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Neighbours Episode 1993 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
<<1992 - 1994>>
Episode title: 1993
Australian airdate: 01/09/93
UK airdate: 05/07/94
UK Gold: 21/06/00
Writer: Serge Lazareff
Director: Richard Sarell
Guests: Cheryl Stark: Caroline Gillmer
Connor Cleary: Brian Mannix
Janet Harper: Kate Whitbread
Kristy: Jodi Haigh
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Phil has finally turned up. He hugs Hannah and she's really pleased to see him.
Connor pops round to find out why Lauren's avoiding him. She says that she's been busy. She says they haven't known each other very long, and it's all a bit quick for her. Connor asks if there's someone else and Lauren admits she does have feelings for someone else.
Phil is surprised to see Beth there. He thanks her for contacting her with the radio message. Julie, in the background, sees them talking.
Pam is ringing around to get people to a meeting at the Coffee Shop tonight.
Doug comes in and tells Pam that he's been sacked.
Lauren is explaining the Connor about Brad and the gambling. Brad's not a bad person, and she thinks he'll get over the gambling. Now he's on a cruise, and she's hoping it'll still be on between them when he comes back. Except, he did phone and seemed a bit off- hand and distant.
CONNOR: It seems there's a lot you're not sure about.
LAUREN: What are you saying, Connor?
CONNOR: I'm saying it's a very confused relationship. Maybe you need to think it through. Because Brad's not here, and I am. I reckon we could do it better. A whole lot better.
Ramsay Street
Helen comes over to talk to Lou. they need an MC for a trivia night fundraiser for the hospital.
Cheryl passes by in the background, and Helen tells Lou to sort things out with her. Lou says once bitten, twice shy!
Pam is going through the books to work out their budget. Her income can pay the basics, and maybe Gaby can pay some more board - what she pays now hardly covers what she eats(!) Doug doesn't like the idea of not providing for his family. And what about Beth's job?
Janet the counsellor has come round to see Julie (Hannah is now home and sleeping in her room). Julie is very nervous and says she's always been very solid until recently - when she separated from Phil. Also, her father died. And since then, she's found out that he wasn't her real father. But her biggest problem is with Phil and the kids - that's the biggest pressure on her.
Doug comes to tell Beth that he's been sacked. Therefore, Beth is sacked too. She is philosophical about it, saying Constructacon are crooks anyway. Doug says he'll try his best to find her another apprenticeship.
Lou comes home to find Connor in the sitting room (Lauren is hanging out the washing). He asks Lou about Brad, but Lou says he doesn't know anything. Then he looks out of the window and sees Cheryl going into No.26.
Julie is telling the counsellor about Phil and Beth. She doesn't say very much, and wants to go back to talking about Jim. Julie is uncomfortable, and says she's over it. She admits she did go to Brisbane to look for her natural father, but he had "passed on". Julie is reluctant to talk about it. The counsellor advises her not to avoid things.
Helen and Cheryl are talking about the fundraiser. She asks about Lou and Cheryl's relationship.
Just then, Lou pops round to "talk about the fundraiser". He asks Helen what she wants him to wear and then asks Cheryl out for a drink. Cheryl is not impressed.
CHERYL: Some people do have feelings, you see. And some people do get hurt by things.
LOU: Ah, well, it was just a thought. Well, I'll be on my way then.
When Lou has gone, Cheryl tells Helen that she's going to make Lou chase her(!)
The counsellor is now talking to Julie about Ann having an affair. Julie tells her angrily that it wasn't an affair, Ann was raped.
JULIE: All my life, all the time I was growing up, all the time I was married, I always thought that somehow, life was fair. That if you did the right thing you could get just reward. But it isn't the case. It wasn't the case for my mother. Life wasn't fair to her. She was assaulted. And ended up with me. She hid it very well. I always thought she loved me.
JANET: I'm sure she did.
JULIE: Maybe. Anything else?
JANET: The important people in your life, do they know about this?
JANET: Do you think you should tell them?
JULIE: You know Gran, you've met her. How do I tell her that her daughter...that that terrible thing happened.
JANET: What about Philip?
JULIE: No, I can't.
JULIE: ...
JANET: Julie, what happened wasn't your fault.
JULIE: There's nothing I can do about it, he wouldn't understand. How could any man understand?
JANET: Won't you at least let him try? He might surprise you.
Connor tells Lauren that he doesn't want to be a nuisance. She says he isn't, but she can't make a commitment to him now. Connor asks what it is about Brad that attracts Lauren? She doesn't answer.
Pam, Doug and Beth are discussing their situation. Doug is ringing round some old mates looking for work, but there isn't much going.
Julie tells Helen that she's glad she had the counselling session.
JULIE: It made me realise some difficult things. That I've been taking my problems out on Philip, that I haven't been fair to you.
HELEN: Sounds like progress to me.
JULIE: Yes, yes it is. And I'm going to sort it out with him, Gran.
Phil calls around to see Beth. She tells him she's lost her job. Phil offers her one at Lassiter's, but she'd rather keep looking for another apprenticeship.
PHIL: I've done a lot of thinking today, and I've made a few decisions.
BETH: So tell me.
PHIL: You're not going to like it, Beth. We really communicate. And in other circumstances, this could have been wonderful. But my family means a lot to me. My kids, Julie...I still love her. I want to get my family back together.
BETH: Sure, I understand.
PHIL: Beth, it's got nothing to do with you. It's me...you're a very attractive young lady.
BETH: Philip, can you just go, please?
Phil walks out.
Julie is making an appointment with her lawyer, saying she wants to file for divorce!
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