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Neighbours Episode 2010 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2010
Australian airdate: 24/09/93
UK airdate: 28/07/94
UK Gold: 14/07/00
Writer: Roger Moulton
Director: Michael Sergi
Guests: Lucy Robinson: Melissa Bell
David Kazalian: Frankie J. Holden
Dr Lovett: Glynis Ann Jones
Lady Caller: Libby Stone
Suzie: Vanessa Carroll
Summary/Images by: Sal
- Philip apologising to Julie for being unable to perform in the bedroom.
- Brad trying to tell Doug he's had too much to drink; Doug insisting that Brad pour him another.
- Helen overhearing David giving Lucy a hard time over her career.
- Pam looking at Julie's new lingerie and agreeing it's a good idea to spice things up in the bedroom.
- The private investigator telling Philip that David is bad news and Lucy could be in serious trouble.
Number 32
Julie is sitting on the arm of the sofa, wearing her new lingerie. The door opens and Julie calls out, expecting it to be Philip - but it's Debbie, who's most amused to see Julie dressed up.
DEBBIE: What are you wearing that for?
JULIE: It's only lingerie.
DEBBIE: It's pretty sexy lingerie, Mum - it's not even night time!
JULIE: Well, I'm... It's new! I'm trying it on!
Debbie laughs and then slowly comes to a realisation.
DEBBIE: But you thought I was Dad!
Julie tells Debbie that there's nothing wrong in her looking attractive for her husband. Debbie teases Julie about 'dressing up like Madonna' and reveals that she changed her mind about going to the movies, which is why she's home. Julie tells Debbie to pick Hannah up from Nicholas' and take her out to the movies for the evening so that she and Philip can have the house to themselves. Debbie agrees, and jokes that maybe they can return the favour one day!
Number 26
Philip explains to Helen that Paul had set up an investigation into David, and in his absence, he's been given the information. Apparently there are three civil suits against him, all citing breach of contract, all brought by women who believe that he used them and ripped them off. Helen wonders what they should do, and Philip is insistent that they get Lucy away from David as he's clearly a shyster.
HELEN: How? They are married!
PHILIP: I think I should have a chat to my brother-in-law!
Right on cue, David and Lucy enter. Philip tells David that he wants a word, and invites him out for a drink. David looks thrown, and is reluctant to go, but Philip is determined.
LUCY: Philip, what's going on?
PHILIP: (lightly) Oh, nothing for you to worry about, Lucy!
He turns back to David.
PHILIP: (coldly) Are you ready, brother-in-law?
Lucy tries to invite herself along, but Helen makes her stay to help with dinner. Lucy looks concerned.
Number 28
Gaby tells Pam that Lassiter's could go into receivership due to Paul's shonky behaviour. Pam is appalled to think that everyone's jobs could be lost, but Gaby admits that she could be looking on the black side - it's the not knowing that's getting to her. Pam believes that's Doug's problem at the moment, and the reason for him hitting the bottle. Gaby thinks that's an excuse, and that Doug isn't being fair to Pam. They agree that he could at least pitch in with the housework, but Pam's trying to give him a bit of space to get used to his new situation.
The Waterhole
Doug is sitting at the bar when Philip and David walk in. He's pleased to see Philip, so that he can have some company but Philip tells him that they can't sit with him as they have business to sort out. Philip's very short with David and David goes to sit down. Doug asks Philip if there's any chance of work around Lassiter's - any work at all - if he'd consider him. Philip promises to let him know.
Philip sits with David, and tells him that he knows about the lawsuits. David says that he's mistaken - the girls involved got everything they were entitled to. Philip points out that's not the same as what they were expecting!
PHILIP: You used them.
DAVID: Jesus, you've got a nerve. You know nothing about them - or me!
Philip smiles.
PHILIP: I'm finding out. And I don't like what I'm hearing.
DAVID: Hired a private investigator, did we?
Suzie brings their drinks over from the bar, and David laughs about the impact he's made on Lucy's family. Philip sternly tells him that he's not made a good one, and they want to make sure that David doesn't ruin Lucy's life. David replies that Lucy's life is her business, his business and nobody else's concern. Philip tells him that it depends on how he treats her, as the family won't sit around if he starts messing her life about in the same way he did the other women.
David and Philip argue back and forth - David reckons that they love each other, and he's determined to get her to the top of her profession. Philip thinks that he's going to wreck Lucy's life, and lose concentration in her when the next good looking girl comes along. Philip tells him that the family would rather David and Lucy get divorced than he mess Lucy about and chuck her on the scrap heap when he's had his fun.
