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Neighbours Episode 1959 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
<<1958 - 1960>>
Episode title: 1959
Australian airdate: 15/07/93
UK airdate: 18/05/94
UK Gold: 04/05/00
Writer: Jason Daniel
Director: David Morgan
Guests: Sarah Lim: Ola Chan
Jack Parker: Phillip Parslow
Dr Palmerston: Mark Silveira
Loud Woman: Marian Dimmick
Teenage Girl: Uyen Vu
Woman no. 1: Heather McGuire
Woman no. 2: Barbara Jungwirth
- "By Candlelight" by Colin Towns And Quito Colayco
- "Juice" by Headless Chickens
- "Cairo Nights" by John Leach
- "Just Like Fire Would" by The Saints
Summary/Images by: Sal
Wayne compliments Jack on his entrance. Philip wonders how Jack knows Annalise. Jack tells him that they met by chance - or was it fate? Wayne laughs: Annalise never leaves anything to fate - it's always her choice! Annalise brushes him off and says that she's had the best 3 days of her life. Gaby quickly realises that Jack has been in Erinsborough for a while already.
GABY: Where are you staying?
JACK: Lassiter's, of course. I wouldn't stay anywhere else now, would I?
JULIE: Spying from the inside. Very sneaky.
Jack says that he likes to get an idea of what's going on in a place before he meets the management.
JACK: I was winging my way over here before Paul would have let you know that I was coming.
JULIE: Typical Paul!
JACK: He's a wily one, all right.
JULIE: Devious was the word I had in mind!
PHILIP: Julie!
Jack says that he's pleased with what he's seen so far - apart from them letting Annalise slip through their fingers! Philip's smile drops and looks as if he's about to explain, but Jack thinks they should have some drinks before talking business.
Number 28
Brad is picking horses out of the paper. Lauren points out that his choice of horse has never been placed. Brad thinks that means it's due! Lauren tries to tell him that the track conditions aren't right either. Pam interrupts and berates Lauren for encouraging Brad to gamble - especially now he's out of work.
Brad retorts that he doesn't care about work - he's won more by betting in the last week than he earnt during 3 weeks at the Waterhole! Doug looks uncomfortable as Pam goes on at Brad. Brad thinks that he won't lose, and Pam warns that that sort of attitude is what's always landed Doug in trouble. Pam encourages Doug to get involved, but he refuses to get into the argument, much to Pam's annoyance.
Hospital - Stephen's Room
Lou and Phoebe are visiting Stephen.
LOU: Well, you look pretty good for someone who's just had a full frontal lobotomy!
STEPHEN: (laughs) It wasn't quite that serious.
LOU: No, of course not, mate. (doing a mock aside to Phoebe) Sorry, I thought he knew(!)
Stephen laughs and says that he feels heaps better than he did before. Lou explains that he didn't visit him earlier as he wasn't sure Stephen was up to it. Stephen admits that if Lou had visited earlier, he wouldn't have even known who he was.
LOU: It must be a load off your mind; not having a load on your mind! Hahahahahaha!
Stephen wishes he knew how long he was going to be stuck in the hospital. Lou thinks that the worst is over. Phoebe admits that they're not too sure what's going to happen as the doctors are being vague about how long Stephen will take to recover. Lou thinks that Stephen will be back on his feet very soon.
Stephen hopes that's true - he's sick of being waited on hand and foot whilst Phoebe is coping with Hope and the Coffee Shop. Lou tells him not to worry - everyone in Ramsay Street is chipping in to help.
LOU: You just concentrate on...getting your head together!
Lou chuckles!
Number 32
Sarah, Debbie and Rick are talking about the charity slave auction.
SARAH: So, what happens when you buy someone?
DEBBIE: They're your slave for the day.
SARAH: But what are you supposed to do with them?
RICK: Whatever you like! ...which is what I'm worried about.
SARAH: I'll buy you.
DEBBIE: (quickly) Oi! No, you don't - I want him.
RICK: What for?!
DEBBIE: Well, to do my geography assignment for a start.
SARAH: That's not very imaginative.
DEBBIE: Don't worry - I'll think up a few more interesting things!
SARAH: I know *exactly* what I'd hav-
RICK: Hey, just cool it! Maybe neither of you can afford me!
Jack is talking about publicity and how there are more inventive ways to sell the hotel. Wayne wonders if a slave auction is a good idea, and explains that he's organising one for a fundraiser but hasn't found a venue. Philip puts his head in his hand, and thinks that isn't the sort of image that Lassiter's is looking for as it sounds tacky.
