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Neighbours Episode 2047 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2047
Australian airdate: 16/11/93
UK airdate: 19/09/94
UK Gold: 05/09/00
Writer: Mark Stratford
Director: Judith John-Story
Guests: Alex Slater: Nigel Bradshaw
Craig Slater: Daniel Tobias
Jack Flynn: Mark Pennell
Edwina Flynn: Mary Little
Rosie McClaren: Peggy O'Shea
Janet Harper: Kate Whitbread
Anthony Quinton: Bill Oscar
Summary/Images by: Graham
Helen asking Rosie if she can bring Hannah and her rock on holiday.
Jack and Edwina telling Gaby about how Jack was nearly killed in a flight.
Rick almost falling off a bridge while trying to spray graffiti on it.
Craig runs along the bridge as he spots Rick dangling from the edge. He grabs Rick's arm and manages to pull him back up.
CRAIG (furiously): You stupid idiot.
RICK (panting): Oh man, that was close.
CRAIG: You're telling *me*. You nearly gave me a heart attack. How could you be so dumb?
Rick retorts that it's the best way he knew of getting the message across about the counselling service. He thanks Craig and adds that he owes him one. Craig suggests curtly that they get going.
Coffee Shop
Gaby is sitting at the counter, talking to Beth and musing about how someone as macho as Jack lets his mother push him around.
GABY: He's so decisive and cool in a crisis. Put him with her, though, and he turns into a lump of jelly!
BETH: Sounds like you'd better give up on him.
GABY: But he's perfect in every other way - and I know he likes me. *She's* the one with the problem.
Beth tells her that it's a case of once a mummy's boy, always a mummy's boy. Gaby sighs that she'll have to wean him off her. She heads out as Rick and Craig come in. Rick orders Craig a chocolate milkshake on the house. Beth asks what Craig has done to deserve the attention. Rick starts to explain that Craig saved his life. Craig, however, pulls him to a table and snaps:
CRAIG: The less people that know about this, the better.
Rick tells Craig that he's a real friend.
Lassiter's Complex
Gaby is walking across the complex when Jack calls over to her. Gaby smiles that she's glad she ran into him - and she invites him for dinner.
JACK: Just the two of us?
GABY (smiles): Yes, just the two of us - that is unless you're worried about Edwina being on her own?
JACK: Oh no - no problem: it's her bridge night tonight.
They agree to meet at 7:30.
No. 26
Philip is sitting holding a boomerang! Hannah tells him that they got rid of the rock too: as soon as they got there, she threw it away and they didn't have any more bad luck! Hannah then adds that he should see all the *spoons* Rosie bought.
ROSIE (clarifies): *Souvenir* spoons - I have 400 from all over the place.
PHILIP: Did you do *any* sight-seeing?
ROSIE: Oh everywhere - every souvenir shop I could find!
Philip turns to Hannah and asks if she got to climb Ayer's Rock.
HANNAH (corrects pointedly): Uluru, dad.
PHILIP: Sorry - Uluru.
HANNAH: No way.
HELEN: No - it's not the done thing to climb the Rock these days. It's fair enough: it's an Aboriginal sacred site.
Rosie stands up and announces that she should go and check that everything's all right at home. Philip tells her that he'll give her a lift. Rosie says her goodbyes and she and Philip head off.
HANNAH (to Helen): She's the nicest old lady I know. Oh - apart from you!
Mark is enthusing to Brad that things with him and Annalise are amazing. Brad sighs that *he's* blown it with Beth. Rick comes in, but Mark tells him quickly to get out, as he's under-18. Rick explains that it's an errand of mercy. He then asks Brad if he can help him out at the Coffee Shop for the next week, as he's snowed under with work. Brad agrees, as shifts at the Waterhole are pretty light. Rick heads off again.
MARK (to Brad): Smart move, pal. ... Opportunity's just knocked: doesn't Beth work at the Coffee Shop too?
Brad, however, sighs that Beth is too wrapped up in Wayne to worry about *him*. Mark points out that now's the chance to change her mind.
Outside Rosie's house
Rosie and Philip are approaching the house and Rosie is smiling that she spends every moment she can in her garden. A man dashes out of the house suddenly, and Rosie, looking surprised, introduces him to Philip as her son-in-law, Anthony Quinton. Anthony tells Rosie that it's bad news: there's been a break-in: windows broken, the lot. Rosie looks devastated. Philip asks if anything was taken. Anthony replies that there wasn't: the police scared them off. He then tells Rosie that he's arranged to have security bars put on the windows, but it's not safe for her to stay there until then.
ROSIE (angrily): I'm not afraid of young hooligans.
Philip, however, tells her that Anthony is right: they could come back. He then suggests that he give Helen a call and she can make up a bed for Rosie. Rosie sighs that perhaps that would be a good idea.
No. 28
Gaby lights a candle on the table just as there's a knock on the door. She opens it. Jack comes in and hands Gaby a bottle of champagne and a bunch of flowers. A voice suddenly rings out from outside:
EDWINA: Jack, are you sure you put the chocolate cake in the boot? I couldn't see it anywhere.
Gaby's face drops! Jack goes out to find the cake. Edwina comes in and tells Gaby that it's one of her famous triple-layer chocolate sponges. She adds:
EDWINA: You don't mind me inviting myself along, dear, do you? My bridge night was cancelled and I get so lonely of an evening when Jack's not around.
Gaby stands there, looking aghast!
No. 26
Hannah is asking Rosie about the break-in. Helen asks if her insurance will cover things. Rosie replies that it will: Anthony's looking after all that and the repairs. She then adds bitterly that if he - and his wife - had their way, the house would be on the market tomorrow. Helen hands her a towel and says she hopes Rosie will be very comfortable there. Hannah enthuses that they could pretend they're still on holidays. Rosie tells Helen that that means no cooking! She adds that they should get a pizza! Helen doesn't look impressed!
No. 28
Jack is washing up the dishes after dinner. Gaby rolls her eyes at him! She then offers Edwina more coffee and Edwina accepts. As Gaby pours it, Edwina tells her:
EDWINA: He's a good boy, Jack; always has been. I can't understand why some girl hasn't snapped him up. He's quite a catch, you'll have to admit!
GABY: Have you met his other girlfriends, Edwina?
EDWINA: Oh yes, he's brought home one or two. We see them once and then they're gone. It's very odd.
GABY (muses): Yeah, very!
Edwina adds that Gaby and Jack make a lovely couple - and the meal was lovely: all Jack's favourite things - although the meat could have been a little rarer: Jack does like his roasts just right...
GABY (coolly): I'll try to do better *next* time...
Jack tells his mother quickly not to be so picky: Gaby's done extremely well. He sits down next to Gaby on the couch and she pours him some coffee. Edwina suddenly grabs her chest and gasps:
