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Neighbours Episode 2009 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2009
Australian airdate: 23/09/93
UK airdate: 27/07/94
UK Gold: 13/07/00
Writer: Karyn Noble
Director: Michael Sergi
Guests: Lucy Robinson: Melissa Bell
David Kazalian: Frankie J. Holden
Patrick Ingram: Peter Williams
Kristy: Jodi Haigh
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Lassiter's Lake
Wayne and Beth are having a picnic. Beth explains that everyone has to see them together so the rumours about her and Brad will stop.
The Office
Phil is working in the outer office when a strange man comes in looking for Paul. Phil says that Paul is "on holiday", but he can pass a message on. The man says it's a private matter and leaves.
Lucy and David come in, sniping at each other. David orders a drink and says that Lucy was being very difficult at Ayer's Rock. Apparently she had an allergic reaction to insect bites, and Lucy acted like a bit of diva after that.
Brad comes over and tells Lucy that he and Beth have decided to be just good friends. In fact, she's out with Wayne now. Lucy is no impressed.
The Office
Phil is on the phone to Jack Lassiter saying that they're "up to their necks in it" with the accounts. Julie comes in and completely ignores Phil's work stresses, telling him that she's ovulating and they have to have sex now(!) Phil tries to fend her off, but is quite amused by her persistence(!) She rigns reception and tells them to hold all of Phil's calls for the afternoon, then drags him off.
Lassiter's Lake
Wayne is telling Beth that he doesn't know what to about Gaby, she won't talk to him. Mark passes by and asks them if Brad knows they're on a date. Wayne says it's none of Brad's business and Beth looks pleased that they've been seen.
Phil and Julie are kissing sexily, but are interrupted by Hannah.
JULIE: Not now, sweetie, Daddy's busy.
HANNAH: Doing what?
JULIE: ...changing a lightbulb.
She sends Hannah off to Helen's. When she's gone, Julie says Phil had better come and fix the lightbulb in the bedroom...after...(ew)
Mark tells Brad that Wayne and Beth are on a date. Brad says it's fine - in fact, he set it up.
Lassiter's Lake
Pam comes along and sees Wayne and Beth. Pam has a go at Wayne for stealing a mate's girlfriend.
PAM: Brad may not be perfect, Beth. But he's got a lot more going for him that this...hooligan.
She flounces off.
Phil has been unable to "do the deed". He says he might be being affected by stress.
Ramsay Street
A taxi rolls up with Lucy and David in it. They're still having a blazing row. The stranger who spoke to Phil at the office earlier observes this, and then walks away.
Lucy storms in. Helen is surprised to see her. David tells them that he's seen a strange guy hanging around outside. David and Lucy continue to bicker and Helen goes off to get some drinks. David tells Lucy that she has to be professional when they're working. Helen shakes her head at the nastiness between David and Lucy.
Brad comes in for a shower between shifts. Pam tells Brad that Wayne and Beth were on a very public date today. Brad says Wayne and Beth are just mates, but even if they're not, maybe it's for the best!
Lassiter's Lake
Wayne and Beth are packing up. They have had a good time. Julie passes by and Wayne says that Julie will tell the world about everything she sees. So he unexpectedly kisses Beth passionately. Julie looks shocked!
Lucy is showing Helen some photos of Ayer's Rock. David moans that Lucy threw the negatives out of the car window.
Phil comes round for a private word with Helen, so Lucy and David go off to the kitchen, still bickering.
Helen tells Phil that she doesn't like David at all. Phil asks Helen to talk to Julie about the baby stuff, but Helen doesn't want to get involved. Phil doesn't think another baby will be good for their relationship.
Lassiter's Lake
Beth is a bit disconcerted about Wayne kissing her.
Coffee Shop
Julie comes in and tells Brad that Beth is cheating on him. He's shocked to hear that Wayne and Beth were kissing and storms off to sort Wayne out.
Helen is there, and tells Julie that she didn't break the news to Brad very gently(!)
Brad rants at Wayne that kissing Beth wasn't part of the deal. Beth is unimpressed at his histrionics. Wayne says that Brad is jealous.
Julie is opening some sexy underwear. Pam comes round and admires the underwear. She asks Pam for some advice about Phil's physical difficulties(!) Pam looks uncomfortable and says that stress could be a contributing factor. Perhaps the lingerie will be a good start(!)
Pam asks Julie if she's seen a strange man hanging around the street - he's been there on and off all day.
Lassiter's Complex
Phil sees the strange man and tells him he'd better come into the office for a chat before he calls security. The man reveals that his name is Patrick Ingram and he's a private investigator.
Lucy dumps a load of clothes in the kitchen and tells David he'll have to get them dry- cleaned. He says she'll have to do some more publicity shots in return, and build up her portfolio. Lucy suggests she could pull out, but David says if she doesn't, she won't be on his books anymore. Helen overhears this exchange and tells David that Lucy is different to the other models as she's also his wife. David says the same work rules apply to Lucy as anyone else.
The Office
The private investigator claims he's working for Paul on a family matter. Phil says that he's Paul's brother- in- law. The private investigator has apparently been investigating Lucy's husband David at Paul's request. And the news isn't good - David is bad news, particularly when it comes to women. Lucy could be in serious trouble.
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