Gaby immediately jumps at the chance to disagree and suggests that it'd show them getting involved with the community, and points out what a good cause it's for. Jack agrees to Gaby's suggestion of using the Coffee Shop, as he thinks it sounds like a good promotional opportunity.
ANNALISE: Philip could offer himself as a slave.
Everyone - bar Philip and Julie - laughs at this! Julie thinks that it'd be inappropriate but Wayne thinks that it'd show the staff that Philip has a sense of humour. Philip tells Wayne that he's busy tomorrow! Jack raves about how talented Annalise is and can't believe that Philip let her go.
PHILIP: Annalise didn't tell you why she was dismissed?
Before Philip can explain about the gas leak, Gaby jumps in and tells Jack that it was merely due to the Waterhole being out of action. Jack suggests a job for Annalise in PR. Philip curtly tells him that they don't have any jobs in that area, but Jack tells him to make one! Annalise beams.
JACK: (to Annalise) Why don't you go to Philip's office tomorrow? (pointedly, to Philip) All right by you?
Philip looks defeated.
Number 28
Pam is still berating Brad for gambling and tells him that he should be studying the vacancy pages - not the form guide! Lauren decides to leave, and Brad says he's going with her!
PAM: (angrily) Don't walk out on me when I'm talking to you!
BRAD: You're not talking to me - you're lecturing me!
Doug silently does the washing up as the two argue. Brad is unhappy that Pam was taking it out on Lauren. Pam thinks that Lauren is encouraging Brad to throw his money away. Brad points out that he hasn't lost a cent. Pam tells him to quit whilst he's ahead and Doug agrees.
PAM: I was beginning to think you'd lost your tongue.
BRAD: How come you're on her side?
DOUG: Well... Since you're out of a job, you shouldn't risk what little money you have.
PAM: (triumphantly) There you go! Even your father agrees with me! It makes him one big hypocrite but I'm prepared to overlook that.
DOUG: (sadly) I can't win, can I?
PAM: Huh! Rich, coming from you!
Doug isn't happy and goes off to bed.
BRAD: What is it with you? First you pick on me all night, and then you turn on Dad for agreeing with you?
PAM: (moodily) He wasn't really agreeing.
BRAD: Yeah, he was! And you jumped on him!
Pam sighs. She says that she and Doug have been at each other since the day of the races. Brad grumpily tells her that it's about time they sorted it out.
Number 32
Philip and Julie arrive home and are bickering about the evening.
PHILIP: Well, that wasn't a complete disaster.
PHILIP: No. Apart from losing out to Gaby about the slave auction, I think I did quite well.
JULIE: In terms of sucking up to Jack Parker, yes. All this snivelling, "Yes, Jack, no, Jack, three bags full, Jack."(!)
PHILIP: What was I supposed to do? My job was on the line!
JULIE: Show him how strong you can be; not what a pushover you are.
PHILIP: I don't think I came across like that. I stood up to him about this Annalise thing.
JULIE: Not a very smart move, given the way he feels about her!
PHILIP: (sighing) I didn't have much choice in the end. He practically *ordered* me to give her a job.
JULIE: You could've told him what a conniving little strumpet she is.
PHILIP: (annoyed) Well, if I antagonise the guy, he's hardly going to recommend me as manager!
JULIE: You'd be lucky if you're recommended as head waiter on the strength of tonight's performance!
PHILIP: Well, thank you very much(!)
Julie gets up to leave the room and Philip gets more annoyed.
PHILIP: And what about your performance? All your snide remarks about him sneaking around spying on us?
JULIE: It was fair comment!
PHILIP: It was the kind of comment that could lose me my job!
JULIE: Ohhhh, so it'll be all my fault if you lose your job?
Philip turns away from her.
PHILIP: Well, you weren't much help.
JULIE: I didn't want to go to the wretched dinner in the first place.
PHILIP: (muttering) I wish you hadn't. I would have been better off by myself.
JULIE: All right. If you feel that way, you can sleep by yourself.
Number 28
It's breakfast and Wayne is over with Brad, Pam and Doug. Brad readily agrees to be in the slave auction. Doug isn't keen as he's got too many miles on the clock! He's worried that no-one will bid for him. Brad jokes that they could invite some little old ladies from down the nursing home and Doug grumpily says that if they're going to joke about it, they can count him out!
WAYNE: Lou said yes.
DOUG: Lou?
BRAD: You can't let Lou show you up!
Pam is listening thoughtfully and then leaves the room. Doug wants to leave it to the younger blokes, but Wayne points out that it's not supposed to be a meat market - there might be some people who'd want some odd jobs around the house done, and Doug would be perfect for that.
DOUG: Yeah, I guess. More use than Lou, that's for sure!
