champagne was! (Yes, Cheryl's slightly quicker on the uptake than dear old Brettles!)
Number 28
Cody and Michael are sitting on Cody's bed, listening to music. Michael is raving over Cody's CD collection and she tells him about the huge stores they have in America. Michael says he'd like to go overseas and Cody would really like to go back.
Pam barges in, causing Cody to jump off the bed. Pam is immediately suspicious of what the two are up to, even though it's perfectly innocent. Cody tells her that they were just listening to music and Pam questions the door being shut. Cody tells her that if the door had been left open, she'd have been told to turn the music down!
Pam leaves, and Cody apologises to Michael. Michael reckons he's lucky - Julie's keeping well away from his room.
Number 32
Julie is wrapping Christmas presents. Pam comes over for a whinge about Michael and Cody, but Julie is satisfied with their version of events. Pam isn't happy about them spending time together, and Julie guesses that it's because Michael's been in a detention centre, so Pam thinks he must be a bad influence.
Pam tries to suggest that Michael's been through a lot and Cody has enough problems of her own when it comes to settling down - but Julie defends Michael to the hilt. She tells Pam that he's trying very hard and if people keep holding his past mistakes against him, it'll make things worse for him. Pam tells Julie that she can only worry about her own daughter and marches out!
Number 28
Cody is regaling Michael with tales of America - sleeping in vans and clubbing until dawn! She reckons the nightlife is wild. Michael wonders why she came back - and it seems her visa ran out. Michael reckons he wouldn't leave if he went. He tries to cheer Cody, suggesting that there's some new places in town.
CODY: You mean the Geiger Counter? Give me a break! Gaby goes there and she likes Whitney Houston!
MICHAEL: There's another new one, out in West Erinsborough.
CODY: What does it play?
MICHAEL: Dunno, I've never been. But the word is, it really pumps.
Cody reckons that it sounds better than spending another night in with the family, and the pair agree to go tonight. There's a knock at the door. Cody wearily shouts:
CODY: We've still got our clothes on!
Pam walks in.
CODY: See!
Pam is not impressed.
PAM: Your dinner's nearly ready. Be there.
CODY: I'm not that hungry.
PAM: And I think Michael should go home. I'm sure they'll be looking for him by now. His family, that is.
Michael looks a bit taken aback - and quite hurt!
Number 32
Julie tells Phil that Pam has said that Michael can't see Cody anymore - and Phil's not happy at all. Julie tries to explain Pam's position and she just gets shouted at by Phil (poor Jules!), who's outraged on Michael's behalf.
PHIL: She's condemned him without even a trial. She's the judge, jury and executioner!
JULIE: It's not that simple.
PHIL: Isn't it?! Maybe I should go over there and remind her of some of the choice acts her offspring have performed!
Phil angrily hobbles to the door to go and confront Pam but Julie warns him that the last thing Michael needs is Phil kicking up a fight with the neighbours. Phil thinks it's totally unfair - and doubly unfair that he has to break the news to Michael, because he doesn't have a problem with him seeing Cody.
Julie tells him to give Michael the true story - that Pam doesn't want him to see Cody. Phil thinks that this is just what Michael needs to hear(!)
Number 24
Cheryl pops over to thank Lou for the champagne. He tells her it's his favourite variety. Cheryl remarks on the coincidence that it's her favourite too. She says she's going to share it with a very special man.
LOU: Anyone I know?
CHERYL: Yes, as a matter of fact.
LOU: He wouldn't be suave, good looking and very eager to please, would he?
CHERYL: Er, yes. Very. And I hope so.
LOU: Wouldn't work in the car industry by any chance?
CHERYL: Well, he will do soon by the sounds of things.
It dawns on Lou that she's not talking about him - she's on about Brett! Lou brushes their job conversations off and Cheryl gets really angry at the idea that Lou might be using Brett just to get closer to her. Lou hastily retracts.
LOU: ...but, I knew he was the man for the job!
CHERYL: When did you come to this conclusion?
LOU: Just n... When I first laid eyes on him.
Number 32
Michael is putting a shirt on ready to go out. Phil knocks and Michael tells him to enter his room (see, Pam - that's how manners work!). Michael tells him he's going to meet Cody and Phil has to break it to him that Pam doesn't want the pair spending time together. Michael protests that they just talk and listen to music.
Phil says that he has to respect Pam's wishes. Michael tries to talk calmly, but when Phil insists that he can't go out, he gets annoyed and slams his bedroom door in anger. Phil keeps his cool and agrees it's unfair. He tells Michael that he'll sort it out but asks him to promise not to see Cody in the meantime.
MICHAEL: It's not fair!
PHIL: Give me a chance. Promise you won't see Cody.
Michael looks sullen, but he's clearly thinking about it.
Number 28
Cody, Pam and Doug are arguing. Cody is outraged that Pam is trying to tell her who she can be friends with and heads towards the door, insisting that she's going out with Michael. Doug tells her not to speak to Pam in the manner that she's doing, but Cody's not impressed. Pam says that she's worried about Cody - and Cody wonders if they think she's going to send Michael off the rails!
Cody storms off to her room, sticking two fingers up at her parents! Pam is appalled at the way she's been spoken to but Doug tells her to leave it - she needs some time to cool off. Pam is not impressed.
Number 22
Brett asks after Lou, and Cheryl tells him to call him Mr Carpenter - he's Brett's boss now. Brett corrects her and says that Lou has to see some other people before he makes up his mind. Cheryl tells him that he's got the job and Brett is stoked.
Number 28
Pam and Doug are watching a film. Pam is crying and Doug wonders what's wrong. Pam blames the movie, but eventually reveals it's Cody. Doug reassures her that she just lost her temper; she wasn't being deliberately rude. Pam insists that she isn't trying to make life hard for her. Doug says she has to learn from her own mistakes.
PAM: And Michael's a nice enough boy. It's just he's been through a lot too. I don't think they're good for each other. ...she's my baby, Doug. I don't want to see her get hurt.
Number 32
Michael is lying on his bed listening to a walkman. He hears someone knocking and looks towards the door - and then realises it's coming from his window. He pulls up the blind and asks Cody what she's doing. She tells him to open the window, which he does.
CODY: You're wearing that?
MICHAEL: ...yeah.
CODY: Well, come on, let's go.
MICHAEL: Go where?
CODY: Out!
MICHAEL: Are you crazy? Pam's going to kill you if she finds you here.
CODY: Since when have you worried about what my mother thinks? Come on.
MICHAEL: I can't.
CODY: Why not?
MICHAEL: Because I promised Dad.
CODY: Did Daddy say you weren't allowed out at night time?
MICHAEL: I gave my word.
CODY: And like a good boy scout you always keep your word, right?
MICHAEL: Give me a break!
Cody lays it on thick, saying that she thought Michael was her friend. He says that he is, so she tells him to stop being a pain and go out with her. Michael is clearly torn.
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Pam Willis, Julie Martin in Neighbours Episode 2069
Pam Willis, Julie Martin