EDWINA: Oh dear... Jack... the palpitations - I think they're back ... I shouldn't have had that second cup of coffee.
Gaby asks in concern if she should call an ambulance. Edwina, however, insists she'll be all right. Jack asks his mother if she brought her pills. Edwina replies that she didn't - it's been so long since she had an attack. Gaby suggests to Jack that he take his mother home. Jack apologises and tells Gaby that he'll make it up to her. He and Edwina head out, leaving Gaby looking annoyed.
Coffee Shop
The next morning, Brad arrives at the Coffee Shop and asks Beth what she wants him to do. Beth just looks at him blankly. Brad explains that Rick asked him to help out. Beth shrugs that Rick didn't say a thing to *her*. Mark and Wayne come in after a run and Mark grabs a bottle of water. Wayne gives Beth a kiss and then tells her that he's afraid he can't make the film this afternoon as he has to help set up some technical stuff at school.
MARK: Bad sign, breaking dates this early!
WAYNE: Beth understands - that's why I go out with her!
Slaters' lounge room
A counsellor closes a file and tells Alex and Craig that she really thinks they're making progress. Alex asks Craig how he's feeling. Craig smiles that he's great: it's good just to talk. The counsellor tells him that it's good to talk but it's got to be followed up with actions. Alex assures her that he's seen what neglecting a family can do, and it's not going to happen again. The counsellor heads off as Craig asks his father if he's going to be sticking around. Alex replies that that depends on a lot of things - but they have a lot of catching up to do.
CRAIG: We sure do - we hardly *know* each other anymore.
ALEX: Well that's going to change - that much I *do* know.
Coffee Shop
Beth is telling Brad behind the counter that she couldn't have coped without him! Brad goes to make some milkshakes, saying cheekily as he does so:
BRAD: I reckon it's just about your turn to finish-up in the kitchen.
BETH: *I'm* the boss around here, thank you very much, Brad Willis!
BRAD: Can't argue with *that*: all *I* can do is show my style!
BETH (incredulously): *Style*?! What - like the broken plates!
BRAD: That's 'cos I'm a showman! You can't hide me away from my adoring fans!
The two of them head into the kitchen and Beth asks Brad if he wants to go and see a film this afternoon. She adds that she was going to go and see it with Wayne, but he can't make it. Brad smiles that that would be cool - if she's sure it's OK with Wayne. Beth says she doesn't see why it shouldn't.
BRAD: What do you want to do afterwards?
BETH (pointedly): I just want to see the *film*, Brad...
No. 26
Old-time music is playing, and Rosie and Helen are dancing hand-in-hand around the lounge room floor. Rosie is saying happily:
ROSIE: Remember those Saturday nights at the town hall... All those gentlemen, all dressed up; always dashing; and they could dance - not like now!
HELEN: I remember my first dance vividly - and my first partner.
ROSIE: Was he handsome?
HELEN: No - not particularly! But he danced marvellously - he used to move me across the floor as though I was floating on air.
Helen, looking puffed, sits down and says she thinks she'll sit this one out! Rosie carries on by herself, though - and when Wayne comes in through the front door, Rosie grabs him and starts pulling him round the floor! Wayne, however, says quickly that he has to go! He heads to his room.
ROSIE (to Helen): That's the trouble with the young ones: they're always in a hurry; always want to be somewhere else.
She then pulls Helen back onto the floor and they start dancing again!
No. 28
The front door bursts open and Gaby rushes in. Jack is following her and Gaby snaps that they have to talk.
JACK: OK - but not just now: I have to pick-up mum.
GABY (coolly): And *that* is exactly what we have to talk *about*.
They sit down and Jack asks Gaby what the problem is.
No. 30
Wayne has turned up. Mark is doing some weight training, but he tells Wayne that he doesn't know where Beth is. Wayne comments that she must have gone to the flicks on her own. At that moment, Brad and Beth come in and Wayne asks Beth if she changed her mind about the film. Beth explains that Brad went with her. Wayne asks coolly how it was. Brad smiles that they had a good time. He then says that he'd better get going, and he heads off. Mark leaves the room as well. Left alone with Wayne, Beth says:
BETH: I wasn't expecting to see *you* this afternoon.
WAYNE (tersely): *That's* obvious.
BETH: You made him feel really uncomfortable.
WAYNE: It serves him right for trying to muscle back in on you.
BETH (annoyed): *I* asked *him* to go out with me - as friends; and if you can't accept that Brad and I are still friends then we may just as well forget it.
Wayne calms down and tells Beth that he knows she's still close to Brad, and it's OK. Beth smiles at him in relief.
Coffee Shop
Rick is behind the counter, saying to Craig and Alex that he hasn't decided what he wants to do with his life yet. Alex tells his son that he's been chewing on an idea that *he* might be keen on, and he asks him how he'd feel about a couple of weeks lazing around on the beach.
CRAIG: You serious?
ALEX: Too right. Shoot off any time.
Craig looks at Rick with a smile on his face.
No. 28
Jack is telling Gaby:
JACK: So that's it - really. See, when dad died, I was all mum had. There's no other family and mum hasn't got many friends. I guess it's only natural that she'd want to cling to me.
GABY: Well yes, but you're still entitled to a life of your own.
JACK: Gaby, you mustn't get the wrong idea about mum: she's not so usually so gung-ho to spend time with my friends.
GABY: What's so different about *me*?
JACK: Well... I guess that I've told her so much about you she got the impression that you were special.
GABY (a smile developing): *Am* I?
JACK (sincerely): Oh, Gaby, you *know* you are.
GABY: Good - because the feeling's mutual.
Gaby leans across to kiss Jack on the lips. Jack, however, pulls back quickly and says:
JACK: I'd really better be going.
GABY (looking astonished): No, not yet. Not until you tell me why you're so afraid to be alone with me.
JACK: I *explained* about mum.
GABY (curtly): Obviously not the whole story. Jack, your mother isn't here right now; why can't you just relax?
JACK (nervously): I *am* relaxed.
GABY: Are you?
Gaby leans in again to kiss him, but he turns his head away.
JACK: I'm sorry... I'm sorry.
GABY (demands): Jack, what's the problem?
JACK (meekly): I'm... shy.
GABY (dismissively): Oh please.
JACK: Look, Gaby, despite what you might think, I'm just not confident in situations like this. [He takes a deep breath.] I just don't have the experience... Look, I've barely even *kissed* a girl, let alone anything else.
Gaby stares at him as he tells her awkwardly:
JACK: I - oh... I just don't... have a clue...
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Rick Alessi, Craig Slater in Neighbours Episode 2047
Rick Alessi, Craig Slater

