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Neighbours Episode 2045 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2045
Australian airdate: 12/11/93
UK airdate: 15/09/94
UK Gold: 01/09/00
Writer: Pip Mushin
Director: Michael Sergi
Guests: Jack Flynn: Mark Pennell
Edwina Flynn: Mary Little
Murray Thompson: David Walters
Travis Wignall: Alan King
Barman: Anthony Breslin
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Annalise comes back and clocks what's going on. She handles the situation by throwing a drink in each of the guys' faces. Lauren dissolves into giggles, and just then Mark and Brad finally gain entry to the pub. Annalise tells Mark off for spying on her and says she can handle herself fine without him! Mark stomps off.
Gaby and Pam are exercising when Brad and Mark come in. They laugh at their costumes.
Lauren tells Annalise that Mark and Brad were only trying to help. Annalise feels bad about shouting at Mark. She tells Lauren that since the business with Jeffrey, she's lost all her confidence and now just feels like a pretty face. Lauren tells her she's wrong - Annalise has heaps going for her. Lauren thinks Mark is interested in Annalise, as he spends a lot of time worrying about her. She thinks Annalise should do something about it.
Mark, still in his costume(!), is watching TV in the dark (despite mysteriously finding someone's boot under the cushion!)
Lauren and Annalise's laughter has woken Lou up. He is a little put- out at first, but then joins in! When Annalise has gone, Lou tells Lauren that he's pleased to see her laughing again - it's the first time since all the business with the cult.
No.30 (front steps)
Annalise has come to see Mark.
MARK:(rudely) What do *you* want?!
ANNALISE: Hi, I er...
MARK: Listen, Annalise, whatever it is you want to abuse me about, can you save it until morning?
ANNALISE: I've just come to talk, Mark.
MARK: You're unbelievable, you know that? It's not enough that you dump me after we spend a great night together, but then you have to rub my nose in it by flirting with every bloke within spitting distance. I can't believe I ever thought we'd make a good couple, you know that?!
ANNALISE: Have you finished?
ANNALISE: Well, tough, it's my turn now. I'm sorry I ever hurt you. You know, I didn't mean to. I didn't expect things to hot up the way they did, either. It's not that I didn't enjoy it, I did! It's just I thought I was in love with Jeffrey. I was mixed up, I was confused!
MARK: Is that supposed to make me feel better?!
ANNALISE: Just let me finish, will you?!
MARK: Forget it, Annalise! I'm not interested!
He goes into the house and shuts the door.
MARK:(from inside) Go away!
ANNALISE:(shouting) Look, you are going to hear me through whether you want it or not! (as she speaks, lights come on around Ramsay Street) I can understand you're angry at me, all right?! I know I treated you badly, I can see that now, but I love you, Mark! I LOVE YOU!
She sighs and walks down the steps, but Mark opens the door.
MARK: Hey! I love you too!
They hug and kiss.
Pam, Lauren, Gaby and Brad, who have apparently come to see what's going on, clap and cheer!
No.30, the following morning
Beth and Wayne are having breakfast after a night of passion (yuk). They agree that they're glad they're together properly now. Wayne heads off to triathlon training.
No.30 (front)
Annalise and Mark are kissing rather squelchily (yuk). They are very lovey- dovey and agree to meet up later.
No.30 (inside)
Mark comes in and sees Beth sitting there looking dreamy. She congratulates Mark on getting together with Annalise, and he congratulates her for sorting things out with Wayne.
Pam rushes in and tells Mark to get into his running gear ready for training.
Gaby is looking for her earrings. Pam rushes in to get her stop- watch. Gaby tells her that she's having brunch with Jack today. She asks Brad to make himself scarce.
Just then, Jack arrives. Brad looks interested in the food, but Pam drags him off.
Annalise has come to return Mark's wallet. Beth congratulates her on getting together with Mark. They talk about the triathlon and Beth thinks that Wayne will beat Mark easily. Annalise doesn't agree, saying Mark is a quiet achiever(!)
Pam sends Mark off to do some laps as Wayne approaches. Pam thinks Wayne should have a coach too.
Gaby is arranging some flowers from Jack in a vase. Jack is cooking. Just then, there's a knock at the door and it's Edwina Flynn, Jack's mother(!) Jack explains that this mother really wanted to meet Gaby!
Wayne comes to ask Lou if he'll coach him for the triathlon. Lou is surprised, but agrees. He says he has a good piece of equipment left over from his rowing days, and goes off to look for it.
Jack is telling flying stories but his mum keeps interrupting. Gaby isn't very pleased that his mum has turned up.
Lou is coaching Wayne through a megaphone(!) Annalise and Beth arrive and Lou says he'll soon have Wayne ready for the triathlon. Pam huffily says that she's training Mark up slowly. Lou suggests a quick 100m dash.
Jack, Gaby and his mum are cleaning up after brunch. His mum barely stops talking about what good care Jack takes of her. When she steps outside for a minute, Jack apologises for him mum and says she's just lonely. He asks if they can meet again. Gaby agrees. They're about to kiss when Jack's mum comes back in!
Wayne and Mark are running the 100m. Wayne is winning easily, but Mark puts on a spurt and gets ahead of him. Pam tells Mark that they're training 3 times a day from now on, starting at 6am tomorrow. Mark protests and tells her he'll be fine without a coach(!) A conversation about sexism starts, and Pam vows to start an all- girl team, telling Annalise and Beth that they can both be in it!
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