Doug agrees to be a slave.
Number 32
Philip is wrapping up his bedding which is on the sofa. Julie comes in and Hannah wonders if Philip and Julie had a fight.
JULIE: Just a little disagreement, sweetie. Nothing for you to worry about.
PHILIP: Glad to hear it.
There's a knock at the door - it's Pam. She asks to borrow Hannah for an errand, which she'll explain later. Hannah goes off with Pam. Philip walks past Julie with his bedding.
PHILIP: Are you in a better mood this morning?
JULIE: I wasn't in any sort of mood last night.
Philip looks defeated.
Lassiter's Office Reception
Annalise swans in and Gaby wonders what she's doing out of bed so early! Annalise has come about the job but Gaby tells her that there isn't one. Annalise says that Jack will be disappointed and Gaby relents. She says she'll get back to Annalise later - she's got the slave auction to run, plus the usual emergencies to deal with.
Annalise tells Gaby not to leave it too long!
Coffee Shop
(Oddly enough, there's a fade between scenes, to show the passage of time...anyway...) Wayne, Gaby, Lauren, Brad, Doug and Lou are at the Coffee Shop. Doug and Lou are bantering. They agree on a bet - whoever gets the least money in bids has to put $50 in the pot for Phoebe and Stephen.
Debbie and Sarah arrive, and Hannah is sitting on the counter. Wayne sends the slaves into the kitchen and starts the bidding with Brad.
WAYNE: Our first slave is Brad. As you'll see his body is in peak condition and his brain hardly ever been used!
A random old woman wants Brad to take his shirt off so she can see his pecs! Wayne tells him to comply, as the punters want to see the merchandise! Lauren and Gaby start the bidding for him, and Annalise and Jack walk in. Annalise puts in a bid, and when Jack gives her a sharp look, she explains that Lauren is Brad's girlfriend. Lauren wins Brad.
WAYNE: Sold to the lady with questionable taste!
Lauren pays up and everyone laughs.
Hospital - Stephen's Room
Phoebe is giving Stephen a bed bath. He nastily tells her that she doesn't have to do it - and whilst he's stuck in there, he'd rather the nurses do it. He doesn't want Phoebe running herself ragged because of him. Phoebe thinks he's worrying too much, and he snaps that he can't do much else.
Pam comes in and says that Dr Palmerston is doing his rounds, so he'll see Stephen soon. Pam takes Phoebe off for a coffee.
Hospital - Corridor
Pam thinks that Phoebe looks tired and worries that it's all getting on top of her. Phoebe explains that Stephen is concerned about being reliant on her. Pam tells her that he will be dependent on her for a long time. Phoebe thinks that he might surprise everyone because he's so determined to get back on his feet. Phoebe thinks that motivation counts for a lot. Pam doesn't contradict her, but doesn't look quite so sure.
Coffee Shop
Wayne introduces Doug for the bidding. Gaby starts the bidding and then an older woman joins in too. Much to everyone's surprise, Hannah bids $50! Doug looks bemused. The older woman and Hannah enter a bidding war.
DEBBIE: Hannah! What are you doing?!
Hannah tells her it's a secret. The older woman appears to be winning and then as Wayne's doing the countdown, Hannah bids $70! Wayne can't quite believe that he's selling Doug to Hannah. Hannah pays Wayne and Doug leans down to Hannah.
DOUG: What's going on here?
HANNAH: Be quiet, slave, or I'll have to punish you.
Everyone laughs! Hannah leads him off with a chain! Wayne tells everyone not to despair - they've got another antique. Lou comes out but nobody is interested in him! Lauren says she spent all of her money on Brad.
WAYNE: Er, $15?
LOU: Fair go, $15 is below the reserve!
DOUG: I'll go 10 bucks if you throw in a sticky bun and a cup of coffee!
Everyone laughs. Nobody is prepared to pay, so Wayne sends a despondant Lou back to the kitchen!
Number 32
Julie is re-reading the letter where it's revealed that she's not Jim's daughter. She's crying and is clearly very troubled by it. She angrily tears it to pieces.
Coffee Shop
Wayne announces that they've got a surprise package, and he and Brad lead out someone in a sack. Debbie excitedly tells Sarah that it must be Rick as he's the only one left. Debbie, Sarah and another girl get embroiled in a bidding war.
Philip walks in, and Debbie rushes over to borrow some more money. He gives her some notes just as Wayne's about to close the bidding, and her and Sarah's war continues. In the end, Debbie bids $75. Just then, Rick pops his head up in the kitchen.
RICK: I didn't know you were that loaded, Deb!