Gaby Willis, Beth Brennan in Neighbours Episode 2047
Gaby Willis, Beth Brennan

Jack Flynn, Gaby Willis in Neighbours Episode 2047
Jack Flynn, Gaby Willis

Hannah Martin, Philip Martin in Neighbours Episode 2047
Hannah Martin, Philip Martin

Mark Gottlieb in Neighbours Episode 2047
Mark Gottlieb

Rosie McClaren in Neighbours Episode 2047
Rosie McClaren

Edwina Flynn, Gaby Willis in Neighbours Episode 2047
Edwina Flynn, Gaby Willis

Rosie McClaren, Hannah Martin, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 2047
Rosie McClaren, Hannah Martin, Helen Daniels

Wayne Duncan, Beth Brennan, Mark Gottlieb in Neighbours Episode 2047
Wayne Duncan, Beth Brennan, Mark Gottlieb

Beth Brennan, Brad Willis in Neighbours Episode 2047
Beth Brennan, Brad Willis

Rosie McClaren, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 2047
Rosie McClaren, Helen Daniels

Jack Flynn, Gaby Willis in Neighbours Episode 2047
Jack Flynn, Gaby Willis

Beth Brennan in Neighbours Episode 2047
Beth Brennan

Rick Alessi in Neighbours Episode 2047
Rick Alessi

Gaby Willis in Neighbours Episode 2047
Gaby Willis

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