Hannah Martin, Philip Martin in Neighbours Episode 2069
Hannah Martin, Philip Martin

Pam Willis, Cheryl Stark in Neighbours Episode 2069
Pam Willis, Cheryl Stark

Philip Martin, Julie Martin in Neighbours Episode 2069
Philip Martin, Julie Martin

Michael Martin, Holly, Hannah Martin in Neighbours Episode 2069
Michael Martin, Holly, Hannah Martin

Cody Willis, Pam Willis in Neighbours Episode 2069
Cody Willis, Pam Willis

Brett Stark, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 2069
Brett Stark, Lou Carpenter

Doug Willis, Pam Willis in Neighbours Episode 2069
Doug Willis, Pam Willis

Doug Willis, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 2069
Doug Willis, Lou Carpenter

Brett Stark, Cheryl Stark in Neighbours Episode 2069
Brett Stark, Cheryl Stark

Michael Martin, Cody Willis in Neighbours Episode 2069
Michael Martin, Cody Willis

Michael Martin, Pam Willis, Cody Willis in Neighbours Episode 2069
Michael Martin, Pam Willis, Cody Willis

Philip Martin, Julie Martin in Neighbours Episode 2069
Philip Martin, Julie Martin

Julie Martin in Neighbours Episode 2069
Julie Martin

Cheryl Stark, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 2069
Cheryl Stark, Lou Carpenter

Michael Martin in Neighbours Episode 2069
Michael Martin

Philip Martin, Michael Martin in Neighbours Episode 2069
Philip Martin, Michael Martin

Cody Willis in Neighbours Episode 2069
Cody Willis

Cody Willis, Michael Martin in Neighbours Episode 2069
Cody Willis, Michael Martin

Michael Martin in Neighbours Episode 2069
Michael Martin

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