Everyone is stunned and laughs. Wayne unwraps the sack - and it's Lou! Everyone laughs some more.
Hospital - Stephen's Room
Stephen is being tested, but his movements are weak and virtually non-existant. He strains to pick up a pen but fails. He's upset.
PHOEBE: Are you all right?
STEPHEN: Yeah, I'm terrific(!)
Stephen demands to know when there's going to be some improvement. Palmerston tells him that he should wait for the test to be over before they start on the predictions. He suggests that Phoebe wait outside whilst he continues the test.
Coffee Shop
Debbie doesn't know what she's going to do with Lou. Rick tells her that she'd better think of something! Sarah wonders what happened to Rick being a slave and Rick explains that he was supposed to be the surprise package, but Lou offered him $50 to switch so that he'd win the bet with Doug. Debbie and Sarah think his ill got gains are unfair and tell him to donate the $50 to charity. Rick glumly agrees to do so.
Doug thinks that Lou cheated as the girls were bidding for Rick, but Lou tells him that he still won. Doug goes to pay up on the bet.
HANNAH: I didn't say you could go!
DOUG: Ok, I'm not making a break for freedom.
HANNAH: (unbuckling the chain) You'd better not.
DOUG: (curiously) What are you going to do with me, anyway?
Hannah just swings her chain around and Lou ruffles her hair! Wayne counts up the money and they've raised $670. Everyone applauds.
Number 32 - Back Garden Decking
Julie is putting out some washing. Philip arrives home. Julie curtly tells him that she hopes he hasn't come home for lunch because there isn't any!
PHILIP: I came home to see you. You haven't been yourself since you came back from Brisbane. What have I done to upset you?
JULIE: I thought I made that clear last night.
PHILIP: This isn't about Jack Parker, I can tell.
JULIE: No, it's about you being a complete doormat!
Philip tells her that Lassiter's is their livlihood, so he can't afford to lose the job. Julie tells him that crawling isn't the way to keep it.
PHILIP: You were angry before the dinner party. There's more to it than that.
Julie turns away from him.
PHILIP: Is it something to do with Roger Bannon?
JULIE: (forced lightheartedness) What's he got to do with anything?
Philip's mobile phone goes. He answers it - it's Gaby, who tells him that Jack wants to see him in the office. Philip rings off.
PHILIP: Whatever this is, bring it out in the open. We can deal with it.
Julie doesn't say a word. Philip waits, and when he gets no response, he tells her that they'll talk later. As he leaves, Julie tells him that there's nothing to talk about.
Number 28
Hannah has led Doug home. Hannah gives Pam back the money that was left, and Pam gives Hannah a payment. Doug is amazed that Hannah was bidding on Pam's behalf. Hannah leaves.
DOUG: All right. What's it to be? Cleaning the windows?
PAM: Nope.
DOUG: Mow the lawns?
PAM: No.
DOUG: (wincing) Not the bathroom?
PAM: No, nothing like that.
DOUG: What then?
PAM: Into the bedroom and get your gear off! I'll be in shortly to issue orders.
DOUG: (grinning) Yeah?!
PAM: Go on, hop to it!
Doug grins as he goes into the bedroom. Pam smiles to herself.
Lassiter's Manager's Office
Jack is reading a document. Gaby is promoting herself and her ideas to Jack as Philip walks in. Jack says that the hotel is functioning reasonably well, but they can't carry on with the dissention between the management. Jack says that he's going to be around for another week. He stresses that their competency isn't the issue - what Paul's interested in is performance, and the job will be decided on figures.
JACK: So whichever one of you brings in the most business over the next week will be the manager. It's as simple as that. Over to you.
Hospital - Corridor
Wayne walks in and finds Phoebe sitting outside. She tells Wayne that the doctors are doing some tests with Stephen and they should have some answers shortly. He gives her the money from the slave auction. Phoebe is touched that they went to so much trouble.
Dr Palmerston comes to speak with Phoebe. Wayne offers to leave, but Phoebe tells him to stay. Palmerston says that Stephen is making progress but it's going to be a long time before he's independent again. He says that he'll need some degree of long term nursing care. Palmerston says that Stephen will be fit to leave hospital next week and either he can go home, or to a rehab centre. Palmerston thinks that a rehab centre would be the best choice.
PHOEBE: No! I want him to come home.
Palmerston urges her to consider the rehab centre, telling her that it's easy to make an emotional decison, but Phoebe sticks to her guns. Palmerston tells her to think about it, but Phoebe refuses to consider it further. Palmerston leaves.
WAYNE: Look, you're taking on a lot. Are you sure you can handle it?
PHOEBE: (worriedly) I don't know.
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