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Neighbours Episode 2030 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2030
Australian airdate: 22/10/93
UK airdate: 25/08/94
UK Gold: 11/08/00
Writer: Ray Kolle
Director: Judith John-Story
Guests: Craig Slater: Daniel Tobias
Sean Slater: Ben Thomas
Mrs Stoner: Donna Woodhouse
Thug no. 1: Peter Tzefrios
Thug no. 2: George Iliakis
Kristy: Jodi Haigh
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Helen hits Hannah with her car.
Ramsay Street
Julie rushes up. Hannah is groaning in agony at the state of her knees. Helen is crying and in shock.
The Pub
Brad is telling Mark that he wants to take things slowly with Beth and get them back to the way they were. He's determined not to let Beth go again.
Martins (No.32)
Julie is putting antiseptic on Hannah's cut knees. Hannah says she thought she'd got rid of the rock.
Helen is very upset at causing an accident to Hannah.
HANNAH: Oh, Gran, I still love you. Even if you did nearly kill me!
She and Helen hug.
Sean's Paper Round
The two bullies from school have hunted Sean down and are hassling him about his clothes. They start showing his papers around. Luckily Phil comes up and breaks up the incident. Sean tells him he can stick up for himself.
Coffee Shop
Mark comes in an orders a quiche (so he can't be a real man ;) ). Rick is still practising his Othello lines and Mark isn't sure he can see Rick in the part. Rick is very determined though.
Beth comes in for a coffee and sees Mark there. She's fed up about Brad and Mark is most confused given his conversation with Brad earlier.
BETH: He's still scared to make any kind of commitment. I'm giving up on him.
Mark advises her to give Brad another try but Beth reckons she's had enough.
Martins (No.32)
Julie sends Debbie to the shop for some milk. Debbie is very stressed about the Science project, saying that Craig just hasn't pulled his weight.
Phil comes in and Hannah tells him about Helen nearly killing her with the car(!) Julie explains that Helen didn't actually hit Hannah, she stopped in time but Hannah fell anyway. Phil worries that Helen might not be fit to drive - her reactions may not be as fast as they used to be, and she did prang his car the other day too.
PHIL: You should talk to Helen. For her own safety - I think it's time that she gave up driving.
Helen is sitting with her hands on her temples, looking rather distressed. Wayne is trying to cheer her up. Helen can't help wonder if she's too old to be driving - that's two incidents in a week. Wayne reckons it's just a coincidence - or maybe she could get her eyes tested in case she needs glasses for driving.
Beth comes round and tells Wayne that she'd like to try again with him. She claims to have Brad out of her system and they'll never be anything more than friends. Wayne hugs her.
Debbie is wondering where Craig has got to - he's not there and the Science Assignment has to be in today. Debbie is very upset that Wayne won't take her half of the assignment on its own.
Martins (No.32)
Helen has made an appointment with the optometrist and asks Julie to give her a lift over there. Julie broaches the subject of Helen giving up driving altogether, but Helen is worried about losing her independence. She'll wait for the optometrist's assessment.
Craig still hasn't shown up by the end of the lesson and Debbie is not chuffed.
A road
Craig is defending Sean against the bullies who are surprised to learn that Craig and Sean are related.
Debbie is still moaning about her project. Wayne tells her patiently that the project was about working with other people. Just then Craig rushes in - he was up all night doing the assignment and overslept. Debbie tells him off for being so utterly unpredictable. Craig says he likes being unpredicatable - that's why he wants to be an actor.
Craig heads off to the audition, but tells Debbie quietly that he doesn't think he'll do very well. Debbie is going for Desdemona!
CRAIG: Hey, you know what they say about leading men and leading ladies!
DEBBIE: Don't start all that again - we haven't even got the parts yet.
CRAIG: We will, Deb! We will!
Rick is doing his Othello audition but the teacher doesn't seem very impressed with it! Craig comes in to do his audition. He plays it much more dramatic than Rick, reading it in a very odd voice(!) He isn't bad though, and everyone claps at the end. Rick doesn't look too chuffed!
Coffee Shop
Brad comes in and wants to talk to Beth, who is sitting with Wayne. He's heard from Mark that Beth thinks he isn't committed to her and is very anxious.
He tells Beth that he was just trying not to frighten her off yesterday, but she says it's too late - she's going out with Wayne now.
BETH: I can't mess Wayne around anymore.
BRAD: All I'm asking for is another chance.
BETH: I'm sorry, I think it's better if we go our own way. I hope we can still be friends.
BRAD:(gutted) Yeah, sure.
He leaves.
Debbie and Rick comes in and Debbie is raving about Craig's audition. Rick is upset - he worked very hard for the role.
Helen is phoning in an advert to tomorrow's paper to sell her car - apparently her eyesight is fine. Julie assures her that she and Phil will give her all the lifts she wants. She is rather depressed about it but is trying to put a brave face on it.
Wayne has walked Beth home because he wants to talk to her about Brad. Beth reckons that she wants things to work out between her and Wayne. They kiss.
A teacher is announcing the results of the auditions and says how hard they'll have to work in rehearsals. She reads through the parts - Debbie gets Desdemona and Rick gets Othello, much to his surprise. Craig looks gutted. It doesn't help when Rick starts taunting him. Debbie tells Rick to shut up - Craig is really upset.
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