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Neighbours Episode 2048 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2048
Australian airdate: 17/11/93
UK airdate: 20/09/94
UK Gold: 06/09/00
Writer: Ian Coughlan
Director: Judith John-Story
Guests: Jack Flynn: Mark Pennell
Rosie McClaren: Peggy O'Shea
Madame Zolga: Marian Dimmick
Woman: Tiffany Clarkson
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
No 30
Mark is feeling Annalise strawberries and they are delighted to find that they both dislike watermelon(!) They are very smitten with each other.
Gaby is just seeing Jack out. He says awkwardly that he'll see her tomorrow for the cross- country flight. As he's leaving, Doug and Pam come in with some shopping and Doug makes jokes about Jack having a "girl in every airport". Jack leaves, very awkwardly, and Gaby scowls at Doug.
Pam asks Gaby if she's coming to the women's triathlon strategy meeting tomorrow morning, but she's distracted by thinking about Jack. She tells Pam that Jack is a 30 year old virgin and she is shocked. Gaby says that since Jack is a monk, her search for a man continues. What a judgemental pair.
Annalise pops round to see Lauren and tells her that things are going very well with Mark. Lauren is reading about astrology and says she and Brad are a terrible match because she's a Leo and he's a Cancer. Annalise scoffs, but asks how Pisces and Sagittarius match. Apparently it's a good match, but with one potential problem - jealousy between the pair. Annalise says it's all rubbish anyway!
No.28, the following morning
Annalise joins Lauren, Gaby and Pam for the triathlon meeting - but apparently Beth can't make it. Doug mocks them a bit and Pam sends him off. Doug says he might join Mark's team(!)
When he's gone, Pam tells the girls that they have to do time trials in the three disciplines, so they can work out where their weaknesses are.
Helen, Hannah and Rosie are making cakes for the tea party. Helen heads off to get some more milk. When she's gone, Rosie gets out some raspberry jam and suggests that she and Hannah try it.
Lassiter's Complex
Gaby has been on her flight with Jack. She tells him that they're not looking for the same things and she wants them to go back to being friends. Jack calls after her and suddenly grabs her and kisses her. They kiss more (on the bridge) and some people start to clap them(!)
Annalise is reading an astrology book. Helen says that their old neighbour Melanie was really into it, and it's a big waste of time. Helen mentions Madame Zolga and Annalise looks thoughtful.
Lassiter's Lake
Gaby is impressed at Jack's kissing. He said he was really nervous and he's always worried about making a fool of himself in front of women. But he's made a breakthrough with her now, and invites her out to dinner tonight - definitely without his mother this time! Then he kisses her again.
Annalise and Mark hug and kiss. Annalise asks him if he'll go out for 20 minutes as she's having a beautician round to give her a leg wax. He agrees. As he's leaving, Madame Zolga arrives! She sits down with Annalise and says that she has a very exciting and romantic future (she can tell just by looking at her!)
Gaby and Lauren are warming up for triathlon training. Pam starts them off and they run across the park, laughing.
Mark tells Doug that a weird leg- waxer is rounda t No.30(!) Doug is doing weights to train for the triathlon. He suggests to Mark that they plant someone on the girl team to spy for them(!) Just then, Hannah knocks on the door and Doug looks at her with delight.
Madame Zolga is reading tarot cards with Annalise. She says she's due a romance with a Sagittarian. She was slow to realise she loved this Sagittarian. There is confusion between the two ahead, and another beautiful woman with red hair. She is from Mark's past, and will try to reclaim him.
Ramsay Street
Gaby and Lauren are knackered, but Pam says that their trial times are pathetic(!) Mark laughs at their efforts, but Pam tells him to concentrate on his own training. He says Doug has a secret weapon now(!)
Mark sees Madame Zolga coming out of No.30. She mysteriously tells him that red is the colour for danger.
Mark comes in and Annalise looks rather upset. He kisses her, but she says she needs to go for a walk - alone.
Doug is making a smoothie. The recipe was given to him by an old mate. He asks Hannah to sneak a look at Pam's secret training programme - for $10. Hannah beats him up to $10 plus $5 for expenses(!)
Pam comes in, and when Doug is in the shower, Pam tries the smoothie. She asks Hannah to find out what's in the recipe. Hannah says she'll do it for $10 plus expenses!
Annalise is very downcast. Helen and Rosie assure her that Madame Zolga is a fraud, and she shouldn't listen to anything she said.
Gaby and Jack are having drinks. He is glad that Gaby hasn't been put off by his lack of experience, but she says it's one of the nicest things about him (Hmm, she's changed her tune!) He hopes that Gaby hasn't been put off by his mum either, and she assures him she hasn't.
Lassiter's complex
Annalise sees Mark with a girl with red hair! The girl gets into her car and Mark leans through the window and kisses her!
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