DAVID: Is that so, is it? Well, I've got some bad news for you. I'm part of this family now, and I'm not going anywhere. Not without Lucy by my side. Thanks for the drink, brother-in-law(!)
He stands and leaves. Philip looks irritated.
Number 26
Helen is preparing dinner. Lucy is very annoyed at Paul for interfering in her marriage. Helen and Lucy argue, and Lucy tells her that she doesn't need protecting - and she knows David far better than anyone else in the family does. Lucy insists that she married him of her own free will, but Helen is baffled as to why she did - they have nothing in common and all they do is argue.
Helen suggests that David has a hold over Lucy, and Lucy snaps at her. Lucy says that the family would love that to be true, as it would explain how dear little Lucy went and married somebody so unsuitable - and worse still, did it without consulting any of the family! Helen tells her that they only want her to be happy. Lucy says they should stop poking their noses into her marriage.
Number 28
Pam and Gaby are waiting for Doug, and they think they hear him arrive home. Gaby gets up to tell him a few home truths, but Pam tells her to leave it - she'll talk to him. Gaby warns her not to let him off lightly, but Pam thinks that Gaby doesn't understand how desperate he feels.
GABY: Mum, he's not the only unemployed man in Australia!
Gaby goes to her room as Doug comes in. Pam asks him how things went, but he hasn't got any interviews, nor any lined up. Pam cheerfully tells him that tomorrow is another day, but Doug is glum. Pam suggests that if Doug's home tomorrow, he can do some housework. Doug looks around, baffled, and asks what's wrong with the house! Pam tells him that there's nothing wrong with it now because she and Gaby cleared it up - and that whilst they're at work, a bit of tidying wouldn't kill him.
DOUG: And when that's done, I suppose I better do some basketweaving(!)
PAM: Don't get stroppy.
DOUG: If you want housework done, you're a wage earner - hire someone to do it!
He walks out.
Number 26
Helen tries to bring up the subject of David again, but Lucy doesn't want to discuss it - as far as she's concerned, she's never going to forgive Paul.
HELEN: But we care about you.
LUCY: Then accept my husband.
The door slams and David walks in, carrying takeaway. He looks surprised to see that Helen's cooking (er, were you not listening in the kitchen earlier, Daveyboy?). Helen apologises, but points out that he didn't let them know.
LUCY: David. I've started packing.
HELEN: Lucy, no.
DAVID: All right, what's happened?
LUCY: I know why Philip wanted to talk to you! They're all in on it - the whole family! If they don't want you here, then I'm not going to stay here either.
David excuses themselves from Helen and takes Lucy into the living room. Lucy's very upset that the family is interfering and asks David if Philip told him about Paul's private detective. David consoles her, and tells her that she loves her family, and if she walks out on them now - without resolving their problems - it'll hang over her head for the rest of her life. David tells her that they're leaving tomorrow anyway, so before she goes, she should confront them and sort things out. Lucy agrees that it's good advice, and the two hug.
Number 32
The living room is lit by candles. Philip walks in, looking exhausted and then groans when he spies the set up. Julie rushes in, dressed in her new lingerie. She tells him that the girls are out, and tries to seduce him but Philip's really not in the mood, telling her that he's exhausted. Julie chooses to ignore his grumpy attitude and pours him a glass of chilled champagne.
PHILIP: French champagne?
JULIE: Mmm, of course! What else do you drink with oysters?
PHILIP: Julie, I've had a horrible day, I really am only fit for sleep.
Julie ignores him, gives him his champagne and starts to massage his 'tense muscles'. Philip does not look like a man who's enjoying himself!
Number 28
Pam puts Doug's meal into the oven. She sits with Gaby and the two start to eat. Gaby is amazed at Pam's patience, but Pam points out that it takes two to argue, and she believes it's her fault for pushing him too much. Gaby reminds her that she only asked him to do some housework! Doug returns home, and Pam warns Gaby not to stick her nose in and upset him.
DOUG: Hun, I'm sorry. I don't know what got into me. I don't want to fight.
PAM: Then let's not.
Awww. Gaby smiles.
Number 32
It's the morning after, and the atmosphere is quite chilly! Julie asks if Philip can take some days off, and he agrees to get some weekends. Julie points out that the girls are home then, and she thinks they need to spend some alone time together when he's not stressed about work. Philip gets very annoyed and tells her not to start on him.
