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Neighbours Episode 1960 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
<<1959 - 1961>>
Episode title: 1960
Australian airdate: 16/07/93
UK airdate: 19/05/94
UK Gold: 05/05/00
Writer: Michael O'Rourke
Director: David Morgan
Guests: Jenny Lim: Diane Bakar-Coleclough
Sarah Lim: Ola Chan
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Doug is moaning that Pam has had him on slave duty all night long and also wants breakfast in bed(!) Brad says he's mostly sorted things out with Lauren, then is stoked to read in the paper that the dogs he's backed have won.
When Brad has gone down the TAB, Pam calls out to Doug to hurry up!
Debbie can't think of any slave duties for Lou to do. Sarah Lim pops around to see Debbie - she and her mother are packing to go to Eden Hills. Debbie suggests that Lou could help them pack.
Phoebe is manically cleaning and Wayne is trying to get her to appreciate the enormity of the task she's taking on looking after Stephen at home. Phoebe cannot entertain any other scenario however.
Outside No.22
Lou tells Jenny Lim that he's ready to help her to pack. She suggests he could re- hang the kitchen curtains and bring some trunks from upstairs. (Good grief the woman is wooden as the trees.)
Pam is trying to entice Doug into the bedroom for sex(!) He says he's got a headache and then goes to answer the door in case it's "work". It's Wayne at the door and Doug enthusiastically invites him in(!) Pam is not pleased.
Wayne tells them about the plan to bring Stephen home and Pam is concerned.
Phoebe tells Stephen that everything is ready for him at home - and she's going to get Doug to build a ramp. Stephen tells her he's so glad he's got her in his life.
Debbie and Sarah go off to say goodbye to Julie. Mrs Lim tells Lou that all the furniture is staying - except the ironing board. Lou folds up the ironing board and puts the iron on the floor. It's still plugged in. Oh dear, this doesn't seem good.
As Pam is leaving, Brad comes in looking very pleased with himself, but Doug interrupts him before he can incriminate himself with Pam by telling her about his gambling. Doug tells Brad to take his money to the bank.
The iron has made a burn mark in the carpet. Lou shields the burn from Jenny Lim at first, but she's horrified to see the burn mark. Lou says he'll pay for the damage if required, but in the meantime, he'll try to fix it.
Brad is working out where to hide his money ($2,000) before he can get to the bank.
Wayne comes around looking for Doug to build a ramp for Stephen. Brad gives Wayne some money from his winnings for Phoebe and Stephen. Wayne is quite impressed with Brad's win. He suggests wrapping it in tin foil and stashing it in the freezer.
Lou has cut the burn mark out of the carpet with a Stanley knife(!) He then moves a trunk and starts cutting a replacement piece from under it(!)
Ramsay Street
Wayne tells Phoebe that he's not sure she's thought the implications of Stephen coming home. She brushes this off and says everything will be fine. She does privately look at a bit worried though.
Pam is pleased to see Stephen out of bed (albeit in a wheelchair). She tells Stephen that the doctors can't be sure when Stephen will be back on his feet - there's no guarantee he will recovery fully. Stephen is shocked. Pam says that the doctors think Stephen will be better of in a full rehabilitation centre - Phoebe didn't tell him because she wanted him home so badly. Stephen looks thoughtful.
Lou is just finishing up the carpet repair, and to be fair, he's done a really good job. Mrs Lim, Debbie and Sarah are impressed. However, Mrs Lim order the girls to take the trunk out to the car, revealing the moved burn mark underneath. What are the chances Lou would choose that trunk when all the rest of the furniture is staying?!
Brad is reading the dog race listings. Doug finds Brad's money in the freezer and tells him to find a better hiding place - ideally, the bank!
The phone rings and Doug tells the caller he's on his way.
Doug admires Lou's repair and says that Helen has got some carpet offcuts in the garage that he can use to replace the burn mark.
Mrs Lim tells Sarah that it's time to go.
Stephen is attempting to pick up a glass of water, but he can barely move his arm. He sighs in frustration.
Outside No.22
Debbie and Sarah agree to stay in touch and apologise to each other for everything that happened with Rick. Wayne comes over to say goodbye too. Sarah hugs Debbie and then gets in the car. Mrs Lim and Sarah drive off.
Pam comes up and tells Doug he's still on slave duty. She drags him off.
Brad is still trying to find a place to hide his money when Pam and Doug come in. Pam is suspicious by Brad's demeanour and quickly finds the money under the settee cushion. Brad is forced to admit that he won it on the dogs. Pam is not pleased. Brad says that he can't lose at the moment(!) Pam urges Brad to give up gambling and he says he will.
Stephen is ranting at Phoebe for not telling him about the seriousness of his condition. Phoebe says she just wants him home, but Stephen insists that she should have discussed it with him. He doesn't want her to make all the decisions for him. Phoebe gets upset and says she didn't mean to undermine him. Stephen says he's checking himself into the rehabilitation unit and anyway, he's not bothered about Phoebe and Hope anymore.
STEPHEN: I don't love you anymore. That's all there is to it. The sooner you get that through your thick head, the better it'll be for both of us.
Pam apologises to Brad for being a nagging mum, but he good- naturedly tells her he's used to it(!). But when she's gone, he rings up and puts more bets on.
<<1959 - 1961>>
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