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Neighbours Episode 2017 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2017
Australian airdate: 05/10/93
UK airdate: 08/08/94
UK Gold: 25/07/00
Writer: Ian Coughlan
Director: Philip East
Guests: Jeffrey Hockney: Jeff Keogh
Ally Slater: Bryony Price
Kev: Brad Wade
Thug: Anthony De Fazio
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Pam is clearly not feeling well and Gaby takes over cooking the dinner. Doug asks Gaby what Mark's excuse was. She says she doesn't know or care.
There's a loud knocking at the door and Debbie answers it. It's Rick. He demands his money back, but she doesn't know what he's talking about. Rick accuses her of telling Cathy, but she says she didn't as she couldn't get through. He doesn't believe her so she closes the door on him (literally)
Brad and Mark are eating pizza. Brad tells Mark that Annalise just wants to be idle and rich, so he should forget it unless he's planning on becoming a millionaire. Brad is fed up that everyone, including other girls, thinks he's still after Beth. Mark tells Brad that a woman rang up earlier looking for Stephen and Phoebe. So it turns out it was Mark who spilled the beans about Rick running the Coffee Shop.
Rick comes in to find Lauren lying on the floor trying to rest her back. She says that Cathy rang and Rick had better ring her back. Just then, the phone rings and Rick answers it, pretending to be a recorded message.
RICK: The number you are dialling is temporarily out of service. Please try again in a week or so.
He puts the phone down and chuckles, telling Lauren that everything is under control.
No.28, the following morning
Pam is very sick and Gaby sends her back to bed. Wendy at the hospital rings Pam to ask her to work and she agrees(!) She tells Gaby that they need to money to pay for Doug's tools. She won't be putting the patients in danger as it's an office shift.
Jeffrey's Office
Annalise is being very professional this morning, much to Jeffrey's consternation.
Lassiter's Office
Shannon from Jeffrey's office is interviewing for a position at Lassiter's. They get talking about Annalise and Shannon insinuates that Annalise is sleeping with Jeffrey.
The Pub
Mark comes in and finds Annalise eating lunch alone. He apologises for the things he said last night. They talk about Jeffrey and Mark says she's made the right decision to keep things professional. They flirt a bit and Gaby sees them in the background.
Lassiter's Complex
Brad sees a guy hassling a girl and intervenes. The girl looks smitten with Brad.
Coffee Shop
Rick is ignoring the Coffee Shop phone. Gaby tells him to hurry up with her coffee as it's giving her a headache.
Brad and the girl come in (the girl is wearing what looks like a crocheted blanket(!)).
The phone finally stops ringing, and Gaby tells Brad that Mark is wasting his time with Annalise.
At a table, the girl introduces herself as Ally. They chat and realise they're both in to surfing. He invites her to hang out tomorrow.
Jeffrey's Office
Jeffrey has got Annalise changing a number on hundreds of letterheads. He keeps giving her terrible, boring jobs to do.
Lassiter's Office
Doug comes in and asks Gaby if there's any handyman work going. She says there isn't. She tells him that Pam is working too many hours, especially when she's sick.
Coffee Shop
Brad is serving to help Rick out. At a table, Helen tells Debbie that she really should go back to school, but she doesn't want to.
At another table, brad tells Mark the rumour about Annalise and Jeffrey. Helen overhears.
Lauren is on the phone to Cathy when Rick comes in. She forces him to take the call.
The Pub
Mark comes in, glowering. He tells Annalise that everyone is talking about her and then storms out.
Rick is fed up. Apparently Cathy is freaking about him dropping out of school, but they've negotiated that Rick can work at the coffee shop part time, as long as he can find a manager by the end of the week. He asks Lauren if she'll do it. She points out she has no experience, but looks thoughtful.
Pam is breathing under a towel when Doug comes in. She looks terrible. But she tells Doug that she's working again tomorrow. He is not impressed, saying he's worried she'll crash.
Coffee Shop
Rick hands the accounts over to Lauren, who has apparently agreed to run the shop. Gaby comes in and tells Brad to forget what she said about Annalise, as she doesn't want to spread gossip. Brad says that he did tell Mark.
Annalise has brought a lot of work home. Helen thinks Jeffrey is working Annalise very hard. She broaches the subject of Annalise sleeping with Jeffrey and Annalise is confused. Helen awkwardly tells her that she's heard Annalise is sleeping with Jeffrey. Annalise is furious and says that if her so- called friends want to believe that, that's their problem.
Mark and Beth are eating takeout when Annalise storms in. She's come to tell Mark he's a pig and a creep!
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