JULIE: Philip, we have to talk about this. There must be some reaso-
Philip refuses to talk about it and leaves to speak to Helen before he goes to work. He abruptly leaves, kissing goodbye to Debbie as he passes her.
DEBBIE: (teasingly) Sooo, Mum, did the earth move?!
JULIE: Pardon?
DEBBIE: Last night! Was it romantic?
JULIE: No, it wasn't, if you must know!
Julie stalks out and Debbie's grin disappears. She follows Julie out of the living room.
Number 28
Gaby's scouring the paper for a job for Doug. She spots one for a storeman at a supermarket, but Pam thinks that he'd hate it. Gaby thinks that there's plenty that he could apply for - and a job is a job. Doug emerges and Gaby teases him about getting up late. Gaby tells him that when it comes to chasing jobs, it's the early birds who get on. Doug retorts that most of the flock don't get asked for an interview!
Pam pointedly tells Gaby to get an early start herself, and gets her to leave. Doug tells Pam that he'll do some housework, so she gives him a couple of ideas of where to start but tells him to do his job hunting first. Before Pam leaves, he tells her that he needs some petrol money in case he gets an interview, so she gives him some cash. He's a bit glum about having to ask for money, but Pam tells him not to be silly - he's supported her and the tribe for enough years.
Number 26
Philip is debriefing Helen on his meeting with David. Philip reckons that David's a cool customer - he didn't seem at all fazed by the fact that they'd hired a private detective; and even seemed amused by the lengths that they'd gone to. Lucy walks in and is very jokey.
LUCY: Please don't stop talking about David on my account!
She tells them she wants to know - as it'll be good for a laugh! Philip doesn't see the funny side, and realises that Helen hasn't told her what the private detective found out. He tells her about the court cases.
LUCY: So what?
HELEN: Darling, don't you see? He's a conman, a cheap trickster. You're just the last in a long line of victims.
LUCY: Those women weren't married to David. They were ex-models. And they didn't come up to scratch, so David didn't renew their contracts and they're out for blood!
Helen is surprised to find out that Lucy knew all about them already. Philip points out that David's given Lucy *his* version of events, but Lucy reminds them that she worked with the girls in question and saw what happened for herself.
LUCY: Look, we're leaving today. I know that I can't force you to like David but whether you admit it or not, he's part of this family now and I'm asking you to accept him for my sake.
HELEN: And if we can't?
LUCY: Then I guess I'm the one who'll have to start making the choices. And believe me, I will choose my husband over my family every time.
Number 32
Julie is furiously cleaning a pair of shoes. Debbie wanders in, and suggests that Julie speak to an agony aunt on the local radio. Julie cleans her shoes even more furiously (seriously, it's hilarious). Julie thinks that shows like that are pure trash, and they only make segments like that to lift their ratings. Debbie tells her that everyone listens to it, and plenty of kids from school have rung in.
JULIE: Debbie, whatever problems your father may... Your father and I may have, we'll solve them ourselves.
Julie tells her that she can't talk to someone she doesn't know. Debbie says that she was only trying to help.
Number 26 - Living Room
David thanks Lucy for sticking up with him to Helen and Philip.
LUCY: You heard?
DAVID: Well, you weren't exactly whispering. ...and I was lurking in the hall!
Lucy doesn't understand why they can't see what she can see. David suggests that maybe they're right and she's wrong. Lucy doesn't agree and hugs him.
Number 26 - Kitchen
Philip thinks that they should keep the private detective on the trail and see what else he turns up. Helen doesn't think there's any point - David could turn into Bluebeard and Lucy wouldn't care! Philip agrees and apologises for not being able to help.
Number 26 - Living Room
David is talking to Lucy, telling her that she needs to see it from her family's point of view - the way they behave with all of their fighting, it must be hard for them to understand.
As Helen is seeing Philip to the door, they hear the conversation and they stop at the edge of the kitchen to eavesdrop.
Lucy reluctantly agrees with David.
DAVID: They look at you and they think Lucy could have any guy she wants. Why him?
LUCY: Because I love you. Why else?
They kiss.
DAVID: I love you too. You're the best thing that's ever happened to me. Pity it's not going to last, I suppose.
LUCY: Don't say that, David.
DAVID: Well, I'm just being realistic. Like Phil said to me last night, you're young, you've got your whole life ahead of you. You deserve better.
LUCY: I've already got the best.
They kiss again and Helen and Philip make their presence known.
