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Neighbours Episode 2044 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2044
Australian airdate: 11/11/93
UK airdate: 14/09/94
UK Gold: 31/08/00
Writer: Ray Kolle
Director: Michael Sergi
Guests: Jack Flynn: Mark Pennell
Murray Thompson: David Walters
Travis Wignall: Alan King
Bouncer: John Moore
Kev: Brad Wade
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Gaby has called up Jack at the airfield to explain her plight and he explains that she's probably experiencing spatial disorientation in the clouds. He tells her to ignore her instincts and trust her instruments. Gaby says she feels like the plane is turning, but he assures her that she must ignore her instincts.
Beth tells Mark that Wayne has told her the truth about Brad. She admits that she still loves Brad, but she doesn't think he can trust him. Mark doesn't think she can trust Wayne either, but says she can't go out with Wayne because she doesn't trust Brad - it's not fair to him. He advises her to speak to Brad.
Gaby now feels that she's flying upside- down, but Jack assures her that her instruments are right. Finally the plane comes out of the cloud and Gaby is indeed flying straight. She sighs in relief. Jack congratulates her and tells her to make her way back to base.
Annalise and Lauren are having a drink. Annalise sees some loser guys looking at them and decides to have some fun. At the bar, one of them orders champagne for $8.50!
They go over the Annalise and Lauren and introduce themselves as Murray and Travis. They pour some champagne and try to chat the girls up.
MURRAY: To Annalise and Lauren! May they get everything they deserve in life. And I reckon they deserve us!
ANNALISE: Really! You know, I didn't realise I'd done anything quite that bad!
They all laugh. Annalise and Lauren get up to go, but guys invite them to the Waterhole tonight as it's "Vamp Night". Annalise agrees, but Lauren isn't very keen(!) For some unknown reason, Annalise gives the guys her address and tells them to pick her and Lauren up at 7pm!
Gaby hugs Jack and thanks him for helping her. She's very shaky. Jack says he'll get her back in the air tomorrow, but right now she needs a stiff drink. He takes her off.
Wayne invites Beth on a date, but Beth says she needs to talk to Brad first. She's going to talk to him tonight. Wayne says Beth must do whatever will make her happy.
Beth comes round to see Brad, but only Pam is there. Pam goes on a rant about Brad and how irresponsible he is for shirking his chores today. Then she starts saying how Brad has a total lack of commitment to anything or anyone!
Annalise and Lauren are looking at outfits they could wear tonight. Annalise shows Lauren a few tiny items and Lauren says she might as well go naked than wear them!
Beth is cleaning when Mark comes in. She's taken Pam's words to heart. Mark encourages her to talk to Brad as "love is a better deal every time".
Jack is telling Gaby about a rough landing he had once. Gaby looks worried, but admits that she loves flying. Jack invites her to lunch tomorrow and she agrees. Jack says he could come round to her house to cook and Gaby agrees. Also, she suggests they have dinner tonight too! Jack agrees and suggests they go for a walk before dinner.
Wayne, Mark and Brad are peeking through the window at Annalise and Lauren, who are just heading off with the two loser guys.
Mark suggests to Brad that they go down the pub too, but Wayne doesn't want to.
The pub is decorated for "Vamp Night". Murray tells Annalise that his bedroom at home is much the same(!) Annalise says she and Lauren want French Champagne and Murray agrees, though he says it's expensive. At the bar, Murray tells Travis that the expense will be worth it(!)
Wayne and Beth are talking. He is pressing her for an answer about Brad. She gets up and kisses him.
Brad and Mark are stopped by a security guard from getting into the pub as they're not wearing costumes(!) Mark tells Brad he has to get in to save Annalise and Lauren from the loser guys!
Inside, Murray and Travis are being really sleazy.
Lassiter's Car Park
MARK: Drop your pants!
BRAD:(stunned) Hey, cool it...!
But Mark just wants to cut Brad's clothes up to make costumes to get into the pub!
Beth tells Wayne that she wants their relationship to be calm and easy.
Lassiter's Car Park
Mark and Brad have fashioned costumes(!)
Gaby introduces Jack to Pam. Gaby tells Pam what happened with the cloud today and Jack assures Pam that Gaby has the makings of a really good pilot. Jack has to go, but explains he'll be back to cook brunch tomorrow.
When Jack has gone, Pam tells Gaby that Jack is gorgeous, and he cooks, too!
Mark and Brad are still having trouble getting into the pub.
Beth and Wayne are getting steamy on the sofa. Wayne says he'd better go, but Beth wants him to stay (clearly for a night of passion). They kiss more.
Murray and Travis are trying to get Annalise and Lauren to come back to his place.
ANNALISE:(crossly) Look, I don't think I'll *ever* be ready for your place, OK?!
When Annalise and Lauren are in the toilet, Murray tells Travis that they could try to talk Lauren round. When Lauren comes back, they tell her that Annalise has gone out to the car and she should come too. They try to drag Lauren off.
<<2043 - 2045>>
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