HELEN: It's a relief to know you don't spend all of your time arguing!
They look a little abashed and David tells them that they only spend half of their time fighting so they can spend the other half kissing and making up! Helen apologises to them both and tells David that Lucy's happiness is very important to her, but she should've known that Lucy would not have married for anything less than love.
HELEN: So what more can I say but welcome to the family?
DAVID: Thank you, Helen.
The Waterhole
Doug and Lou finish their drinks. Doug wants to shout Lou another, but Lou's heading back to work and tells Doug to quit drinking too. Doug says that he's got nothing better to do, but Lou insists that he go home whilst he can still stand! Doug reckons he should have one for the road.
Pam walks in and is disappointed to find Doug there. Pam is annoyed that he's broken his promises - the house is a state and he's not done any of the things he said he would. Doug tells her that he was just having a quiet beer with Lou.
PAM: With the money I gave you for petrol!
Pam wonders what happened to the job hunting, and Doug says there wasn't anything. Apparently Robbie, a mate of Doug's, has been ringing him for hours and Pam is upset that he might have missed out on a job. Doug goes to call Robbie back and Pam starts to lecture him on hanging out in the pub and drinking his life away.
DOUG: OH, BUTT OUT, PAM! I'M SICK OF YOUR NAGGING! I can't slip out for a beer without you storming back like a fishwife, wanting to have another go at me!
Pam looks very upset, and Doug realises what he's done. He goes to put his arms around her, but she tells him not to touch her. She walks off.
Number 32
Julie is doing some ironing and has tuned into the radio show that Debbie told her about.
CALLER: It's my husband. I know he loves me but he's not very demonstrative, if you know what I mean? He never wants to spend any time kissing and cuddling before we...
DR LOVETT: Have you tried talking to him about this?
CALLER: I'm too embarrassed. We never discuss those things!
The radio continues in the background, but Julie talks out loud back to it.
JULIE: Oh! If you don't communicate with him, how do you expect him to change?!
DR LOVETT: Linda, the best advice I can give you is to communicate. If you don't tell your husband what you want or need, you can't expect him to know. Share your problems, it's the only way to solve them.
Julie looks pleased that Dr Lovett's advice was the same as her own thoughts. The show goes for a music break, and Julie stands by the phone looking nervous.
Number 26
The radio is playing in Number 26 (probably for the first time, ever!). Helen thinks it's a shame that Lucy's going just as everything's been sorted out. Lucy promises that she and David will be back as soon as they get some time off. David urges her to hurry up and Lucy unpacks a rock from Uluru for Hannah. David tells them that the ranger told him it was bad luck but Lucy reckons it's superstition.
The radio programme starts up again, and Helen looks surprised as she realises it's Julie on the radio! Lucy and Helen both listen rather intently! Julie's very hesitant, saying that she has an embarrassing problem and Dr Lovett reminds her that communication is the only way. David tells Lucy to hurry up as the taxi's arrived but Lucy wants to listen to the show! Julie tells Dr Lovett that it's her husband with the problem, and Helen looks uncomfortable and wants to turn the radio off.
LUCY: (mischievously) No, Gran, don't you dare! I want to sit and listen to every word!
JULIE: It's only very recently we've got back together.
DR LOVETT: And the problem's started after that?
DR LOVETT: And what exactly is your husband's problem?
JULIE: He can't...
Helen starts to sink into the sofa. Lucy giggles!
JULIE: He can't seem to perform!
Lassiter's Office Reception
Gaby's also listening to the radio (for the first time ever!). She's also quite amused by the show.
JULIE: We've never had any trouble before. While we were separated, he had an affair with a younger woman and I've been thinking, maybe I don't turn him on anymore?
Gaby giggles.
DR LOVETT: Julie, you're starting to blame yourself.
JULIE: But I want another child! If he can't co-operate, what can I do?
Philip returns to the office and Gaby rushes to her feet to turn the radio off, but Philip stops her, recognising the voices on the radio.
PHILIP: (cheerfully) Hey, that's Julie! What's she doing on the radio?!
GABY: Oh, it's just some silly talkback show.
They listen. Gaby has to try hard not to laugh. Dr Lovett asks if the problem might be more permanent.
JULIE: I'm starting to wonder! As I've said before, I've tried everything! But no go. Nothing turns him on!
Gaby winces.
JULIE: Our lovelife is non-existent. My husband just isn't the man he used to be.
Philip realises what's going on and he does not look amused!
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